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Why not come into our studio for a quick chat, we will work out your intended audience, come up with some concepts and then map out a production plan, film and edit it for you. Let’s make a music video that does the music and your band justice and also something that can attract old and new fans. There are so many promotional platforms out there and music video are a great way to showcase your music across the social networks.

Music Video Benefits

  • Engage with your fans
  • Gain the right exposure
  • Promote and link within all your all social media websites
  • Basis for your whole promotional campaign
  • Expresses the personality of the band and the music.

Our Music Videos

Music Video Example_Daystar Off Our Heads - Vivid Photo Visual
Music Video Example - Sunjunkie Behind the Scenes
Music Video Example - Raphaella
Music Video Example_Flour Shoot - Vivid Photo Visual

Case Study



Daystar are a four piece indie rock band hailing from Manchester. The objective was to produce a video that would launch the first single.

Music Video Case Study - Day Star Slip and Dive - Vivid Photo Visual


The band came to Vivid and wanted something simple, yet with a cool look that was in tune with the band’s personality. At a rehearsal studio in Stockport in the midst of winter (trust me it was not warm in there, I am surprised you can not see their breaths), they performed the song over and over until we had the shots we needed. We shot the whole video as a performance video but with some clever editing and creative use of filters managed to give the video a retro feel.
The video has been really well received. With 1000's of views by their fans and also from influential people within the music industry.


o Fitted perfectly with song and the band
o Very inexpensive
o 1000’s of views
o Used to promote song, band and album

What Daystar have to say...

"We asked Vivid to produce a simple b&w performance video of the band. They produced a very cool beautifully lit, shot and edited production that complemented the atmosphere of the tune perfectly."

David Cooper