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Lose a stone in a week menu

As part of our lose a stone in a week video and blog series, we thought it might be useful to include the actual diet we are referring to. This is not a diet that you can just quickly pick up. You have to first work out if the diet is suitable for you body and age. From here it is wise to plan ahead for you week long diet, in terms of shopping and preparation. This diet is not for everyone and might not be suitable for your body or state of mind. If you feel it might not be suitable for you, it is important that you consult with a medical practitioner. You have to stick to the diet. There is no point jumping in and out of the diet. The diet is meant to be done in one go over one week.

Here as promised is a handy, printable PDF menu for the Lose a Stone in a Week diet. Just click on the link below to download the PDF.

Lose a stone in a week MENU

As well as the actual food you’ll consume on the diet, we have included a few hints and tips that will hopefully help you to get through the week.

If you just need a quick look then below is an image of the menu, this maybe easier to view on a tablet device than the PDF?

How to lose a stone in a week muni

How to lose a stone in a week menu

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