“Manchester, so much to answer for!”

“Manchester, so much to answer for”

Plenty has been written about Manchester, and rightly so. It’s the original industrial city, the birthplace of the computer, and the first place to successfully split the atom. Manchester is the city where the Communist Manifesto took shape, the home of the 24-hour party, and the centre of the football universe.

As a tribute to this rain washed, bomb-rocked, red-brick wonderland, we’ve picked out 8 videos shot in Manchester. These videos capture the city’s unique energy, creative spirit and unconventional beauty.

From epic time-lapse to gritty music and skater videos, take a look at the belly and guts of the nation in all its Northern glory…

Manchester In A Day

Architectural photographer Andy Marshall spent a day on the Piccadilly Place rooftop shooting this tilt-shift time-lapse. It features many of Manchester’s most iconic buildings against a slightly alien cloudless sky.

Beautiful Manchester

Vivid also wanted to prove that Manchester isn’t always cold and wet, and wanted to celebrate the city’s incredible history. This video combines some of the footage we collected with some choice Manchester trivia.

Manchester Timelapse

Filmmaker Mike Staniforth waited for the sun to set before assembling his cinematic take on Manchester’s major landmarks and buzzing nightlife.

Miniature Manchester

Another of our own projects, we sent out a team of genetically-modified, camera-wielding giants to capture this footage of Manchester’s lively streets and structures. OK, not really… we used tilt-shift lenses to create an illusion of miniature people and vehicles. Much safer.

The Mouse Outfit feat. Dubbul O & Sparkz – Never Get Enough

Manchester’s music scene has moved a long way since the post-punk soundscapes of Ian Curtis et al. This video gives you an idea of the diversity the city has to offer, with plenty of reassuringly grey skies and concrete to remind you where you are.

Chimpo feat. MC DRS – Holding On

More distinctive Manchester sounds here, with a simple but unmistakably Mancunian video featuring shady characters, graffiti-coated subways and plenty of puddles.

deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember

From local heroes to superstar DJs with a global following, everyone wants a slice of the Manchester action. This extended video for ‘I Remember’ by deadmau5 & Kaskade may star a scouser in the form of actor Stephen Graham, but it makes the most of the Manchester setting to tell a story of breaking, entering and raving.

That completes our list. We’ve taken in shimmering cityscapes and grimy ginnels, soaring strings and badass beats. Whatever the city means to you, we hope you enjoyed watching our pick of essential Manchester videos.