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Our Time-lapse Video Service

Time-lapse video production offers marketers a promotional option that can show a long process in a quick and interesting video. The time-lapse video technique can show the whole construction process of a multi-story building, condensed into a watchable and interesting 2-minute video.

Vivid are time-lapse video experts and have over 10 years experience, working with the world’s biggest brands. We have provided time-lapse videos for the following industries, airline, construction, demolition and for creative agencies. Vivid are based in Manchester but supply the Northwest, the United Kingdom and the wider world with visually interesting time-lapse videos which are great for social media sharing.

Time-lapse Video Benefits

  • Showcase complex processes quickly and effectively
  • Innovative and interesting video that catches people’s attention
  • Works well with video footage and animation
  • Works well on social media
  • Condenses long processes into a watchable video.

Time-lapse Video Blog

Our Time-lapse Videos

 Time-lapse Video Case Study

Virgin Atlantic Airline Livery


Virgin Atlantic is a British Airline and part of the Virgin Group. Virgin was launching a new plane livery and red colour and wanted a time-lapse video to show the transformation of one of their planes.


Vivid worked closely with Air Livery and Virgin to make sure the brief was met. We shot the video over 15 days from input to the plane leaving. What really made the time-lapse video stand out, was the extra footage shot on camcorders, which we included into the edit. 

This allowed the finer and quickly achieved elements of the process to be included, which might of been lost using the more traditional time-lapse technique. It was a real privilege working with such a prestigious brand on such an important promotional piece.To find out more about our aviation time-lapse video service please visit our Airline Time-lapses website.


  • Launched a new livery
  • The time-lapse video was a massive success with millions of views achieved so far
  • Still being used by Virgin for promotion on their website
  • Used as a core promotional feature as part of a world-wide roll out to showcase the new livery
  • Seen on national news and at the launch event.
What Virgin Atlantic have to say…
“You’ve done a great job with the video”
Kate Dawkins