Business Led Corporate Video Production – Beautifully Done

Who are Vivid Photo Visual?

“a business-led creative video production team”

We are a Manchester based, business-led corporate video production company. Working closely with your business, we find out exactly what your business message is. We then create the best video solution and video promotional strategy needed, to really sell your company, product or service.

We have a proven track record, working with the biggest (and smallest) companies, providing innovative video solutions that keep the accountant happy, until you inevitably pick up the phone for more.

What do Vivid do?

“We handle every aspect of your video production process”

Our video production service encompasses corporate, time-lapse, product and animation videos. From concept to completion, we handle every aspect of the video production process. Whether it’s expanding your ideas or creating new ones for you, we will take your project from initial ideas to delivery of you video and helping you get the maximum exposure. You can have as much (best policy) or as little input into the process as you like. This is all backed up with a friendly smile and the ability to go the extra mile for our customers. Please check out our video production process.

Benefits of Video Production

Video is one of the most important promotional tools available, here is a small selection of the many benefits of video promotion.

  • Shows your business/product/service quickly
  • Goes everywhere in the world at the touch of a button
  • Increases sales conversion
  • 24-hour promotional capability
  • Key element of overall promotional campaign.

Video Promotion Blog

 Our Clients

Video Promotion

The power of video promotion is its adaptability to numerous promotional platforms. Vivid are video promotion experts and can help you leverage your video across both online and off-line promotional platforms.

  • Website – On your homepage or a specific product page
  • Video hosting channels – Provide a platform to attract potential customers to your website
  • Social media – Great way to build an audience
  • Mobile – Directly to a phone
  • Email campaigns – Informative and visual emails.
The spread of video promotion by Vivid Photo Visual

 Why Choose Vivid for your Video Project?

“a professional company with a proven track record”

Working in numerous different commercial video production disciplines, Vivid produce visually outstanding videos with a business backbone. We strive for strong working client relationships, so we don’t just drop you when the video is finished; we are here for the long-term. Based in Manchester but serving the world with business-led video production, beautifully done.

 Our Video Production Style

“contemporary look, backed up by a core business backbone”

Our philosophy is simple, we produce videos that are made to last. There is no point producing a video that does not have a core (mainly business) reason to it. Now we are not all hardened business tycoons, it has to be visually appealing and have the ability to last, no silly gimmicks here.

We produce videos with a clean and timeless style, that also have a core business backbone. Vivid value our customers and are always on hand to provide assistance, no matter how long ago the video was produced. Business-led videos, beautifully done.