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Our Video Service

Using our extensive experience with corporate video production, Vivid will produce a video that will make you stand out from the crowd and really sell your business. As we work in numerous video production fields, we can utilise our expertise across the different types of video techniques (filming, animation, time-lapse etc) to bring you an innovative and business-led video solution. If you would like to find out more about our corporate video service, please click on our corporate video overview.

 Corporate Video Benefits

  • Quickly and effectively showcase your business
  • 24/7 exposure
  • Works across numerous promotional platforms both off/online
  • Can be split into smaller videos to show different aspects of the business
  • Makes your website more dynamic and can increase time spent on site.

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 Our Corporate Videos

 Corporate Video Case Study

Hill’s Panel Products


HPP is a leading supplier to the fitted furniture industry. Vivid produced a successful corporate video for them over 8 years ago and they wanted to expand the video content and update the company profile video with a more contemporary design.


A new video series was a needed to reflect the changes in their production and service capabilities and to provide the company with a modern brand image. Working closely with the HPP team, we came up with a series of concepts for the look and feel for the video. We then worked out a production guide and storyboard for the upcoming video. 

With the video series, we wanted to project a modern and high tech company. It was imperative to show the whole business within a 2 minute guide time. We carefully broke down each function and element of the business and worked out what to film to bring the message to the fore. This corporate video utilised different video production techniques, including filming, time-lapse and bespoke animation. As there was no voiceover present, we had to provide high quality animated graphical elements to tell the story of the business. With the graphical elements, we wanted a technical feel to them but for them to be also interactive with the filmed scenes. A mesh can be seen in most of the shots, which ties the video together. To tell the story of the business, animated text was used to highlight the function of the business.


  • Key element of their promotional campaign
  • Shows all aspects of their business
  • Gives their sales team the tools to aid their sales process
  • Updated their brand image
  • Has multiple applications for promotion.
What HPP have to say…
“They form a significant element of our range of marketing and information material which we’ve developed over the years.”
HPP – Blog