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Video production and promotion is one of the most important promotional platforms available to any business. We aim to make the process of video production as easier for our clients as possible. We all have questions about corporate web video production and promotion, here is a small selection of the most frequently asked questions. 

We are here to help. If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Vivid team on 0161 474 0191.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a video take to produce?2019-08-07T15:05:42+01:00

This question depends on the type of video requested by the client.Vivid do turn videos around very quickly, but preparation is the key. The more time we have to prepare the video shoot, the smoother the process will be. Please be assured that Vivid have not once missed a deadline for a client. If the deadline is tight, this is no problem, Vivid will clearly set-out what needs to be done to achieve this deadline and initiate a plan of action.

How much will it cost?2019-09-20T15:51:41+01:00

This is similar to the classic “how long is piece of string” question. A simple answer would be the more complex a video, the more it will cost. We are very transparent with our costs and there will be no additional costs from what was initially quoted, unless the brief is changed. We can quickly provide a guide price and this can be used to inform the rest of the process. We make sure that we work within your budget restraints to get the best video possible and that your message is concise and clear, no matter what budget we are working with. Please remember that video production does not have to be exorbitant. As long as the message is right for your business, Vivid can produce an impactful video for any budget. We make sure that any video we produce, complements your brand values.

Can we make other edits off the main video?2019-08-07T19:46:54+01:00

Vivid positively recommend it. You can have a short advert style company profile video sitting on the homepage and edit from the footage a more in-depth video explaining your new production process for example. Each function of the business can potentially have its own video. These videos will sit on on their respective pages. Vivid will sit down with you and ascertain the objectives and requirements of the video commission. We will also demonstrate the potential edits that can be achieved and where best to use them. From this understanding, Vivid will produce a storyboard and highlight the different avenues the videos can be edited into.

What does a shoot involve?2019-08-07T19:46:07+01:00

To be honest, there are many different parameters depending on the type of shoot itself. As mentioned previously, preparation is key, no matter how big the shoot is. Vivid’s ethos, is to keep the filming and editing crew to the required level for each shoot. There is no point having a bloated film crew that the client pay for but adds no extra value. What Vivid can say is that we welcome the client’s input into all aspects of the video. That is not to say that we can not handle the whole process itself, if your resources are disposed of.

What help do Vivid give with scriptwriting?2019-08-07T19:45:27+01:00

There are two ways of doing this. The first is you give a small overview, we then go back to our cave, research your business, your competitors, the market in general and then write a new and fresh script for the video. We do offer the service, where the initial starting point comes from the client and we then take their work and polish it to becoming a fully-fledged script. The first option is more expensive due to the time taken for research and we believe, as much client input is the best foundation for a quality video being produced.

What is the quality of the video footage?2019-09-20T15:54:56+01:00

We use a wide variety of different equipment that provides the highest quality possible for any web video to television standards for adverts. As you can see from our video examples the quality of the video production is extremely high and this is something that is an important aspect to our video production. Whilst we use high quality equipment, so do other video production companies. What is more important is getting the message over to your potential customers in an effective and interesting way. Regarding the style of the videos that we produce, we aim for a timeless but contemporary feel to our videos, with no obvious gimmicks that can sometimes date videos.

Do Vivid provide assistance with video promotion?2019-08-07T19:43:56+01:00

It is a core offering from our business and something that we are very proud of. There is no point producing a video, giving it to a client and saying goodbye. We want our clients to get the maximum possible exposure from the video. This starts within the video production stage and carries on through the life of the video. We will sit down with our client, go through what promotional tools they currently have at their disposal and what other possibilities are available to them. Do not forget we are always at hand, if there is another question our clients need answering. We will then review the promotional plan and provide further updates where necessary. We still provide assistance to our clients questions, years after the video has gone live.

What is the best way to utilise my video?2019-08-07T19:43:13+01:00

Online promotion has opened up video promotion in so many ways. You obviously want your video on the 2nd biggest search engine (YouTube) but there are so many more promotional platforms out there that have to be considered. The main point is where there is a screen; there is the capability to promote your video in a number of differing ways. You can now get your video directly on to potential customers smart phones. There is also the whole of off-line promotion to consider and this encompasses trade shows. We very much welcome a quick chat/call to explain this further.

Please call a member of the Vivid team.2019-09-20T15:56:41+01:00

Obviously this is only a small selection of potential questions you might have, please feel free to call a member of the Vivid team on 0161 474 0191 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.