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BiSN Animation Video Series

BiSN Animated Videos showing MXD Tool

Who are BiSN?

BiSN are a leading provider of downhole sealing solutions to the oil and gas industry. Vivid enjoy a long-term working relationship with BiSN. We have provided numerous video production solutions for the company included both filmed and animated videos. The Vivid team are very proud of BiSN’s achievements. We have been there from the start, having watched their meteoric rise within their industry. We have seen their business expand from their Warrington roots and establish additional operations in Houston. Recently they have developed further operations in the UK to support their European based business.

Previous BiSN Animation Video Commission

One of our more recent video commissions was to provide a series of animation videos for a selection of their tools. This was an essential promotional tool for BiSN. The animated product videos, provided quick and clear understanding of the tool and also demonstrated the tool in operation. Without these videos it could take some time to clearly explain it’s application. It has also allowed for the sales team to show a client anywhere in the world their technology at at touch of button.

As they have expanded their technology, there was a need for new animation videos to be produced to show these additional tools in operation. Our Manchester based team were commissioned to provide an animation video for each of the 10 tools. Vivid were also asked to provide a series of images to be used for promotional materials.

Animation Production Process

Once tasked with creating this suite of animated videos for BiSN, we were able to work with their design department to obtain the 3D files for the tools themselves.

The 3D drawings needed to be transcribed into a intermediary format in order for them to work in the animation software that we use (cinema 4D). We then had to work with the software to get the polygon meshes looking the part within the new 3D scenery.

We started by creating the individual images. This would allow the team to get a greater understanding of how the tool worked and also to perfect the look and feel.

We then created a structure to each video, so that each video followed a certain path. After we’d establish the procedure for each application it was a case of carefully putting the scenes together and then synching that on-screen action up with the voice over artist.

We wanted to keep the videos as succinct as possible. The BiSN team suggested that we have an overarching video that explained the technologies behind the tools. This method allowed each subsequent tool video with its different application, to just be about the tool itself.

Benefits of Animated Videos to BiSN

Animated videos have so many benefits, here is a selection with reference to the series of animation videos we created for BiSN.

  1. Quick understanding of each tools application and benefits
  2. The only way to see the tool in action
  3. Makes the sales process more effective
  4. Videos can be instantly sent over the world
  5. Builds BiSN’s online profile through YouTube and Vimeo
  6. Links into BiSN’s website
  7. Be an integral part of the overall promotional campaign.

BiSN & Video Promotion

BiSN Website homepage

BiSN have utilised the power of video promotion for a long time and really understand it unique attributes. So much so that videos form a prominent section of their website. A visitor to BiSN’s website now has the ability to quickly understand each tool and this will only lead to increased sales conversions. BiSN also have an extensive Vimeo and YouTube channels, which allows them a further promotional and educational abilities.

BiSN video page

A Word from our Sponsors

“At BiSN we have embraced video promotion to show off our business capabilities and to make sure our audience fully understands the unique capabilities of our technology. We have worked with Vivid for a long time and commissioned them to provide a series of high-quality animation videos, which clearly demonstrates the technologies in action. We use these videos all over the world and they are invaluable in making our customers fully understanding the technologies’ processes and features. These videos have dramatically reduced the time our sales and production teams spend with clients demonstrating the technologies. Animation is also the only way to show these technologies in action due to their underwater nature. Vivid took on a complex video animation commission, producing outstanding results that will stand BiSN well for the future.”

Paul Carragher- CEO at BiSN Oil Tools Ltd

Final Thoughts

Vivid are very proud of our work that we have done for BiSN. We took on a difficult animation video commission and achieved the objectives set by BiSN. We believe that these video will help their business and we look forward to working with them in the future.

If you would like to find out more about our animation video service, please visit our animation video page. You can view some more animation video blogs. Alternatively please contact a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.