Talk Talk Corporate Event Video

Talk Talk Corporate Event Video

Juice Live Communications is of the UK’s leading event management companies. Talk Talk is one of the largest providers of communications and media in the UK.

Talk Talk were taking over Event City in Manchester to showcase their company’s services including the exciting new service “YouView” to their staff. The corporate videos would show the setting up stage running through to show the event in full flow.

Talk Talk Event Video Production
Talk Talk event video main arena

Working closely with the client we formulated a filming schedule that would allow for all aspects of the process to be captured. Filming took 6 Days from the initial production process and the actual 1-day of the event. Due to the numerous disciplines involved (filming/Time-lapse) the days were long, but the filming crew captured every aspect, even interviewing numerous of the key members of staff. Due to this being a clearly defined process we had to make sure that we liaised with the management team so that we completed the production schedule to their specification.

Talk Talk Event Video Screen opening
Talk Talk Event Video

Our Solution

Vivid’s solution was to provide a series of videos that could be used within different promotional channels. As well as producing a time-lapse video of the whole process, Vivid produced 2 corporate videos, a quick promotional video and finally a longer video that delved into the event in more detail. Vivid Photo Visual thinks that this type of the event, in terms of scale and also from a visual aspect, have allowed Vivid to really go to town on the filming aspect of production and produce a stunning commercial video.

Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman

Benefits of Corporate Video

Benefits to the client

  • High quality video showcasing; the company, their capabilities and their working process
  • Comprehensive visual approach to their website
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation
  • Numerous Promotional tool
  • An online presence
  • Great for Trade shows.
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman Johnny Vaughan
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman Johnny Vaughan

It was great to work with such prestigious days and we are really happy to have produced a great series of corporate event videos that are still being used for promotion.

If you would like to find out more about our video production service, please view our corporate video page or for more blogs, please visit our corporate video blogs. You can of course,call a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

New College Manchester Corporate Video

New College Manchester – Corporate Video

New College Manchester is one of the leading language Colleges that specialise in teaching English to overseas students. They knew that they needed a corporate video to get their message over to any oversea students interested in learning English.

A study into your business

They wanted to demonstrate their capabilities/services and knew that video promotion was the best way to do this. Having discussed the project with the client, Vivid ascertained that it was just as important to sell the college as much as it was important to sell the City it was based in. They had seen our successful Beautiful and Miniature Manchester videos on YouTube and they wanted to use this as a basis for their video.

Happy students at NCM
Happy students at NCM

Mixing footage and graphics

There were several elements to the College that were extremely important to get across in the video. These were:

  • Courses
  • Manchester City Centre Living
  • College building
  • College services
  • Social & community aspects
  • Accommodation provision
Piccadilly Gardens near New College Mancheter
Piccadilly Gardens near New College Mancheter

On top of that it was imperative that the video worked within the strong brand identity of NCM. Working on a few concepts, Vivid came to the conclusion to implement the square design that ran though all their branding. We constructed a 12 by 12 grid and populated some of the squares with the coloured square designs and the other empty squares would be used as place markers to run the videos that we had produced for NCM. Each square would have its own section/function and this would run on a elongated loop, so that when the animation pulled out of the current video and then moved from one square to another, the grid would be a hive of activity with several video streams working at once. Due to the number of high definition videos running in the background, this is like the proverbial swan, looking serene on the surface, but thrashing below the water.

Students receive their certificates at New College Manchester
Students receive their certificates at New College Manchester

The benefits to the client

  • Lively and educational video
  • Highlighted each important element of the College
  • Gave viewers an understanding of the College and the services provided
  • Complemented the brand
  • Long lifespan.
New College Manchester montage screen
New College Manchester montage screen

Vivid are delighted with how the video turned out for our client and feel we have produced a dynamic and interesting video. It was a joy to work with such an important institution like NCM and we believe that we got the right blend between informative and visually interesting. They have a really good grasp on the importance of video promotion and this can be shown on the New College Manchester YouTube channel.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate video production, please visit our corporate video production page. If you would like to view more blogs about our corporate videos, please view our corporate video blog posts. Alternatively contact a member of the video team to discuss any ideas or question you may have on 0161 477 24o4,

Virgin Atlantic Time-lapse video

Big Brand Time-Lapse

Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British airline owned by Sir Richard Branson, serving the global community from its inception in the early 1980s. It is part of the Virgin brand group and is one of the leading airlines in the world.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint

VAA Brand Re-launch

Virgin came to Vivid after the work they had seen us complete with Air Livery. They were impressed with the time-lapse style part of their company profile video. As part of a new livery launch for the Virgin brand they wanted to show the world their new look and airplane colouring.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 engine strip

15 days condensed into 4 minutes

Virgin wanted to showcase their new livery for their planes and having seen our work for Air Livery commissioned Vivid to produce a 3-minute Time-lapse video. It was important that we got the whole process and made it look interesting (not normally associated with paint) as this was going to kick off their whole global press launch.

We used multiple camera angles that resulted in over 70,000 frames and spliced with additional High Definition filming, meant that Vivid bought the 15-day process to life. It provided Virgin, with an extremely successful YouTube video and has gone on to have over a million views. It was also used as key component of their launch event for the ‘Mustang Sally’ livery and was shown on national news channels here and overseas in their other major markets.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 fin repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 fin repaint

Working for such a prestigious brand on such an important video commission was a major plus to Vivid and showed us that our previous clients still liked us. The only thing we did not like about the jobs was the heights we had to film from, but to be fair we got used to it.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 engine repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 engine repaint

The benefits for Virgin Atlantic Airways

Benefits of the Virgin time-lapse video:

  • Provided a centre-piece for the launch party
  • Can easily show a long process quickly, effectively and more importantly in an interesting manner
  • Dynamic Visual experience
  • Creative output
  • Provides a unique promotional experience
  • Can be utilised in many different promotional channels

For reference here is a link to the whole time-lapse story from Virgin on their website.

It was a privilege to work with such a prestigious brand and create such a powerful promotional time-lapse for their key launch. If you would like to find out more about time-lapse videos or time-lapse video production please click on the links provided or call a member of the team on 0161 477 2404 to find out more.

Venesta’s quality washrooms demand a quality product video

Venesta Product Video

Venesta are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of toilet cubicles and toilet cubicle systems. Venesta incorporate cutting edge washroom design and use high quality materials for their product ranges. The quality of product supplied is coupled with an excellent customer service. They approached Vivid Photo Visual to produce a series of product videos. These video would showcase two of their ranges and could be used to attract potential customers to their systems.

Venesta branded door handle from the Unity range
Venesta branded door handle from the Unity range

Product Videos and Time-lapse

Vivid have extensive experience producing innovative product videos. We feel it is important that the product video showcases all the details/features required. The video also has to provide the customer with a visually interesting video to keep their retention. Working closely with their marketing department, we planned to produce 4 videos based around the installation process. This video series would entail the two range videos and an accompanying time-lapse video for each of the installation processes.

Venesta's Factory Image by Vivid Photo Visual

Interview based Product Video

The videos were based around interviews with their charismatic Chairman Martin Rees. Martin would be interviewed regarding each key stage of the design, key features and installation process. He would also provide important general information about Venesta. We then filmed shots within the office and the factory. One of the main elements to the videos would be the use of the time-lapse photography technique to capture the whole installation process for each product range.

Venesta's Brand image demonstrated by their website
Venesta’s Brand image demonstrated by their website

The key to getting a powerful and cohesive promotional video, was to work within the brand values of Venesta. These brand values have been carefully nurtured over the years to provide a classically understated look. We then produced a simple but concise graphical overlays to mirror these values whilst explaining the key features and benefits.

The key to getting the video right, was to work within the brand values of Venesta which has been carefully nurtured over the years to provide a classically understated look. We then produced a simple but concise graphical overlays to mirror these values whilst explaining the key features and benefits.

Venesta Product Video by Vivid Photo Visual

The video shoot was held over 3 days at their head office. The videos incorporated interviewing Martin, setting-up and maintaining the time-lapse of the current installation, filming the finished installation and also factory and office shots. The main concern was the time taken for installation and having to use a continuous light source that wouldn’t overheat. We decided to use Kino Flows as they are designed to run for hours at a time without overheating and they did a great job providing a uniformed light source for the filming and time-lapse photography.

Benefits of Product Videos

Product videos are one of the most powerful promotional and sales tools available to business and marketers. Below is a small selection of their benefits:

  • Sales – Hubspot has shown that after watching a video, people are 64% more likely to buy a product
  • Conversion rates – Crazyegg state that potential customers are more than 85% more likely to purchase a product/service having watched a video.
  • Retention –  Single Grain states that a 1 minute product videos are shown to have an 80% retention rate
  • Authority –  A product video can position the seller as an authority
  • Flexible – The video can be used on and offline across numerous promotional platforms
  • Lasting – A product video will last the length of the product and can be easily updated if the product changes
  • Speed – A customer can get a complete overview of the product within 1-2 minutes
  • S.E.O – Product videos compliment and enhance the overall SEO strategy and can provide important links from around the web
  • Sharing – A product video can be easily shared with the world directly to a potential customer.

If you would like more information about the benefits of product videos, please visit our product video overview blog.


It was a real pleasure to work with such a prestigious company and the people behind the brand. Interviewing Martin was a real joy to work with because he has such an infectious personality. Furthermore we are really please with how the videos have turned out and look forward to their success and hopefully working with Venesta on other projects.

About Vivid

Vivid Photo Visual, who are based in Manchester are a leading supplier of product video production, providing innovative and eye catching video production with a business backbone.

If you would like to found out more about what Vivid produce, please visit our homepage or contact us on 0161 477 2404. You can also visit our our product video and product demonstration website pages.

Presenter Video – Videos to help your customers

Presenter Video Production

thinkmoney is a leading personal bank account provider. Their service helps customers avoid unexpected charges whilst managing a well run account. thinkmoney really understand the power of video promotion. They actively embrace video solutions to boost their website’s presence and functionality. thinkmoney approached Vivid Photo Visual as they wanted to use a presenter video to help their customers. This would be to quickly help customers navigate their website, complete important steps and to understand their service offering.

thinkmoney's comprehensive web video offering on their YouTube channel
thinkmoney’s comprehensive web video offering on their YouTube channel

Assisting their Customers

They approached Vivid with the request to film and edit 14 presenter videos. Their objective was to aid their current and potential customer’s understanding of thinkmoney’s service. They wanted their customers to have as much assistance as possible. This would be through the use of text, images and videos.

Presenter with Brand Iconography - Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual
Presenter with Brand Iconography – Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Using Presenter Videos

The video would have a presenter to clearly explain the question/problem and would sit directly on the most pertinent page to aid the viewers. The videos would also be used as a step-by-step guide to help their customers complete important undertakings for their account. We had worked with their newly established brand iconography. We wanted to produce videos that informed the viewer in a simple but visually appealing manner.

Web Video used to help the registering process.
Web Video used to help the registering process.

Video promotion gives the viewer a different option to a simple text offering. The presenter video can be viewed at the users pace. You can always rewind the video to go over a key point, or pause the screen to jot down some valuable information. Some customers might just breeze through the processes safe in the knowledge that they have the videos to fall back on should they get stuck.

Video explaining where to enter information - Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual
Video explaining where to enter information – Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Brand Guidelines

Having worked on the original main animated video for thinkmoney, allowed Vivid to really work on developing the videos within the same design framework. The videos that we produced for thinkmoney all had different attributes that echoed the video message but all closely followed thinkmoney’s brand guidelines. Some were simple delivery to the camera, whilst other showed the viewer what information need to be entered where to help the viewer. The script dictated the requirements for the graphics and animated screens of the website and allowed them to be quick and to the point. We filmed them at our Manchester based video studio against a green screen background.

Benefits of Presenter Videos

There are so many benefits to having key question based videos on your website, here is a small selection:

  • Delivers key information quickly and effectively
  • Rewind or pause the videos at your own pace
  • The viewer can take their own time to understand the information
  • Reduces call centre queries and therefore cost
  • Brings a friendly face, reassurance and personality to the process
  • Makes a more dynamic and adaptable website
  • Gives customers the choice how they want to digest the information
  • Can break complex processes down to easily understandable chunks of information
  • Can be used on video hosting websites to bring customer to the website.


thinkmoney now have an ever-expanding series of videos that help their customers navigate their website. This not only helps the customers, but also reduces cost for thinkmoney. It is always a real pleasure to work with a company that truly understand the power of video promotion. Furthermore we look forward to any projects thinkmoney might have in the future and wish them well with their new website.

About Vivid

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Manchester and are a leading video production company. We provide informative and beautiful video production all with a business backbone.

If you would like to found out more about what Vivid produce, please visit our homepage or contact us on 0161 477 2404. You can also visit our presenter video page and our presenter video blog.

Manage your promotion properly…use an Animation Video

thinkmoney Animation Video

Vivid produce a variety of different types of web videos. One of the most creative types of web videos is using animation to tell a story. An animation video is only limited by a clients and Vivid’s imagination. You can have what you want in your video, one minute you can be in Manchester City Centre and the next morph to the other side of the World. You can show complex machinery working in action from any angle. Like our previous animation blog states you can really bring your brand’s personality to the fore.

thinkmoney Homepage Animated Video

thinkmoney personal account page with animated video by Vivid Photo Visual
Personal account page with animated video

After seeing our previous work, thinkmoney approached Vivid Photo Visual with the prospect of an animation video. This video would form the first element new customers would view. They were in the process of updating their brand an website with a new look. They wanted Vivid to produce a video that complemented their new style.

Flowing Animation Style

Working closely with their Marketing team, we formulated a storyboard and a script. We based the imagery on their icons designed for their new website. This led to Vivid creating a concept that would flow seamlessly between elements. We wanted the look to mimic something being written on the page and the icons to morph and flow from one to the next. Fine-tuning this process really shaped the video and allowed Vivid to hit the required 1 minute 30 mark. The video had to be visually interesting but provide genuine important information. Once we had shown the thinkmoney team some examples/concept and they had provided their feedback. Next was taking all these elements and combining them into our original concept. The video has been a massive success and has had nearly 40,000 views.

Animated Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual
Animated Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Summary – Some Kind Words

It was an absolute joy to work closely with their marketing team. We are really pleased that with all Vivid’s and thinkmoney’s hard work and creativity, we have produced a fun and informative animation video that clearly explains what thinkmoney offers and complements their new brand image.

thinkmoney have kindly said the following words…

“Vivid have produced an imaginative, creative video which is both helpful to customers and enjoyable to watch. They worked hard to meet our company requirements and delivered a video we are proud to associate with the new thinkmoney brand.”

We wish them well for the future and look forward to continuing our strong working relationship.

About Vivid Photo Visual

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Manchester in the North West of England are a leading animation video production company. We produce visually exciting video production all with a strong business backbone.

If you would like to found out more about what Vivid produce, please visit our “what we do page” or contact us page to speak to a member of the team. You can also visit our our animation video page or our animated video blog.

A fitting animation video for Cormar Carpets

Animation Video

Cormar Carpets are one of the UK’s leading carpet manufacturers. Based in Lancashire and with over 50 years in the industry they are widely respected. They have over 1 Million people choosing Cormar Carpets every year. Cormar contacted Vivid to produce an eye-catching animation video. This was to be used on their stand at one of the UK’s largest carpet and flooring exhibitions. The animation video would help launch and generate interest in their new online ordering system.

Cormar Carpets Animation Video – Vivid Photo Visual

The Video Brief

Their brief was quite specific in that the video had to attract passing custom to the Cormar stand. It would also target their existing customer base aware that they could benefit from their online ordering system too. The main purpose for the video was to initiate conversation… “Tell me more about your online ordering system”.

Cormar Carpets Product Video – Vivid Photo Visual

Event Video and Future Promotion

Vivid combined 3D modelled elements with 2D text to create a clean, eye-catching animation, that would add interest to the stand but also keep in line with Cormar’s brand image. When producing a video for a trade show, the most important aspect to is to make the video understandable with no sound. This is because there is a lot of noise at a trade show and most organisers ask to remove any sound from the stands as to not have each stand going louder and louder.

Vivid decided on a clean and almost minimalist look to the video to make the message crystal clear. We then had to take into account the future use of the video. Any future use would importantly add to the ROI of the video. A separate version with a professional voice over was produced. This could be used on their website, Youtube and could be emailed to existing customers. All these promotional channels would be a means of initiating conversation regarding the online ordering system.

The final reveal – Cormar Carpets video



It was a real joy to work with the Cormar team on this commission. Vivid are really pleased with the final result and got extremely positive feedback from the client.

If you would like to find out more about our animated video production service, please visit our animation video production page. There is also a blog that explains some more of the benefits of an animation video, please click on the benefits of animation video promotion blog. For further information please contact the Vivid Photo Visual team on 0161 477 2404.

8 Manchester Videos You Need To Watch

“Manchester, so much to answer for”

Plenty has been written about Manchester, and rightly so. It’s the original industrial city, the birthplace of the computer, and the first place to successfully split the atom. Manchester is the city where the Communist Manifesto took shape, the home of the 24-hour party, and the centre of the football universe.

As a tribute to this rain washed, bomb-rocked, red-brick wonderland, we’ve picked out 8 videos shot in Manchester. These videos capture the city’s unique energy, creative spirit and unconventional beauty.

From epic time-lapse to gritty music and skater videos, take a look at the belly and guts of the nation in all its Northern glory…

Manchester In A Day

Architectural photographer Andy Marshall spent a day on the Piccadilly Place rooftop shooting this tilt-shift time-lapse. It features many of Manchester’s most iconic buildings against a slightly alien cloudless sky.

Beautiful Manchester

Vivid also wanted to prove that Manchester isn’t always cold and wet, and wanted to celebrate the city’s incredible history. This video combines some of the footage we collected with some choice Manchester trivia.

Manchester Timelapse

Filmmaker Mike Staniforth waited for the sun to set before assembling his cinematic take on Manchester’s major landmarks and buzzing nightlife.

Miniature Manchester

Another of our own projects, we sent out a team of genetically-modified, camera-wielding giants to capture this footage of Manchester’s lively streets and structures. OK, not really… we used tilt-shift lenses to create an illusion of miniature people and vehicles. Much safer.


Opening brilliantly to a soundtrack of Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’, this promo for the skate film ‘Pusherman’ offers a starker depiction of Manchester filmed from a boards-eye view.

The Mouse Outfit feat. Dubbul O & Sparkz – Never Get Enough

Manchester’s music scene has moved a long way since the post-punk soundscapes of Ian Curtis et al. This video gives you an idea of the diversity the city has to offer, with plenty of reassuringly grey skies and concrete to remind you where you are.

Chimpo feat. MC DRS – Holding On

More distinctive Manchester sounds here, with a simple but unmistakably Mancunian video featuring shady characters, graffiti-coated subways and plenty of puddles.

deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember

From local heroes to superstar DJs with a global following, everyone wants a slice of the Manchester action. This extended video for ‘I Remember’ by deadmau5 & Kaskade may star a scouser in the form of actor Stephen Graham, but it makes the most of the Manchester setting to tell a story of breaking, entering and raving.

That completes our list. We’ve taken in shimmering cityscapes and grimy ginnels, soaring strings and badass beats. Whatever the city means to you, we hope you enjoyed watching our pick of essential Manchester videos.

Sunjunkie “Behind the scenes” Photography shoot and Video…

Product Photography Shoot

With this blog we are looking at product photography shoot we completed, for a long-term client Sunjunkie. Sunjunkie are a leading supplier to the spray tan industry. They requested a shoot at Vivid’s photography studios to cover a new product launch.  Sunjunkie wanted to combine straight product photography with some shots using a model to provide a more glamorous and fashion based look.

Raphaella & Suzi

We suggested several models to the client, but it was obvious whom they were going to choose. Raphaella has the look. She also makes our job easier, by being so resourceful and offering poses to compliment the product.  We look forward to working with her in the future.

We used Suzy Clarke, who is a great make-up artist to create a professional look for the model. Her work really provided a punch to the pictures.

Raphaella holding Sunjunkie tanning product by Vivid Photo Visual

Behind the Scenes Music Video

Sunjunkie also asked if we could film the shoot to provide a “behind the scenes” type video to accompany the launch. As some people will know this is what we do at Vivid towers, so we duly obliged. We wanted to produce a simple video but something that captured the hustle and bustle of a photo shoot. It provides a brilliant promotional tool to access numerous promotional platforms and has already had thousands of views for Sunjunkie.


Never to waist an opportunity, Graham couldn’t resist getting a more artistic portrait of Raphaella. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…

Raphaella posing for the camera by Vivid Photo Visual

New Photographic and Video Studio

We have since moved to a new and improved studio and look forward to showcasing the new premises (next blog possibly). It was a great job to work on and we look forward to working with Sunjunkie in the future.

It was a pleasure to work with the Sunjunkie Team, Raphaella and Suzi and we are really proud of the outputted images and video. If you would like to find out more about our photography service, please visit our commercial photography page.

GMP are ‘On The B-eat’ – Charity Event Video

Charity Event Video

Vivid were asked if we would like to get involved and produce a charity event video for eating disorder charity B-eat. The event was organised by Greater Manchester Police. It was in honour of Emma Egerton, who’s father John is a Chief Inspector for GMP.

Tragically Emma died of a combination of a nut allergy and Bulimia, in November 2010. Since her death John and Emma’s family and friends have raised both funds and awareness for B-eat.

A few eating disorder facts.

A night with the Stars

So it was time for the GMP staff to swap their uniforms for high fashion. They were even joined by stars from Coronation Street and cricketers from Lancashire Cricket Club.

Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent and Ellie-Louise Leach

The event itself was a great success raising £1000’s, through ticket sales, raffle and donations. Many companies got involved, providing a host of resources for the event. The event was hosted by BBC Radio Manchester presenter Becky Want. Local clothing retailers large & small gave their time and clothes for the fashion show.

Emma’s friends modelling on the night.

Final Thoughts

It was a great pleasure for Vivid to be involved in the ‘On The BEAT’ event, and we would encourage everyone to please visit the BEAT website to find out more about the wonderful work they do.

We had great fun making the film, and we met some great people. We wanted to produce a video that captured both the atmosphere of the event, but also remembered why the event took place. It important to remember this charity is doing amazing work helping people up and down the country. It must of been a difficult night for Emma’s family and friends. They all showed how important Emma was to them.

If you would like to find out more about our video production service, please visit our overall video production page.


Gordons A-live! Vivid’s new website goes live.

Vivid Photo Visual’s new Website

Well we haven’t blogged for a while, a slap on the wrist is due! But since the last blog we have been busy finishing our new and improved website. Initially we set out to update a few areas of the site. This snowballed into the whole site being designed and rebuilt from scratch. It was a long and arduous process but definitely worth it.

What is good Website Design?

A quote to start off proceedings;

“Web design can be deceptively difficult, as it involves achieving a design that is both usable and pleasing, delivers information and builds brand, is technically sound and visually coherent”.
9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design

Concept to Completion

These simple ideas are what defined our experience from concept to completion. It was very important to us that it was not about how great Vivid was. It was important to show our prospective clients the benefits of video promotion. I think this can be seen clearly within the design of the website. As a video promotion company, it was essential that we used video to showcase our services and to clearly explain the overall benefits to the client.

If we were going to move on from the current website, we thought it would be important to expand the functionality of the website. The Vivid team spent quite some time researching other websites to see what was the modern practical approach to website design. Falling back on the work that had gone on for the branding and image of the previous website, we knew we wanted a vibrant image to be portrayed by the website. We do have Vivid in our name.

Vivid’s Design Parameters

After many design sessions/organised arguments, Vivid team came up with several parameters of website design for our new website. These were:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Structured website design – everything in the correct place
  • Informative
  • Showcases our work
  • Link to major video channels for Video SEO benefits
  • Jpegs used for Alt tags and to cover the horrible YouTube images
  • Video running throughout the website

We wanted to make sure that all out video production services were covered:

We teamed up with the Spinach Graphic Design team. They took our initial thoughts and muses and created a series of Mood Boards and basic concepts. We wanted to keep our ‘Vivid’ colour scheme. It was also important ti make the layout and navigation be user friendly, as well as incorporate a lot more content . Their final designs echoed their usual high standards. They showed a true understanding of our aims in terms of not only branding, but also content, structure. They truly captured the essence of what Vivid are about.

Early website structure…..
Video Production Manchester

Colour Codes

Content is King

Another must for our new website was for it to have a full content management system. This would allow the Vivid team to have full control over updates and content. This is something which we didn’t have on our existing site. We also wanted to be certain that our designs could be converted into a website, and still offer us the control we required.

Great design needs great implementation and there was only one company we wanted to work with. So from our first meeting with Spinach we also brought a representative from Daemon Designs the web design company we had chosen to use. We have worked with the Daemon Design team on other occasions. We knew that when we wanted to update our site, they would be company to do it.

It was important to bring the separate design teams together, so that they could work more closely throughout the project.

Finishing line…..

We love Feedback

We love the finished website and are already seeing the benefits from various angles. We have had numerous positive comments regarding it’s look and design, as well as improved SEO through the increased and improved content on the site.

Surprisingly, in our first month we have already beaten our month’s greatest new visitors total (even with a whole week of data missing and with no email marketing support), as you can imagine, this has lead to an increased number of leads for Vivid to can act on. So the hard work, the tears and the arguments have all been worth it and we look forward to our website serving Vivid for a long time to come.

We would like to thank everyone’s hard work in this project. Every team made sure we had the best website possible, including Spinach Design, Daemon Designs and my mum for externally proof reading 20,000 words, only mums would do this.

If you would like to find out more about the video production services that Vivid offer, please view our overall video production page.

Vivid produce innovative animated time-lapse video for Tecmark

Eye Catching Time-lapse Video

A few months ago whilst scouting locations for our Miniature Manchester time-lapse video we were fortunate enough to cross paths with Tecmark. Tecmark is a UK based Digital Marketing Agency. They specialise in mobile app development and marketing, as well as Search Engine Optimisation. They have offices in Manchester and London. Tecmark had seen some of our time-lapse video output including our ‘miniature Manchester’ video and wanted a similar style video.

Time-lapse video with Animated graphics by Vivid Photo Visual
Who are Tecmark?

Website Homepage Video

Tecmark were due to update their website and wanted an eye-catching video on the Home Page. They wanted a video that portrayed how technology has made our lives easier. How Mobile Apps mean we can have information instantly, wherever we are. We worked very closely with Richard, Kevin and Scott from Tecmark to come up with a Storyboard.

Video Storyboard

Time-lapse video with Animated graphics by Vivid Photo Visual
Working on the storyboard

The basic idea would be to show a young man at work. There would be a repeated scene doing the same task but in the years 1991, 2001 and now 2011. As the years have progressed, that task has become simpler. We wanted the film to have a movie trailer feel, that grows in pace. It would build up to a final scene with bespoke animated graphics. This would show how people use mobiles for so many things in our modern world.

Prop Search

Once the final Storyboard had been agreed, we had to source props. We wanted the same feel to each decade with subtle changes. For example with the computers used, going from an old PC up to a iMac to an iPad. As we’re all football fans we used the nearest football tournament mug to the year. So we had Italy 1990, Euro 2000 and Africa 2010. There’s also a few other props on the desks, cassette walkman for 1991, Sony mobile phone for 2001 and an iPad for 2011.

Filming and Editing

Time-lapse video with Animated graphics by Vivid Photo Visual
Danny outside Manchester Library

We filmed it over 2 days in Manchester and used local actor Danny Jackson, who we’d worked with before. To make the video stand out we created and animated bespoke graphics to really show how consumers are using smart phones and tablets to access the world around them. This all cumulates in the final scene. Danny is seen walking through Manchester’s iconic St Peters Square. He is using his smart phone and information just pops out of the screen. Then the scene opens to a wider shot and everyone is using their phone for information.

Adding Graphical Animation

It was really important to make the video standout. We obviously used the time-lapse technique but we wanted to complement this look with something that elevated the promotional video. With the theme being about the changing nature and impact of technology on our world. For this we implemented bespoke graphical elements that showed the person’s mobile information being displayed above them as they moved through the scene. This was also used on objects like the local transport networks.

Animated time-lapse by Vivid Photo Visual showing Manchester's St Peter Square
Manchester’s St Peter Square

Final Thoughts

We are really happy with the final film and it fits perfectly on Tecmark’s new website. We received great feedback from Tecmark, who have already used the corporate video at trade shows as well as on their website.

We’re looking forward to working with Tecmark again in the future on video production jobs. If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video production service, please visit our time-lapse video page. Please click on the following links, if you would like to found out more about our animation video production service or contact a member of the Vivid team.


A bit of blue for the Dads – A Studio Photography session

Well I thought I’d show a few photographs of a great model. We did a studio photography session recently with a model called Steph. Steph is a local girl with a great look, and as not to disappoint all the Dads expecting a bit of blue, here you go;

A bit of blue for the Dad’s

Rock Chick

Steph and I discussed a few ideas prior to the shoot, we were keen to capture 2 completely different looks. She has an interest in the ‘Pin-Up’ style of photography, with a bit of a fun but cheeky undertone, as well as her more natural, I’ll call it “Rock Chick” look.

Big Eyes and Blue Hair

Steph was an easy model to work with, good fun and had great interaction with the camera. Slightly odd taste in music!! But hey not everyone has great musical hero’s like me, he presses play on his Van Halen CD.

Behind The Mask

Black Mask

So after capturing some images of Steph’s more usual look, well not that she wears a black mask on a day to day basis.. that’s more like Tom’s scene! We moved onto some more ‘Pin-Up’ inspired photographs.

A little burlesque

I suppose the above shot is more burlesque than Pin-Up but still incorporating a shocking pink background…I knew I’d use it one day! I love the colours that are in Steph’s hair, blue’s, purple’s and green. When her hair is down you can’t see these other colours.

Well last of all for all those wanting a bit of cheek… here you go;

I think this was the first time we’d hung the washing out inside the studio! We were really happy with our studio photography session with Steph and can recommend her to any photographer. If you would like to find out more about our commercial photography session, please click to visit the commercial photography page.

Vivid, Virgin and Sky News – Time-lapse Video

Finally after a 2-year wait we got back on Sky News. This was to do with our recent award winning time-lapse video for Virgin Atlantic.

Our footage on Sky News HD

Richard is calling

Last month we were very excited to receive a phone call from Virgin Atlantic, a subsidiary of the Virgin Group. Sadly it wasn’t Sir Richard “smiley man with a beard” Branson who was on the line, but their Producer of OnBoard Media.

Virgin Atlantic had seen a recent time-lapse video that we had produced for Air Livery – a Manchester Airport based aircraft repainting Company. Virgin required a film of a similar ilk to showcase and launch their new livery (paint scheme) to be shown at a press conference at the end of July.

What is a Time-lapse Video?

For those not familiar with the concept of a time-lapse film. It is a cinematography technique whereby each film frame is captured at a rate much slower than it will be played back. In this case we took frames every 90 seconds over a duration of 15 days.

Graham in position waiting for the Virgin Atlantic 747-400

How we shot the Time-lapse Video

We positioned 4 cameras overlooking the plane and set them to take a single picture every minute and a half. Using this technique we were able to film the repainting of the plane over 15 days. This was then sped up, so the entire film takes less then 4 minutes. We also moved some of the cameras during the process, so in total we used around 9 angles. If it takes 25 pictures to make 1 second of finished film, then by my rough calculations, we took in the region of 60,000 frames in total! Also just to give that extra spice we added some HD filming for the close up shots, which we feel really brought the film to life.

‘Mustang Sally’ preparing for her make-over

Due to the tight timescales that we were up against Vivid were putting in some late shifts so we could meet the client’s deadline.

And here Vivid are on the Virgin Atlantic site

Please click on the following link to see the Time-Lapse we shot for Virgin.


We are really proud of the film that we outputted, and Vivid know that it was an important aspect of the new livery’s launch for Virgin Atlantic. We are also proud that such a prestigious company would choose Vivid Photo Visual for their video promotional material. If you would like to view Virgin Atlantic’s press release, please click to visit the Virgin Atlantic Blog post.

After 15 days ‘Mustang Sally’ looks stunning!

We wish Virgin Atlantic well for the future and I am sure that you will all agree the new Livery looks stunning and really compliments not only Virgin Atlantic but the overall Virgin brand. If you would to find out about our time-lapse video service, please visit our time-lapse production page.