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Our Video Service

Presenter videos are an excellent way to get your business message over quickly and effectively. We can film a representative of your business or you could also use a professional presenter to add that extra layer of production value to the video. Vivid can film it at your offices, but why not come to our studio and we can film you or your presenter against a green screen. 

In post production, we can place whatever you want (footage/graphics/animations) in the background to make your presenter video stand out. For a more in-depth guide to presenter video production/promotion, please visit our presenter video guide.

Presenter Video Benefits

  • Presenters can quickly and clearly explain complex ideas
  • Provides a human representation of your brand
  • Sits anywhere on your website to help customers through the website flow
  • Can be produced on any budget
  • Can be easily turned from an explainer to an advert style video.

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Our Presenter Videos

Presenter Video Case Study

Bear Grylls Presenter Video


Bear Grylls is a beloved adventurer and presenter who has a range of clothes with Craghoppers. The objective was to produce a series of presenter videos featuring the man himself, Bear Grylls, that showcases the features and benefits of the clothes.


With the Craghoppers team, we were invited to Bear Grylls house where we would film the videos. We set up in his “rumpus room”, where he was prepping for his next TV series. As he is a very busy man, we had a short shooting window and after the set-up and prep time, we went straight into filming. 

Due to Bear being very comfortable in front of the camera, there was only a few takes of each video needed. We believe that the video perfectly demonstrates the products and with the other outdoor shots added, brings a realistic feel to the videos.
It was great to work on this shoot and we only have nice things to say about Bear Grylls. It was a pleasure working with Bear and the Craghoppers team and we are very pleased with the final videos.


  • Over 100k views and counting
  • Brought Bear directly into his and the Craghoppers brand
  • Quickly highlights the features of the clothing by the man himself
  • Complemented and enhanced the products sales
  • Works for the life of the clothing.
What Craghoppers have to say…
“Great set of videos, really captures Bear well and shows off the features of the clothing”
Danny Heaton