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Corporate Video Production

Showcasing your business the right way!

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Using our extensive experience, Vivid will produce a corporate video that will make you stand out from the crowd and really sell your business. As we work in numerous video production fields, we can utilise our expertise across the different types of video techniques (filming, animation, time-lapse etc) to bring you an innovative and business-led video solution. If you would like to find out more about our corporate video service, please click on our corporate video overview

Corporate Video Benefits

  • Quickly and effectively showcases your business
  • 24/7 exposure
  • Works across numerous promotional platforms both off/online
  • Can be split into smaller videos to show different aspects of the business
  • Makes your website more dynamic and can increase time spent on site.

Our Corporate Videos

Corporate Video Example - Juice Live - Vivid Photo Visual
Corporate Video Example - Air Livery - Vivid Photo Visual
Corporate Video Example - Solar Choice - Vivid Photo Visual
Corporate Vide Example - New College Manchester - Vivid Photo Visual

Corporate Video Case Study

TLX Insulation


TLX is the UK’s leading manufacturer of multi-foil insulation and insulation breather membrane. The video's objective was to provide a company profile video and installation video guides for their Silver and Gold product ranges.

Corporate Video Case Study - TLX Installation - Vivid Photo Visual


After the initial meeting, Vivid liaised closely with the TLX team to work out a production and filming plan. Vivid understood what the key messages were and how to demonstrate these on their videos. Whilst there was a lot to capture, we shot both their factory and the guides within 3 days. Vivid then worked on the look and feel of the complementary graphics that reinforced their core messages.


o Provided TLX with a bank of videos to cover their business, offering a 24/7 multi channel sales platform.
o Gave their sales staff the tools to aid their sales process.
o The Silver/Gold Insulation videos have both a practical and promotional benefit.
o 1000’s of views already on their new YouTube channel.

What TLX Insulation have to say...

"Thank you so much, you guys were brilliant and the videos are exceptional, thank you for all you hard work!"

Thomas Hunt - TLX