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Does your website deliver your company’s key message quickly and effectively? Do you struggle to keep people on your website, let alone convert sales? If so, you should consider utilising the promotional power of a corporate web videos. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential customers visiting your website. They come to your homepage or product page and you have few static images and a bit of text. Is this enough to persuade them to part with their money? I think we all know the answer. Visually showcasing your business is far more interesting to watch than to read, which is therefore more likely to keep the customers attention and the video/s can be utilised across numerous promotional platforms. A video can convey key business messages, visually showcases your business/products/services all within a couple of minutes. The fundamental objective of every video that Vivid produce, is to display the important company information as quickly and effectively as possible. Once your video has been made, there is a massive opportunity to leverage the single video across both online and off-line promotional platforms.

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Main arena

Where corporate videos can be used

A small selection on where web videos can be used:

  • Website (homepage/product page etc)
  • YouTube and other video hosting sites
  • Social media platforms – no better way to get your customers attention
  • Directories
  • Trade-shows
  • Mobile – sent directly to a customers phone
  • Core part of your email campaigns.

Please see on the Gif below to get a very quick understanding of some of the promotional possibilities.


Gif the promotional possibilities of the corporate videos

 The growth of web video

Video is already driving over 70% of web traffic today, in turn it accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. Imagine that for a second, you have a single screen that the viewer is locked into. If you can create a compelling video, then you have complete access to the viewer’s buyer behaviour in their hands. YouTube alone used more bandwidth in 2007 than the whole of the Internet in 2000. That figure is only increasing. Let’s be honest, there is a lot of low quality video content out there. Anyone can produce a web video these days with the vast array of technology available. There is nothing wrong with producing your video in-house and it does not have to be expensive as long as the video message is the right message. Having said that, it is imperative that you produce a video that fits in with your brands core values. Will this cheap video harm your brand? At Vivid, we will alway produce a quality video for your promotional campaign that fits into your budget.

Video promotion and SEO

There are many SEO individuals and organisations that claim “we will get you on the first page”. We are not saying that having a video is a quick fix result to bump your website from page four to page one overnight. What Vivid is saying is that using web videos can be an important element of your overall SEO strategy. Here are some facts… Having a video is over 50 times more likely to get your website on the first page of search engines against text alone (Forrester). Google, the dominant search engine, saw the rise of video as integral to the Internet’s development, by purchasing YouTube in 2006 and also by incorporating video search options within the search parameters. YouTube is now the second biggest search behind…you guessed it…. Google. Final fact… Video promotion is now an essential aspect of any company’s Search Engine Optimisation strategy says video production experts.


The purpose of a corporate video

At Vivid, we strongly believe that there is no point producing a video unless the objectives are considered, this normally is based on a business or promotional aspect. Corporate videos are a window on your world. They perfectly show your company in a way that pictures and text alone simply cannot do. It is a way of gaining your potential customer’s trust and kick starting the sales process. Within under 2 minutes a video can quickly and clearly explain who you are, what you do and why the viewer should use your business.  They generally contain key business facts including your unique selling points, interviews with key members of staff, as well as shots of your working environment to give viewers an insight into your working world. They can explain complex operations simply and effectively. This concept can be expanded further. Lets say Vivid produced one video for the company. This could then be split up into a series of the smaller videos. On your home page you would have a short advert style video to give a quick general guide to the business, then each function of your business (sales/distribution/manufacturing etc) could have a short video on their respective pages with the overall longer video sitting on the about us page or to be used at presentations at corporate meetings.

The benefits of corporate videos

To summarise, the main benefits of corporate video productions are:

  • A professional visual representation of your company
  • 24/7 sales platform
  • The viewer has a greater understanding of your business, therefore an increase in sales
  • Can be split into different sections to accompany different pages of your website
  • Video testimonials are a powerful promotion tool
  • Can be used across multiple promotional channels
  • Provides your company with an online video presence
  • Can be used in online directories
  • Can provide a catalyst for your marketing strategy.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss corporate video production please visit our corporate video page or to read more of our blogs, please click on our corporate video blogs or our video promotion blogs, please contact a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

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