“Show your products using animated videos!”

BiSN are leading independent consultants to the upstream oil and gas industries. They developed the Wel-lok M2M Bridge Plug to counter issues arising from using traditional bridge plugs. BiSN needed a video to clearly demonstrate the drills abilities, an animation video was only way because even though some of the Vivid team had their Padi diving licence, none of us fancied deep sea diving in the North Sea.

Technical Animation Video

BiSN approached Vivid, having worked with us before, to produce an animated video that would clearly explain the complicated procedure, rather than the sales team having to constantly explain over and over. The objective of the video was so that the viewer could watch the short video and have a complete understanding of its purpose and its operation, this was key to the videos success.

BiSn Bulk Head 3D animation

BiSN Bulk Head 3D animation

Demonstrated products USPs through Animation

The basis of the video was to explain a complex tool and procedure easily and quickly to any potential customer. The first part of the project and the most important was the viewer understanding how the plug worked. We visited the BiSN headquarters and filmed an overview of the Bridge Plug. This 20 minute video was invaluable aid in making the sure the project was a success. It formed the basis for the project and made sure the Vivid team could see what each part did, how it fitted together and even the type of textures and materials it was made of.

3 Parts of the BiSN plug

3 Parts of the BiSN plug

We then collated what materials and assets were available, from design blue prints to simple items like PowerPoint’s. From this we could work out what we had at disposal and what needed to be modelled from scratch.

Working with the client we produced a suitable script that whilst was concise, it still allowed the whole plug to be explained in detail. The Vivid team then went to work and started to create all the necessary elements required for the final video. We produced a draft version, which was approved by the client so we could then go and provide the extra polish to bring up the production values of the animated.

Close up of the BiSN bulk head screw

Close up of the BiSN bulk head screw

The video starts with explaining each element of the drill and then moves into showing the features and benefits of the drill. The drill is placed in it’s natural environment to give the viewer a greater understanding the drill and it’s actual application.

Benefits of animation videos

The benefits to the client are:

  • Quickly explains tool and operation
  • Provides a informative style to the brand
  • Works off and online
  • Deliver key messages in an engaging and efficient manner
  • Timeless look and feel of video
  • The lifespan of video is the same as product.

It was great to work with the BiSN team and Vivid produced a practical promotional animation video that from feedback from the client, has proven a massive success for BiSN. If you would like to find out more about Vivid’s animation service, please visit our animation video production page or read more of our animation video blogs. If you would like to speak to a member of the Vivid team, please visit our contact us page.