Miniature Manchester Tilt Shift Time-Lapse

Manchester Tilt-shift Time-lapse

Well it’s nearly Christmas and the Vivid team decided that as part of our Christmas email campaign we should create a film that was a little different. Inspired by Australian filmmaker Keith Loutit, we decided to produce a short film tilt-shift time-lapse based around our home town of Manchester.

We used a technique called tilt shift time-lapse. For those not familiar with this, basically specialist lenses are used that enable the plane of focus to be tilted at an angle. When this is combined with an elevated view point it gives an almost “Toy Town” effect.

Looking down over St Peter’s Square in Manchester

Challenging Shoot on the rooftops of Manchester

First we needed to obtain access to some rooftops in and around Manchester. We were fortunate enough to have a few clients in Manchester that were very obliging. Coupled with some friends, and friends of friends who we managed to sweet talk. We filmed it over a few days and from 4 or 5 locations to give some variety.

One of the challenges when filming from rooftops is wind. You’re at the mercy of the Great British weather, and the wind is obviously not blocked by other building when you’re on the top of them.

Smile for the camera but don’t look down.

Safety is paramount

Obviously the main concern is Safety; of ourselves, the public and our equipment. All cameras & tripods are secured individually using climbing clips and webbing, so there is no chance of anything falling. As for us, we were clipped into literally the building, so there was no chance of any accidents.

Vivid would like to thank all the people and companies that gave us access. As we mentioned at the time Miniature Manchester is an on-going project. We hope to add further locations in the coming months. So watch this space…

Vivid Photo Visual are really proud of our tilt-shift time-lapse of Manchester. It was a wonderful experience to really produce a creative video and to try and emulate a hero of ours. All that’s left to say, is have a wonderful Christmas and fun packed New Year, oh and enjoy the video.

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The New Adventures of Miss Stockport – Lifestyle Photography

Super Hero Photography

Sounds like a Super Hero character… Miss Stockport, here to make your day! It was a few weeks back now when Katie emailed me saying she’d seen one of the photo’s from our last session in the Daily Mail. Vivid work with a number of models to produce lifestyle photography images that are used across the world.

Not Knowing

One of the problems with selling stock images, is you know the image/size/market sector, who has purchased an image but not the exact details. As in this case, it’s just a matter of luck if you actually see it in print. The image used is the one below and it was part of an article on heat transfer from Laptops whilst using then on your knee.

Image used to show the impact on using Laptop on knee.

One more photo

So I thought it was about time we did another shoot to add a few more images to our stock.

Stock Library image content can be about just about anything, as in the image above, the search criteria may have been ‘Blond woman laptop knee sofa’. So the more variety the better, it’s just a matter of matching all the keywords searched for.

So for this shoot, first we went for something topical, being in debt!!

Bills, cards and calculator….. I’m skint!

It is a numbers game

One thing I always do on any images showing Credit Card numbers, Account Details, Names and Addresses is alter them in Photoshop, however small they are in the frame they get changed or removed.

I had a few images in mind that probably may never sell, but it’s all a numbers and chance game, you just don’t know what image may be required.

Finding the rare image

If a picture editor wants an image of ‘woman on phone’, through one popular Stock Library that returns 37000 images to choose from, little chance of them choosing mine.

On the other hand ‘woman wiring a plug’ returns only 16 results, so although an unlikely search, it’s worth shooting an image that fits that search.

Katie wiring a plug.

Another Bad lightbulb joke

Another search with low results is ‘woman changing a light bulb’ again you never know so it’s worth shooting a selection of images round this criteria.

As a matter of interest, how many models does it change a light bulb?

3 …….one to hold the bulb and 2 to turn the ladder.

Sorry had to do a light bulb joke, obviously Katie managed to change it all on her own.

Changing Light Bulb

And after a couple of hours of changing bulbs, wiring plugs, cutting up credit cards, pulling on jeans, taking pills, doing yoga it was time for a bit of rest and relaxation.

It’s a tough job being a model………

The tough life of a model.
Relaxing after a hard days work.

Not too difficult for the photographer either.

As always it was a pleasure working with Katie. If you would like to find out about our lifestyle photography service offering please visit out commercial photography page or speak to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404

This Blog’s not Automatic. Not Systematic. It’s Hydromatic…

tHydro Screw Generator

Why it’s Grease Lightening …… Sorry I got a bit lost in the moment then, took me back to my theatrical days!! Well this post is Hydromatic, well to be precise it’s Hydro Power ‘matic. Vivid were commissioned by Spaans Babcock to produce a video. This would be used to demonstrate the advantages of using a Hydro Screw generator. The video would use both film and 3D animation. Spaans Babcock are the leading manufacturer and installer of these generators, so we knew this was a company we wanted to work with.

What is a Archimedean Screw Generator?

For those unfamiliar with a Hydro Power Generator or Archimedean Screw Generator, basically it’s a large corkscrew that is installed along a river, and is an extremely environmentally friendly method of generating power.

Spaans Babcock Hydro Screw Generator, Austria

Filming in Austria

The first location to film was in Austria, we were to capture footage for the main video as well as produce a separate case study video. As usual I missed out on the glamorous location, actually I was on holiday but all the same Austria would have been a nice place to go for the 4 days. The filming went well, good build up shots and an interview with the site owner was just what we needed. I’m told Glen and Tom relaxed after a hard days filming with a few pints of Puntigamer Bier, sounds perfect!

3D Animation Production by Vivid

So we had all the interview and footage we needed produce the video side of the film. We had already been creating the 3D animation section for the middle of the film, taking Spaans IGES files and re-modelling in our 3D software. The final video was produced in English, German and French and has been used by Spaans Babcock at various trade shows and exhibitions.

Trip to Alhampton

The second location was at Alhampton in Somerset. I went down to shoot this section of the film. It was a beautiful day and a equally beautiful location. I no longer felt let down for not going to Austria. This was an installation on private residence, on a River running through the property. I got all the footage I needed, and more of the actual installation. I waited a while for David the owner of the property to film the interview. Now a lot of people that are not used to speaking to camera can become a little ‘wooden’ or freeze. I have to say David was superb, a real gentleman with great articulation. Brilliant.

Have a look at the Alhampton Case Study video.

Final Thoughts

It was a great experience working for a prestigious company like Spaans Babcock. We really happy with the videos that we produced. If you would like to find out more about our product or animation video service, please click on Vivid’s product demonstration video page or animation video production page. If you want to speak to a member of the Vivid team, please visit our contact page.