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Animation videos production is an extremely creative form of video promotion. You are not restricted by real world obstacles that can hinder normal filmed videos. As a business, you can let your imagination run free. Vivid work closely with the client to find out their ideas and the objectives for the video. 

Vivid can be as technical or as promotional as you like with an animation video, making a completely realistic 3D animation of your product or by make a 2D promotional animation video of your service. We have the experience and expertise in animation video production, to put your thoughts and imagination into a video. If you would like to find out more about our animation video production and the benefits, please click on our animation video overview.

 Animation Video Benefits

  • No restrictions on the video
  • Can show the product from any angle
  • An eye-catching video with a powerful impact
  • Can add personality to a brand image
  • Can be a practical or as fun as you like.

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 Our Animation Videos

 Animation Video Case Study

thinkmoney animated video


The Thinkmoney Group offers services and advice to people with money worries. The objective of the video was to provide a fun and informative overview of their personal bank account service.


Vivid worked closely with the client to formulate a style for the animation. thinkmoney were in the process of revamping their website and Vivid needed to work within their new designs. It was great to be part (small) of this process, to the point where we created some of their new iconography scheme. 

thinkmoney wanted the video to be practical but to also entertain people whilst they watched it. We expanded on the ‘draw on’ idea where the video would constantly flow through one line (where possible) from one scene to the next. This idea was complemented by the icons supplied by the client and the ones we created. It was great working with their team. We are really proud of the video and it is great to see after all these years that it is still going strong. 


  • Fun and informative video that works well on their website
  • Explains all the core functions of the service
  • Long-term running span
  • Improved customer understanding of the service
  • 1000’s of customers helped.
What thinkmoney have to say…
“it looks really good, thank you for all your hard work on it”
Linzi Nuttall