iPad Product Video by Vivid Photo Visual

New Challenge – iPad Animated Product Video

This blog is a continuation of our iPad Lifestyle product video, which was part of our internal challenge to produce a short film showcasing an iPad being used in a day to day scenario. This week is all about the studio product video version of our iPad product video.

Studio Setup

iPad Product Video by Vivid Photo Visual

When approaching a product video, you really have to take into the size of the product and materials used in it’s construction. Anything that is reflective or curved can throw up numerous problems. From our Manchester based studio, Vivid normally set-up a kind of black out tent that surrounds the product. This allows for lighting to be controlled and reflection are ket to a minimum. The product is placed on a rotating platform that allows the camera to remain still but the product to be moved around. We borrowed an iPad from my sister-in-law (still waiting for Santa to get me one). At Vivid we always try and produce a video that is still going to work for our client in 5 years time.

Nice and Clean

iPad Product Video by Vivid Photo Visual

We wanted a nice clean, high key iPad product video, with the addition of some animated graphical overlays. So after liaising with our graphics department we decided to go for simple lines and clean cut graphics. We wanted to show some of the key features of the iPad using animated graphical overlays. Whilst we wanted to mimic Apple’s overall advertising, the team wanted a more creative filming style to be used. This would have a more graceful approach than Apple’s own product videos. It was shot on a Canon 5D Mark 2 and a variety of different lenses including one of our macro lens to achieve the shallow depth of field.

Graphical Animation

As you can see from the video, we created some complimentary graphics, with a modern look. Whilst the Vivid team wanted to somewhat mimic the Apple looks of the video, we wanted to create bespoke graphical elements that complemented the video footage. Our design partners got straight to work and produced time-less graphical assets.

Benefits of Product Videos

Product videos are the future of online product promotion and due to their adaptability, can be used in-conjunction with numerous promotional channels. There are so many benefits of product videos, here is a small selection:

  • Higher order vales and conversions rates (Marketing Week)
  • Showcases the products feature
  • Gives the viewer a quick and favourable snapshot
  • 24/7 selling tool
  • Used both on and offline
  • Ideal for all forms or promotions
iPad product video vivid photo visual manchester
Graphics from iPad Product Video – Vivid Photo Visual

Final Thoughts

The iPad product video was a really good challenge for the Vivid team to showcase out product video capabilities. This was achieved by showing our filming style and by demonstrating our graphical animation skills.

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IPad Lifestyle Product Video Challenge

The Challenge – Lifestyle Product Video

We were chatting in the office and we decided that we should set ourselves a quick creative challenge. To produce a lifestyle product video, nothing too complex, short  and with a cinematic feel. A lifestyle product video is used by marketers to inspire, guide and motivate people to purchase the product. It might contain some technical information, but it is more about showing the product in an aspirational setting.

Short Preparation Time

So with only a small amount of preparation, I texted Katie, who has done some lifestyle photography modelling for Vivid. The timing was perfect, as she was available at short notice so we were good to roll.

So the basic storyboard for the video is  to show how the iPad can help the woman at various times of the day. From waking up to going on a night out in Manchester.

Wake Up

iPad Lifestlye product video Manchester
Product video Manchester – Scene 1

The video starts with the lady being woken by the iPad alarm at 10am! The word ‘Lazy’ springs to mind (women and their beauty sleep),the blinds are then opened and it’s time for a fry up.

Lifestyle product video manchester - Scene 2
Lifestyle product video manchester – Scene 2

…or in this case a nice healthy Strawberry smoothie, well you need to have your 5-a-day! The day continues checking out the ASOS website on the iPad, seeing what’s hot and what’s not.

Lifestyle product video Manchester - Scene 3
Lifestyle Product Video Manchester – Scene 3

The day carries on and and after checking Facebook and ‘Poking’ a few people, Katie’s ready to hit the town. The final 2 scenes are the iPad being placed in her bag, and door being closed behind her. Goodbye Stockport hello Sankey’s. Personally I would have gone to Coco Savannah’s in Stockport but that’s just the way I roll.

lifestyle product video manchester - scene 5
Lifestyle product video Manchester – Scene 4

Final Thoughts

It was a fun video to make, and hopefully proves that it’s worth setting yourself a few challenges now and again, to keep things fresh. All filmed on Canon 5d mk2 and 90mm TS-E lens, for those techies out there, like me!

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