Germania 30th Anniversary Time-lapse Video

Germania’s 30th Anniversary time-lapse

Germania is a leading German airline, flying to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East from it’s headquarters in Berlin. They were producing a bold new design for their 30th Anniversary. Germania wanted a video that was going to showcase this event for their ever expanding social media audience. Being time-lapse experts with one of our specialties lying in aircraft new livery videos, Germania approached Vivid to produce a video to mark this special occasion.

Production process

Painting the top of the Fuselage
Painting the top of the Fuselage – Time-lapse of Germania plane

Filming took place at Air Livery’s East Midland airport facility and production lasted 7 days. It was a relatively complex livery scheme, with duel contrasting green colours spanning the fuselage. We fixed our banker camera that would capture the whole process. At Vivid, we like to delve into the finer detail. We then had around 6-7 cameras running to capture the more intricate jobs and to provide greater depth to the production process. This was backed up with High Definition filming of key areas, that could not be time-lapsed due to the short duration of the particular task. In the editing process we stitched all the stills together and spliced the video footage into the final edit.

Time-lapse videos working in Social Media

Germania's Facebook page
Germania’s Facebook page

Germania have an extensive social media network with which they communicate their business messages on a daily basis. They really understand the power that video promotion can have on social media. They have been actively using the video to increase customer interaction. Their aim is to build brand awareness and converting likes and views from their social media channels to their main website.

It was a joy to work with the Germania team and to produce them a video that would be one of the main promotional tools to mark this special occasion.

If you would like to find out more about Vivid time-lapse offering, please click on the link and visit our time-lapse service page. To view more blogs please visit our time-lapse blog page. Alternatively please call a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

Vivid’s new Website

Vivid’s new website has launched

Vivid Photo Visual's new Homepage

Vivid Photo Visual’s new Homepage, clean and clutter free

Well here we are, after 4 years of the previous website, it is time for a fresh new look for Vivid. Our previous website had served Vivid well over the years but with the changing style and function of our competitors’ websites, we felt that ours was starting to look a bit dated.

To the research cave

When we looked over our competitors’ websites we felt they were all basically the same scrolling parallax website with a slightly different colour/theme. We wanted something that would stand out from the crowd. When conducting our research it became very apparent that there were too many identikit websites. Avoiding this was going to be the defining basis for our website design and style.

The basis of this was a simple concept. Vivid know that we can compete, if not better our rivals on video content, client base, services offered and of course price. So if a customer was going to visit a series of websites we wanted ours to be remembered for the above parameters. We wanted our website to be distinguished by our branding and the website’s visual impact.

Too many cooks…

There were many good things about our previous website. The biggest problem with it was that it was becoming too cluttered, as we had tried to throw everything into the limited space. The website was becoming unwieldily and we wanted to move to a more simplified website. This still had to provide the pertinent information quickly. The approach we took with this was to look at the website design from a customers perspective. What information did they need to make an informed decision about our business offering? Take for example our previous homepage. It had a showreel, client testimonials, benefits section, large amounts of text split over two boxes and two menus pointing to the same information. If you look at our current homepage, it has an image which flows into a short 10 second trailer video (with no sound) that if the viewer chooses to click on will display the main showreel for the business. The customer might at this point choose to phone/email the Vivid team. If they require further information, they can navigate our simple menu to the right. On what we call the hero page (a main service offering like time-lapse video production page),  we had so much clutter that it hid the important messages about Vivid.

Hero Page Video Examples

This led to the following simplified page structure:

  1. Hero page showreel – Video
  2. Copy explaining service
  3. Benefits
  4. Video examples – Video
  5. Casestudy
  6. Link to the respective blog category.

This did leave Vivid with a problem. All the information that we had built up over the years on our previous website would be lost. We then thought up a way around this. Each YouTube based video would have a simple overlay that would allow the viewer to click from the video onto the respective blog title. This way would allow the viewer to watch the video and if more information was required, a short blog would provide greater dept to the project.

Vivid Photo Visual's new Blog
Vivid Photo Visual’s new Blog

Style Decisions

Due to our name and previous website, we could not go with a flat and uninspiring style. Our brand had to leap out at the viewer and this is where Creative Spinach came to help. They know Vivid well, having worked together on previous projects and by actually designing the previous iteration of the website. They did what they do best and set to work scouring their creative brains looking for a design that would stand out. The 3 c’s approach was demanded by Vivid (clean, colourful and clutter free) and this would have to be carried through to the final website.

Function of website

Vivid Photo Visual's new Client page
Vivid Photo Visual’s new Client page using Gifs

We wanted to make the website as interactive as possible and as we are a video production company, the use of video is key. We wanted to give the viewer a quick insight into our work for our clients, so we incorporated animated Gifs into a selection of the boxes. For example on our client page, instead of just having a flat client logo, the viewer can hover over the client logo to reveal an animated Gif and some basic information about the project.

One of the other drivers of the new website was the need for a functional mobile version. With website usage moving towards mobile platforms and Google’s search engine highlighting its importance, it was a key factor that pushed Vivid into this arena. We believe that our web designer has packed all the content and features of the desktop version into such a small space. We feel confident that users will navigate the condensed pages with ease.

It’s only words…

Vivid Photo Visual's new About Us page
Vivid Photo Visual’s new About Us page telling our story

With this vibrant new look, we needed a fresh new approach to the copy on the website. Falling back on our research of competitors and other website, we were dismayed by the boring paragraphs of text (that no one really reads) used in the copy and strived for something of a different vibe. Whilst we are a very professional company, we wanted a humorous take on the copy that would hopefully make the viewer smile but at the same time get over our core messages, quickly and effectively.

Final thoughts

Vivid are really happy with the final website and have already received some great feedback from clients and well wishers. You think that designing and building your website is a quick process and forget about how much goes into each stage. Therefore do not expect a new website for some time. Vivid would very much welcome any comments and feedback no matter how negative.

If you would like to find out more about our video production service, well I suppose, visit Vivid Photo Visual’s new website or contact a member of the Vivid team on  0161 477 2404.

Time-lapse Video Production

Time-lapse video: A unique and powerful solution

The time-lapse video, is one of the more technical services we offer. Time-lapse videos are a brilliant way of capturing the events happening over hours, days, weeks or even months! They create a truly unique type of video and is a great way to create a record of an event/process over a set and long period of time. Time-lapse video captures viewers attention and has provided our clients with an innovative promotional tool to demonstrate their products or services.

Liverpool Skyline - Building Photography - Time-lapse Video - Vivid Photo Visual
Liverpool Skyline – Building Photography – Time-lapse Video – Vivid Photo Visual

 Time-Lapse Video Production

With Time-lapse videos, processes that would normally be very subtle can come alive using this process. Equally if you have a process that takes a long time to complete, a standard video might be considered a dull way to show this process. Utilising this technique can make almost anything seem graceful and interesting. It can actually show the whole process in its entirety rather than the snippets captured using more traditional filming techniques. It is also a great way to highlight important business messages that have large scale parameters.

Time-lapse traditionally is a continuous process with a fixed camera, which obviously has its place. Vivid on the other hand, where possible, prefer to use multiple camera angles. This has the added advantage of allowing the camera point to move to different sections of the process at key times. Often within a given process there are certain sub-sections that can happen very quickly. Fixed camera set-ups programmed at longer time intervals may miss these. Where applicable, Vivid will also film HD footage of these sections and speed them up in the edit, to give the same look and feel to the rest of the time-lapse.

We have used the time-lapse technique for many different scenarios, including; aircraft repaints, construction, demolition, event build-ups, nature documentaries and street scenes for both company and agency footage.

Benefits of Time-lapse Video

  • Innovative promotional video
  • Captures a long process and condenses into a short video
  • Great audience response
  • Great audience social share.

Don’t just take Vivid’s word, visit the Matador network for their take on time-lapse video production.

Below is an example of what Vivid Photo Visual did for Four Seasons.

If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video service, please visit out time-lapse video production page or to view more blogs go to our time-lapse video blog. Please call 0161 477 2404 to discuss any questions or ideas with a member of the Vivid team.

Product Video

Product Video – The lowdown

Increase sales with a product video

A product video is an absolute necessity for any business wanting to showcase their products/services and increase sales conversion. Fundamentally it quickly provides a greater understanding of the product or service for any potential customer. As all businesses want to increase their sales conversions rates, there is no better promotional method than via a product video.

Video Improves Sales Conversation Rates

Crazyegg state that people are more than 85% more likely to purchase a product/service having watched a video. Which business owner would not want that sort of sales boost. Give your website the right tools to sell your products and services.

Sunjunkie Pigs product video
Sunjunkie Pigs product video

Sales Team

By utilising product videos, you will be equipping your sales team with the right tools to promote your your product. When they go to present, do you not think it would be better to have a tool that can visually showcase the product and its benefits? Imagine you have a very large product that is too impractical to present to the customer in their hands. Use a video and you can have in their hands on an tablet or even directly to their phone.

Cost Benefits

Every business owner has a budget that they can spend on promotion. Marketers are put off by their perceived cost of video production and promotion. Lets start with the production aspect of the videos. It is fair to say that viewers want a better produced video, but that is only one aspect of what a viewer wants. They want their question answered quickly. As long as the message is correct and delivered appropriately. There is no reason that a person just holding the product and talking through each aspect of them is not effective. Having said that you have to think about how you are treating your brand and you want to match the production levels to compliment your brand message. Check out this handsome * video production company to get the right answers. * Disclaimer – beauty is in the eye of the beholder or their mother. Regarding the video promotional aspect, there are so many on and off-line promotional channels, where a video can be placed (majority of the time with no cost). It literally opens up a world or possibilities to any business owner or marketer. Please view below to see a selection of a product video capabilities.


Sharing your product video with the world

The video can be uploaded to YouTube and other relevant video channels to make sure that is can be seen in as many promotional channels as possible. This will also aid and boost your overall Search Engine Optimisation strategy. If you do not have a YouTube account, we can create your own branded YouTube channel to accommodate all your video content.

Long-term exposure for your product

The amazing aspect about product videos, is that like the product demonstration videos, once the video has been created it will last as long as the product itself. Unlike adverting in a magazine, where you have to keep paying every time you want to advertise, you have one fee to be paid and that is it. The video will run and run 24 hours a day everyday of the year for as long as required.

Text can be added to showcase product specifications
Text can be added to showcase product specifications

SEO Optimised Web Video Production

Vivid can assist to make sure that all the videos are labelled and tagged correctly, ensuring that you are showing up in all of the searches relevant to your product. Google is now listing videos in their search results. So it is more important than ever to have an online product video presence to make sure that you stay ahead of competitors in the search listings. You are 20 times more likely to shown on the first page when you have a video than when you have not.

If you would like any ore information, please visit our product video production page or to read more blog, please visit our product video blog page or our video promotion page. We always welcome a chat, so to speak to a member of the Vivid team call 0161 477 2404.

Presenter Video Production & Promotion

Presenter Videos: Get your message across

Presenter videos provide your company with a face and can also convey pertinent information in a quick and effective manner. This is imperative in today’s buyers’ search behaviour where the average website has only 8 seconds to keep potential customers interested. It’s a great way of creating a video presence on your website and on sites such as YouTube.

Boots Presenter Video
Boots Presenter Video

The benefits of a presenter video

There are many businesses that would benefit from using a studio presenter video, from simply having a presenter introduce your business to providing step-by-step guides to get your potential customer quickly to where they they need to be to make a purchase decision.

Who presents the video? You decide. As the face of your business you may choose to present it yourself, or maybe a key member of your team might be a natural in front of the camera. On the other hand you may want to leave it to a professional and have one of our many presenters, present for you. You know your business and it’s messages better than anyone and feel this approach the best solution to delivering the message, or you may feel that a professional presenter will be able provide the best delivery of the message. There is no right or wrong answer and at Vivid we will help you make the correct decision.

Cost effective price

Because of their relative simplicity, a studio presenter video would suit any marketing budget. Filmed in front of a green screen if required and then seamlessly placed on any page of your website, a web presenter can guide potential clients through your website, ensuring that they are getting the most out of each visit. As a web presenter video is usually shot in front of a green screen. This means that we can replace the background with anything you like. It might be decided that the website itself is the background, or alternatively a animation or video could be added suited to the company’s brand.

Client Example

Vivid produced an extensive range of presenter videos for our key client, thinkmoney. With these videos, the customer is helped through every stage of the process,. They always have a reference to view to make sure they are on the right track. As you can see below every potential question a customer might have is answered in this quick and too the point informative video series.

Present videos on the thinkmoney site
A small sample of presenter videos on the thinkmoney site

As you can see they include the videos series alongside their help/support and contact numbers option, showing the importance they place on the presenter videos. Any video used will of course reduce the cost of help and support being contacted.

Showing the importance of videos for their customers assistance
Showing the importance of videos for their customers assistance

This is a perfect example of a business leveraging presenter video to not only help their customers but to reduce the cost of the help and support team. For a more in-depth guide to this please view our thinkmoney presenter blog on this subject.

What can Vivid do for you?

What Vivid Photo Visual provide:

  • Comprehensive consultation of your business, ascertaining the key business/promotional objectives of video
  • Script writing/Filming/Editing/Output
  • Bespoke graphics/animation/additional filming that complement your company’s message
  • Promotional strategy to get the most exposure for the video.

Our Manchester Studio

We film in our fully equipped and green screen enabled video studio based near Manchester. This allows for tailored animated graphics to be added if required to your final video at the post-production stage. We’ll incorporate your provided company logo and even a call to action, so potential clients will know exactly what to do next.

As with all our Videos, if required Vivid on your behalf will upload your video through multiple on-line channels. This will help gain maximum exposure, increasing your SEO and therefore driving more traffic to your website.

If you would like more information about our presenter video service, please view our presenter video production page or to find more blogs to view please our presenter video blog page or our video promotion blog page. Of course, you can speak to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404 to discuss any questions or ideas you may have.

Corporate Video

Corporate Video

Does your website deliver your company’s key message quickly and effectively? Do you struggle to keep people on your website, let alone convert sales? If so, you should consider utilising the promotional power of a corporate web videos. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential customers visiting your website. They come to your homepage or product page and you have few static images and a bit of text. Is this enough to persuade them to part with their money? I think we all know the answer. Visually showcasing your business is far more interesting to watch than to read, which is therefore more likely to keep the customers attention and the video/s can be utilised across numerous promotional platforms. A video can convey key business messages, visually showcases your business/products/services all within a couple of minutes. The fundamental objective of every video that Vivid produce, is to display the important company information as quickly and effectively as possible. Once your video has been made, there is a massive opportunity to leverage the single video across both online and off-line promotional platforms.

Talk Talk Event Video Production
Main arena

Where corporate videos can be used

A small selection on where web videos can be used:

  • Website (homepage/product page etc)
  • YouTube and other video hosting sites
  • Social media platforms – no better way to get your customers attention
  • Directories
  • Trade-shows
  • Mobile – sent directly to a customers phone
  • Core part of your email campaigns.

Please see on the Gif below to get a very quick understanding of some of the promotional possibilities.

Gif the promotional possibilities of the corporate videos

 The growth of web video

Video is already driving over 70% of web traffic today, in turn it accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. Imagine that for a second, you have a single screen that the viewer is locked into. If you can create a compelling video, then you have complete access to the viewer’s buyer behaviour in their hands. YouTube alone used more bandwidth in 2007 than the whole of the Internet in 2000. That figure is only increasing. Let’s be honest, there is a lot of low quality video content out there. Anyone can produce a web video these days with the vast array of technology available. There is nothing wrong with producing your video in-house and it does not have to be expensive as long as the video message is the right message. Having said that, it is imperative that you produce a video that fits in with your brands core values. Will this cheap video harm your brand? At Vivid, we will alway produce a quality video for your promotional campaign that fits into your budget.

Video promotion and SEO

There are many SEO individuals and organisations that claim “we will get you on the first page”. We are not saying that having a video is a quick fix result to bump your website from page four to page one overnight. What Vivid is saying is that using web videos can be an important element of your overall SEO strategy. Here are some facts… Having a video is over 50 times more likely to get your website on the first page of search engines against text alone (Forrester). Google, the dominant search engine, saw the rise of video as integral to the Internet’s development, by purchasing YouTube in 2006 and also by incorporating video search options within the search parameters. YouTube is now the second biggest search behind…you guessed it…. Google. Final fact… Video promotion is now an essential aspect of any company’s Search Engine Optimisation strategy says video production experts.


The purpose of a corporate video

At Vivid, we strongly believe that there is no point producing a video unless the objectives are considered, this normally is based on a business or promotional aspect. Corporate videos are a window on your world. They perfectly show your company in a way that pictures and text alone simply cannot do. It is a way of gaining your potential customer’s trust and kick starting the sales process. Within under 2 minutes a video can quickly and clearly explain who you are, what you do and why the viewer should use your business.  They generally contain key business facts including your unique selling points, interviews with key members of staff, as well as shots of your working environment to give viewers an insight into your working world. They can explain complex operations simply and effectively. This concept can be expanded further. Lets say Vivid produced one video for the company. This could then be split up into a series of the smaller videos. On your home page you would have a short advert style video to give a quick general guide to the business, then each function of your business (sales/distribution/manufacturing etc) could have a short video on their respective pages with the overall longer video sitting on the about us page or to be used at presentations at corporate meetings.

The benefits of corporate videos

To summarise, the main benefits of corporate video productions are:

  • A professional visual representation of your company
  • 24/7 sales platform
  • The viewer has a greater understanding of your business, therefore an increase in sales
  • Can be split into different sections to accompany different pages of your website
  • Video testimonials are a powerful promotion tool
  • Can be used across multiple promotional channels
  • Provides your company with an online video presence
  • Can be used in online directories
  • Can provide a catalyst for your marketing strategy.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss corporate video production please visit our corporate video page or to read more of our blogs, please click on our corporate video blogs or our video promotion blogs, please contact a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

Reference for Video statistics used.

Music Video Benefits

Music Video Benefits – The lowdown

The music video is more powerful than ever

Since the 1950’s music videos have been part of the music scene. Michael Jackson gave more credence to music videos and used them as a powerful promotional tool for the actual music itself. Since the rise of YouTube in 2006/2007, aspiring artists now have a medium to be found and some of the biggest stars of the modern age were found just on the basis of their YouTube and MySpace online presence.

Why not get your band noticed by providing your sound with an original and innovative music video. Step up to the next level with Vivid, a professional music video production company. What would a record company rather see, a band with a great sound or a band with a great sound and look? It is not just for bands or artists but any live act wanting to book more shows or show agents/musicals what they can do.

We bring experience and imagination to every project

We love nothing more than a good music video to get our teeth into. Drawing on our many years of video production experience, we have the creativity and the technical know how to produce your video from concept to completion. We can combine storylines, live action filming and highly advanced animation to allow any creative ideas to be visualised on the screen and to be seen by your fans. Let Vivid show you what we can do….

The Vault Music video feat Raphaella
The Vault Music video feat Raphaella

Get yourself noticed

As everyone and their dog know, to get exposure within the music world, you have to have the right sound (although that is not always the case) and the right image. This is where Vivid come in, Vivid can provide the concept/storyboard, the filming and the editing for any type of music video. We also have the expertise to instruct any band how to get the right exposure for their video and how to integrate it into their overall promotional strategy.


To get a music video produced does not have to be expensive. People wrongly think that to get a music video produced has to cost the earth. We have produced videos from simple band led performances to fully fleshed out storylines. Why not have a chat and I am sure we can fit into your budget.

Benefits of a Music video

  • Professional music video production elevates bands position
  • Captures your live performance
  • Be as creative as you want
  • Can be used across numerous promotional platforms
  • Can be sent directly to fans, agency and promoters

Why not found out more about Vivid’s music video production page or to view more blogs go to our music blogs page. Vivid would very much welcome a chat over the phone (0161 477 2404) or face to face so give Vivid a call on 0161 477 2404.

Product Demonstration Videos – The Lowdown

Product Demonstration Videos – The Lowdown

Vivid might be a bit biased, but we believe that there is no better way to demonstrate your products benefits and features than by using a product demonstration video. We have used this example before but imagine you are going to buy a new hedge trimmer. You go onto website A and they have a few product images and a technical spec. On website B, they have a video that quickly demonstrates all the features of the product and the actual product in action showing how easy it is to use, storage, start up etc. With the price/delivery being the same, what website would you buy from? I think we all know the answer. Now imagine that website B has a series of videos that explains numerous aspects of the video or has actual customer video reviews. This will further confirm your buying decision is correct as you have pre/post purchase guides/help should you require them. Website B owners are using videos in the perfect way, providing a comprehensive reference point for their product and in turn answering questions that might pop up and hinder the buying process if not answered.

Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot
Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot

Demonstrate Key Features

Rather than telling people about your products, it is much better to show them in the form of a well-polished video that will:

  • Show your product in the best possible light
  • Demonstrate the key features
  • Increase the customers understanding of the product
  • Lead to a greater level of sales conversions.

Communicate the features and benefits of your product

Filmed in your products natural environment or at Vivid’s Stockport studio, our Product Demonstration video production service will perfectly illustrate all the benefits and features of your unique product. Below is a breakdown of a few of the more pertinent benefits.

Product placement – numbers add up

The product demonstration video will sit perfectly on your website’s sales platform (your product page for example) and will provide the perfect sales tool. Kissmetrics state that having an accompanying product video will increase sales conversion by 64-86%. Potential customers who who have watched a video are twice more likely to stay on the website than those who don’t see a video. But what about customers who have not visited your website. Well there is the small but expanding website called YouTube, watch out for this one it is going to be big, Vivid predict. Using a video hosting site like YouTube (there are a multitude of other ones) allows potential customers to be pulled towards your website. From just the simple concept of customers seeing your video and finding your website to actually being allowed to link out of the video directly to the sales page.  Having a video uploaded to YouTube can help clients get the most out of their purchases by producing professional videos to show the new customer how to get the best out of their recently purchased product or services. This will continue the sales process even when you are asleep and at no extra cost. Also YouTube is not the only video platform, for no additional cost, you can have you video on 10 other video sites, all pushing customers back to your website.


Product Demonstration videos can serve as an online infomercial – the perfect extended sales pitch. This sales tool does not finish at 5pm but is 24 hours everyday of the year. Not only will the video showcase your product, it will also position you as an expert in your field and therefore gain the trust of anyone watching, helping convert their interest to sales. Once created your video will have the longevity to last as long as your product does.

Close-up of G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments
Close-up of G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments

Worldwide coverage

There are no geographical boundaries to video promotion. We have numerous clients come to us trying to sell their products to the world but struggle. The answer is simple, produce one video and then either subtitle or provide a new voiceover for any countries/languages you are selling into. Simple. This will remove the cost and time taken to visit the countries and provide an unified understanding of the product no matter where the customers are.

Polti Youtube Channel showing different languages used
Polti Youtube Channel showing different languages used

You can simply email the link to a potential client or agency anywhere in the world and they will get the full personal demonstration right there in front of them, wherever they are. With the advent of smart phones and tablets this means that they could be watching it anywhere, from a cafe in Cairo to a restaurant in Rio…It is that flexible…

BiSn Bulk Head 3D animation
BiSn Bulk Head 3D animation

Promotional Flexibility

Like all video types, product demonstration videos has the benefit of a high level of flexibility when it comes to promoting your product/service. There are so many online and off platforms that the video can be placed onto (for little to mostly no money) to the point where it can be sent directly to a potential customers phone screen. Are you channelling the power of YouTube? YouTube is just one aspect of the whole spectrum of video promotion. Don’t just take vivid’s word for it there a multitude of articles all extolling the benefits of video promotion like this one from WP Gurus or this great article from 


We are here to help, if you would like to view our product demonstration production page or read more of Vivid’s blog about product demonstrations please click on the link. Alternatively, please call a member of the Vivid team to discuss any questions or ideas in greater depth on 0161 477 2404.


Sunjunkie “Pigs” Product Video

Sunjunkie “Pigs” Product Video

Sunjunkie is the Designer, Manufacturer and Developer of the high profile Sunjunkie brand of spray tanning solutions, equipment and retail range. They supply both the commercial and domestic spray tan industries. They wanted to showcase their coloured ‘Pigs’ spray tan machines and wanted to use a product video to show their customers the range on offer. Due to their product/brand and the market they aiming for, they required a sophisticated and quick video. This would be used to demonstrate the aesthetics of the product and the differing range of colours.


Sunjunkie Pigs product video
Sunjunkie Pigs various colours

Sunjunkie have an exclusive brand image and they wanted a new, glamorous and fun look at their Spray Pig HVLP range. They needed the video to be used on their website, at trade-shows and to accompany the product at point of sale. Sunjunkie have really embraced video within their marketing strategy to their benefit and this is just one of a series of videos.

We understand the power of a brand

To create the cool and glamorous look to the video, we went for a black background to emphasis the shape of the ‘pig’. With the spray tan machine being a shiny curved object, it would prove to be a very difficult object to film. This was because you could see the reflections of the whole room including the camcorder and the cameramen. This is a problem that would not deter the Vivid team and using our construction skills, built a fully closed off black enclosure that incorporated a complex lighting system.

The videos were more of a brand ‘mood’ video to promote the product but, more importantly the overall brand. They were purposely filmed to be a visual hook to entice people at a trade show or online. They concentrated less on the product functions and capabilities.

The benefits for Sunjunkie

  • Created stylish imagery for the product launch
  • Thousands of views for their product
  • More interactive website
  • Can be used at tradeshows
  • Versatile promotional tool
  • Show the full range of Pigs
  • Showed the material used and finish of the product.

Don’t just take our word on the benefits of product videos, visit Kissmetrics blog for a 2nd opinion.

We have a long-term working relationship with Sunjunkie and have worked on numerous video commissions for them. If you would like to find out more, please visit our product video production page or access more product video blogs. We more than welcome a call to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

Turnkey Instruments Product Video

Turnkey Instruments Product Video

Turnkey Instruments are a leading manufacturer and supplier of technical measuring instruments to the UK and the world. As part of a series of videos, Vivid produced a company profile, product demonstration videos and an accompanying product video. You my ask why produce a series of product demonstration and product videos, the answer is a product demonstration video shows the practical use (demonstration) of the product in its environment and a product video is considered more a fact sheet to show what the product is used for.

Showcasing products and driving web traffic

The videos would show the different instruments against a clinical background. Each video is used to demonstrate the dimension and scale of the product. It also quickly shows quality and finish of the unit and at the end a bulleted graphical overview highlighted the key features of each of the instruments. A call to action would be at the end to direct the viewer to the website.

Turnkey Instruments' Dustmate
Turnkey Instruments’ Dustmate

The whole range was covered and it provided a different style of video to the product demonstration videos, which had a more specific function. One of the purposes of these videos is to provide a greater online presence. If a potential buyer is on the second biggest search engine (YouTube) is searching for particular instrument, then Turnkey can capture that potential customer and pull them over to their website. Turnkey will have a sales channel complementing their other sales channels/website and at no extra cost.

Close up details of Turnkey Instruments' Dustmate
Close up details of Turnkey Instruments’ Dustmate

The benefits of the product videos for Turnkey:

  • Increased understanding of product
  • Greater online presence
  • Numerous areas to catch prospective customers
  • Videos can be viewed anywhere in the world
  • Aids and complements SEO strategy
  • Numerous promotional channels
  • Flexibility for both online and off promotional opportunities
  • Showed Turnkey’s expertise.
Text can be added to showcase product specifications
Text can be added to showcase product specifications

Vivid enjoyed working with the Turnkey Instruments team and helping shape their promotional campaign. The videos are still being used today and have helped their customers understanding of Turnkey’s products. If you would like to find out more about our product video service, please visit out product video page or view more blogs on product videos. You can of course contact a member of the Vivid team if you have question or ideas on 0161 477 2404.

Thinkmoney Animation video

Thinkmoney Animation Video

Thinkmoney is a leading personal account specialist based near Manchester. They offer managed bank accounts for their customers.

Think video – Marketing better managed

Animation videos have become a key part of most video marketers promotional plan. They allow a freedom to express a core message in a way that can not be done using traditional filming techniques. With animated videos, you have no restrictions, you are free to storyboard anything. Aside from actually telling the core message, there is the ability with animation to tell this story in a fun and informative way.


Thinkmoney were very keen to have a enjoyable and explanatory video that would quickly explain the unique account that they offer. We deducted that best way to achieve their objectives, was to use an animation video that would complement their brand guidelines and their new website.

thinkmoney animation
thinkmoney animation


It was great to work with a client like thinkmoney, as they have a really great understanding of their brand and the message they want to send out to their clients. Working very closely with their designers and marketing team, and using their newly created icons for their newly launched website revamp, we focussed on their updated brand image and we formulated a cohesive message to the proposed vision. This would be tied together with a cool morphing animation that flowed between the icons. It was important that we got the key messages over in the video but at the same time provided the viewer with a visually appealing video to capture their concentration.

thinkmoney jar
thinkmoney jar

Important element to their website

The video was used at the top of the accounts page on their website. It is one of the starting points for any new customer to understand the account. Thinkmoney have used the video on other promotional platforms as well as their website, including advertising on YouTube.

thinkmoney personal account
thinkmoney personal account

What thinkmoney received

The Benefits of this Animation Video:

  • Delivers key business messages.
  • Engaging for new and existing clients.
  • Great looking video with an innovative art style.
  • Can be used on many different promotional platforms
  • 1,000s of views and counting.
thinkmoney bank animation
thinkmoney bank animation

If you would like to look at how thinkmoney use presenter videos to aid customer’s navigation and understanding of services, please click on this blog about presenter videos.

Vivid are really happy with how the video has turned out and this is testament to the thinkmoney team. If you would like to find out more about our animated videos please go to our main animation website page or for other animation based blogs click here. Alternatively you can speak to a member of the Vivid team by clicking on the contact us page.

BiSN Animation Video

BiSN Animation Video

BiSN are leading independent consultants to the upstream oil and gas industries. They developed the Wel-lok M2M Bridge Plug to counter issues arising from using traditional bridge plugs. BiSN needed a video to clearly demonstrate the drills abilities, an animation video was only way because even though some of the Vivid team had their Padi diving licence, none of us fancied deep sea diving in the North Sea.

Technical Animation Video

BiSN approached Vivid, having worked with us before, to produce an animated video that would clearly explain the complicated procedure, rather than the sales team having to constantly explain over and over. The objective of the video was so that the viewer could watch the short video and have a complete understanding of its purpose and its operation, this was key to the videos success.

BiSn Bulk Head 3D animation
BiSN Bulk Head 3D animation

Demonstrated products USPs through Animation

The basis of the video was to explain a complex tool and procedure easily and quickly to any potential customer. The first part of the project and the most important was the viewer understanding how the plug worked. We visited the BiSN headquarters and filmed an overview of the Bridge Plug. This 20 minute video was invaluable aid in making the sure the project was a success. It formed the basis for the project and made sure the Vivid team could see what each part did, how it fitted together and even the type of textures and materials it was made of.

3 Parts of the BiSN plug
3 Parts of the BiSN plug

We then collated what materials and assets were available, from design blue prints to simple items like PowerPoint’s. From this we could work out what we had at disposal and what needed to be modelled from scratch.

Working with the client we produced a suitable script that whilst was concise, it still allowed the whole plug to be explained in detail. The Vivid team then went to work and started to create all the necessary elements required for the final video. We produced a draft version, which was approved by the client so we could then go and provide the extra polish to bring up the production values of the animated.

Close up of the BiSN bulk head screw
Close up of the BiSN bulk head screw

The video starts with explaining each element of the drill and then moves into showing the features and benefits of the drill. The drill is placed in it’s natural environment to give the viewer a greater understanding the drill and it’s actual application.

Benefits of animation videos

The benefits to the client are:

  • Quickly explains tool and operation
  • Provides a informative style to the brand
  • Works off and online
  • Deliver key messages in an engaging and efficient manner
  • Timeless look and feel of video
  • The lifespan of video is the same as product.

It was great to work with the BiSN team and Vivid produced a practical promotional animation video that from feedback from the client, has proven a massive success for BiSN. If you would like to find out more about Vivid’s animation service, please visit our animation video production page or read more of our animation video blogs. If you would like to speak to a member of the Vivid team, please visit our contact us page.

Animation Video Production

Animation Video Production

Animation video production is an amazing way to bring your business message to your customers. This style of video opens up a world of potential that is simply not possible with any other type of video technique. The possibilities for Animation video production are endless, really the only limitation being your imagination. Showcase a product from any angle, under any light and against any background. Provide a video that people are going to not only watch but share to the world. Give personality to your brand by adding character or a novel aspect to the video.

Showcase Your Product From The Inside

One of the other main advantages of using 3D Animation in your video, is that products with complex internal mechanisms can be broken down and shown in a way that a real product video couldn’t. Traditional product videos are a great way to get your product benefits across, but sometimes it not possible to show this using traditional techniques. Take for example our  BiSN  animation video commission. We can not go under water to view the drill in action and something as innovative as this product, can be difficult to explain to people. For BiSN we produced an animation video that broke down all the elements of the product and then showed how it exactly worked in it’s environment. You can not do this any other way then by animated videos.

Now instead of having to explain the product, BiSN just take the video to their prospective clients and show them or point the customiser to the video on their website. Anyone enquiring about the product and comes across their YouTube channel or website will be directed to the product page where the video sits. If you increase their understanding of something, it becomes a softer sell.

Showing BiSN video on their product page - Animated Video
Showing BiSN video on their product page.

Mixing Video Production Styles

Sometimes you can film the product in question, but if you want that extra element of gloss to increase production value and at the same time add the ability to view the product from any angle. This is where 3D animation comes into it own. 3D animation can show the product from any angle, stripping back the layers of the product to reveal different aspects that are not apparent on normal video.

Showcase your service

We have demonstrated the benefits of Animation videos for practical product videos, but they are as effective when you want to show your business or service. Using the right visual hooks can entice a customer to explore more about your business. They do this by adding personality to the brand through characters used or by a fun story or visual clue. as mentioned animation is unlimited so you can move from scene to scene with ease. For reference please look at our video we did for Rezoomothey are an online recruitment company helping people find jobs.

Vivid produced a video that clearly demonstrates the service, its benefits to the viewer in a fun and informative way. Whilst it is not impossible to do this using film, it is much more impactful and cheaper to do this with an animated video.

Animation Video Benefits

There are so may benefits of either creating a full animation video, or incorporating a section of animation for specific aspects of your film. Below is a selection of the benefits:

  • Unlimited creative possibilities
  • Showcase your product in any situation
  • Bring your technical CAD designs to life
  • Provided a unique video to draw people to our website
  • Products can be viewed from any angle
  • Internal mechanisms of an item can be demonstrated
  • High quality animation adds impact to your video

Let’s discuss your animation ideas

There are so many aspects to animation video production, we are more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have. We can liaise with you design agency and incorporate your existing CAD drawings to help model the graphics or we can 3D model them from scratch, as you can see Vivid are more than just an animated video production company.

If you would like some more information, please visit our animation production page or view some of our blogs on our animation video blog page. Alternatively visit our contact us page to speak to a member of the Manchester based Vivid team.

Solar Choice Corporate Video

Solar Choice Corporate video

Solar Choice are a leading supplier of solar panels to both the domestic and commercial markets. Vivid had previously produced a video for their domestic market installation service and now they needed a corporate video for their biggest project in their history. After the success of last video that we had produced for Solar Choice, they commissioned Vivid to produce a series of videos based around their biggest project at the The Yearsley Group’s Head Office. The project was part of a £3.5m investment into solar panels by the Yearsley group and this section of the overall project would be the largest installation of solar panels in the UK.

Choose Web Videos

One of the main benefits of video promotion is the flexibility of producing content from one job. From the one commission we produced a case study video, a “how to” video, individual interview and testimonial videos and of course a company promotional video.

Solar Choice Corporate Video
Solar Choice laying the bars

Case Study Video Overview

Solar Choice are experts within their chosen field have an enormous amount of passion for their service and their customers. Vivid’s objective was to capture this on video. Working in conjunction with their marketing team, Vivid decided that the video should be more about the practical application of their service, rather than any visual graphical hooks. At the end of the day a well-shot video is just that and because of this approach it has a timeless feel to it.

Solar Choice Corporate Video
Solar Panels

The video not only showed the scale of the project, the installation process, the size of the teams working and their attention to detail. Interviews with key members of staff detailed the project in great depth so that current and potential clients could get a real understanding of Solar Choice’s capabilities and how they operated. This was not only from a production aspect, but also explored many other functions like customer service, for example. To make the video really stand out we incorporated time-lapse elements into the film to produce some stunning sequences of the clouds rolling over the site. Yearsley also provided key interviews for Solar Choice which provided a powerful client testimonial of the whole project.

Solar Choice Corporate Video
Solar Choice team at work

The benefits to the client

  • Showed them as experts
  • Provided an in-depth understanding of the project
  • Well shot video of their biggest project
  • Complements their branding
  • Really demonstrates their capabilities
  • Created powerful client testimonials
  • Works on many promotional platforms.

The client was really happy with all the videos that we produced and are still using them years after completion, which Vivid feel is testament to both Vivid’s and Solar Choice’s dedication to using video promotion. It was great to work with Solar Choice and provide a key promotional tool. If you would like to find out more about our corporate video service, please visit our our corporate video production page or to view more blogs about the subject, please click here to visit our corporate video blog page. You can of course speak directly to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

Jahan Indian Restaurant Presenter Video

Indian food cooked with passion and served with flair

The Jahan Group is a North West based company producing the best Indian cuisine in Liverpool, Lymm, Warrington and the surrounding areas. Jahan wanted a  presenter video that could be used on their website and also as a promotional tool through various other on and off-line channels.

Jahan Restaurant
Jahan Restaurant

Vivid visited all their restaurants to capture a variety of footage to be used in the final edit. Instead of the more traditional voice over it was decided that we would use a presenter to give a face to the video. A call to action was created that complimented their website to positioned at the end of the video.

Presenter videos enhances your company image

The key element in any video promotion is the quality and feel of the footage. In fact it’s fair to say inferior quality video actually drives customers away, as their perception is that the products offered are of a similar quality. Vivid excels, in producing films that are of the highest production values, therefore adding value to your brand. The Jahan restaurant offers exceptional service, family friendly surroundings and fine cuisine, and the video we produced needed to capture all these elements.

Jahan Restaurant presenter
Jahan Restaurant presenter

Working with the client, we produced a script that encapsulated all aspects of this thriving business. We spent a few days filming different occasions at a number of the restaurants and then filmed the presenter to tie in all elements of the video.

Jahan now have a video that really show off the quality of food and service that they offer to all their customers and at the same showcasing the restaurants themselves. We produced two edits of the video so that they could be used in different capacities.

Jahan Restaurant waitress
Jahan Restaurant waitress

Benefits of presenter video for Jahan Restaurants

The benefits of the presenter video to the client:

  • High quality promotional video
  • Showcase the quality and feel of the restaurants
  • Presenter gives a personal feel to the video
  • Once produced it can be uploaded to many promotional channels
Jahan Restaurant fire artist
Jahan Restaurant fire artist

Jahan is a fine series of Indian restaurants and it was a joy to work with their team. Vivid feel that the ethos and the high standards of the restaurant were really captured in the series of videos we produced.

If you would like to find out more about our presenter video production, please visit our website’s presenter video page. We have produced a number of blogs on the subject, so please click on our presenter video blog page for more stories. You can call a member of the Vivid team anytime to discuss your ideas or questions in more detail on 0161 477 2404.

Talk Talk Corporate Event Video

Talk Talk Corporate Event Video

Juice Live Communications is of the UK’s leading event management companies. Talk Talk is one of the largest providers of communications and media in the UK.

Talk Talk were taking over Event City in Manchester to showcase their company’s services including the exciting new service “YouView” to their staff. The corporate videos would show the setting up stage running through to show the event in full flow.

Talk Talk Event Video Production
Talk Talk event video main arena

Working closely with the client we formulated a filming schedule that would allow for all aspects of the process to be captured. Filming took 6 Days from the initial production process and the actual 1-day of the event. Due to the numerous disciplines involved (filming/Time-lapse) the days were long, but the filming crew captured every aspect, even interviewing numerous of the key members of staff. Due to this being a clearly defined process we had to make sure that we liaised with the management team so that we completed the production schedule to their specification.

Talk Talk Event Video Screen opening
Talk Talk Event Video

Our Solution

Vivid’s solution was to provide a series of videos that could be used within different promotional channels. As well as producing a time-lapse video of the whole process, Vivid produced 2 corporate videos, a quick promotional video and finally a longer video that delved into the event in more detail. Vivid Photo Visual thinks that this type of the event, in terms of scale and also from a visual aspect, have allowed Vivid to really go to town on the filming aspect of production and produce a stunning commercial video.

Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman

Benefits of Corporate Video

Benefits to the client

  • High quality video showcasing; the company, their capabilities and their working process
  • Comprehensive visual approach to their website
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation
  • Numerous Promotional tool
  • An online presence
  • Great for Trade shows.
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman Johnny Vaughan
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman Johnny Vaughan

It was great to work with such prestigious days and we are really happy to have produced a great series of corporate event videos that are still being used for promotion.

If you would like to find out more about our video production service, please view our corporate video page or for more blogs, please visit our corporate video blogs. You can of course,call a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

Air Livery Corporate Video

Air Livery Corporate Video

Air Livery is an aircraft refinishing company with extensive experience in aircraft repainting, interior repair and refurbishment. They wanted to show customers the stages that an aircraft goes through during a full repaint process. Vivid recommended producing a company profile video incorporating a Time-lapse video of a 10-day paint spray process. This was because of the ability of a time-lapse to capture long and complex processes and to provide a more interesting video. Vivid produced a video that incorporated graphics and high quality filming showing the facility and the different stages of production.

Air Livery Corporate Video
Air Livery Corporate Video

Planning is Key

Working closely with the client, Vivid spent a long time in the planning and preparation stage, as this was a continuous one-time shoot and we did not want to miss anything important. Once we had both the storyboard and script finalised, our filming plan was created which showed Vivid and our client where and what we would be filming. As this was a defined process we had to make sure that we liaised with the management team so that we completed the production schedule.

Air Livery Corporate Video
Air Livery paint team at work

Versatile Video Production

Vivid produced two separate videos for Air Livery, which could be if needed, combined into one video. The Company profile video showed the benefits of using Air Livery’s facilities and included general information about the company. A step-by-step guide was also produced demonstrating how Air Livery re-sprays a plane to show the care and attention they provide to each client.

The benefits for Air Livery

High quality video showcasing:

  • The company
  • The facilities
  • The process
Air Livery Corporate Video - Man spraying aircraft
Air Livery spraying a Boeing 757

Additional benefits of their video;

  • Leverage YouTube
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation
  • Promotional tool to be used in numerous promotional platforms
  • An online presence
  • Great for Trade-shows and client presentations.

We have now forged a very strong working relationship with Air Livery and they are a great company to work with. They truly get the power of video promotion and have made it a key component of their website promotion.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate video service, please click on our corporate video production page or if you would like to read more corporate blogs visit our corporate video blog page. You can of course pick up the phone and speak directly to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

New College Manchester Corporate Video

New College Manchester – Corporate Video

New College Manchester is one of the leading language Colleges that specialise in teaching English to overseas students. They knew that they needed a corporate video to get their message over to any oversea students interested in learning English.

A study into your business

They wanted to demonstrate their capabilities/services and knew that video promotion was the best way to do this. Having discussed the project with the client, Vivid ascertained that it was just as important to sell the college as much as it was important to sell the City it was based in. They had seen our successful Beautiful and Miniature Manchester videos on YouTube and they wanted to use this as a basis for their video.

Happy students at NCM
Happy students at NCM

Mixing footage and graphics

There were several elements to the College that were extremely important to get across in the video. These were:

  • Courses
  • Manchester City Centre Living
  • College building
  • College services
  • Social & community aspects
  • Accommodation provision
Piccadilly Gardens near New College Mancheter
Piccadilly Gardens near New College Mancheter

On top of that it was imperative that the video worked within the strong brand identity of NCM. Working on a few concepts, Vivid came to the conclusion to implement the square design that ran though all their branding. We constructed a 12 by 12 grid and populated some of the squares with the coloured square designs and the other empty squares would be used as place markers to run the videos that we had produced for NCM. Each square would have its own section/function and this would run on a elongated loop, so that when the animation pulled out of the current video and then moved from one square to another, the grid would be a hive of activity with several video streams working at once. Due to the number of high definition videos running in the background, this is like the proverbial swan, looking serene on the surface, but thrashing below the water.

Students receive their certificates at New College Manchester
Students receive their certificates at New College Manchester

The benefits to the client

  • Lively and educational video
  • Highlighted each important element of the College
  • Gave viewers an understanding of the College and the services provided
  • Complemented the brand
  • Long lifespan.
New College Manchester montage screen
New College Manchester montage screen

Vivid are delighted with how the video turned out for our client and feel we have produced a dynamic and interesting video. It was a joy to work with such an important institution like NCM and we believe that we got the right blend between informative and visually interesting. They have a really good grasp on the importance of video promotion and this can be shown on the New College Manchester YouTube channel.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate video production, please visit our corporate video production page. If you would like to view more blogs about our corporate videos, please view our corporate video blog posts. Alternatively contact a member of the video team to discuss any ideas or question you may have on 0161 477 24o4,

Turnkey’s Product Demonstration Videos

Turnkey Product Demonstration Video

Turnkey Instruments Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality industrial and scientific instrumentation, ranging from heavy vehicle brake testers to air quality monitoring equipment.

Simplifying the sales process

Turnkey has a large product range consisting of various scientific instruments. They knew that their instruments were easy to use but needed to deliver this message to a wide audience. Turnkey wanted to save themselves a lot of time and effort by creating videos to help explain their product range as opposed to long-winded explanations to each and every potential client. They also wanted to stand out from their competitors by hosting a company profile video on their website and on YouTube. They recognised the fact that YouTube has become one of the major driving forces on the Internet and they wanted to capitalise on this by having searchable content on there.

Turnkey g-meter + product demo
Turnkey g-meter+ product demo

Showcasing a full product range

The main objective of the videos was to demonstrate how easy each instrument is to use and what results their clients can expect to receive. The other purpose was to run through the simple steps needed on each instrument, to provide a reading for their respective measurement. After consultation with the client, Vivid decided to create a Turnkey branded and keyworded YouTube channel with the Turnkey product range demonstrated for the entire world to see. This was followed by a call to action drawing customers to their website.

G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments
G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments

The process involved filming the entire range within their natural environment, showcasing a step-by-step guide to each instruments usage. Turnkey has a range of instruments that service completely different industries. The challenge was to make sure each instrument was filmed in its natural environment to provide a realistic setting for the instrument and to differentiate from their standard product videos.

Close-up of G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments
Close-up of G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments

The benefits for Turnkey

The benefits of the Turnkey Product Demonstration videos are:

  • The whole world can easily see the product range via both Turnkey’s website and YouTube channel.
  • Greater customer understanding of the products
  • Great to showcase your products at a tradeshow
  • Turnkey’s whole range covered by individual product demonstration videos
  • Giving their sales team the tools to sell
  • Versatile video to be used in numerous promotional functions
  • A sales tool 24/7 for the life of the product

Turnkey was a great client to work for and Vivd and Turnkey were very happy with how the videos turned out. If you would like to find out more about product demonstration videos, please visit our product video demonstration page on our website or to read more blogs please click here to view our product demonstration blog page. Alternatively if you require more information, why not speak to member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.

Virgin Atlantic Time-lapse video

Big Brand Time-Lapse

Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British airline owned by Sir Richard Branson, serving the global community from its inception in the early 1980s. It is part of the Virgin brand group and is one of the leading airlines in the world.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint

VAA Brand Re-launch

Virgin came to Vivid after the work they had seen us complete with Air Livery. They were impressed with the time-lapse style part of their company profile video. As part of a new livery launch for the Virgin brand they wanted to show the world their new look and airplane colouring.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 engine strip

15 days condensed into 4 minutes

Virgin wanted to showcase their new livery for their planes and having seen our work for Air Livery commissioned Vivid to produce a 3-minute Time-lapse video. It was important that we got the whole process and made it look interesting (not normally associated with paint) as this was going to kick off their whole global press launch.

We used multiple camera angles that resulted in over 70,000 frames and spliced with additional High Definition filming, meant that Vivid bought the 15-day process to life. It provided Virgin, with an extremely successful YouTube video and has gone on to have over a million views. It was also used as key component of their launch event for the ‘Mustang Sally’ livery and was shown on national news channels here and overseas in their other major markets.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 fin repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 fin repaint

Working for such a prestigious brand on such an important video commission was a major plus to Vivid and showed us that our previous clients still liked us. The only thing we did not like about the jobs was the heights we had to film from, but to be fair we got used to it.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 engine repaint
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 engine repaint

The benefits for Virgin Atlantic Airways

Benefits of the Virgin time-lapse video:

  • Provided a centre-piece for the launch party
  • Can easily show a long process quickly, effectively and more importantly in an interesting manner
  • Dynamic Visual experience
  • Creative output
  • Provides a unique promotional experience
  • Can be utilised in many different promotional channels

For reference here is a link to the whole time-lapse story from Virgin on their website.

It was a privilege to work with such a prestigious brand and create such a powerful promotional time-lapse for their key launch. If you would like to find out more about time-lapse videos or time-lapse video production please click on the links provided or call a member of the team on 0161 477 2404 to find out more.

Sunjunkie – How to apply a spray tan

Our videos boost your brand

Sunjunkie is a designer, manufacturer and developer of the high profile Sunjunkie brand of spray tanning solutions, equipment and retail range. They supply to the commercial and domestic spray tan industries.

Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot
Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot

SunJunkie needed a way to show their customers the correct way to use their spray station. The most obvious way to do this, was with a product demonstration video. There are numerous spray tan application videos online, but 99% of them are of a very poor quality. Some of these poor quality videos were linked with reputable suppliers and Sunjunkie/Vivid felt that this had a negative impact on their brand. Sunjunkie wanted to produce a video that complemented and aided their comprehensive branding strategy that was already in place.

Sunjunkie Spray Gun close-up
Sunjunkie Spray Gun close-up

Our methodology

Working closely with Sunjunkie, our objective was to produce a video that clearly demonstrated a step-by-step guide to the spray tan process. The video would breakdown each element of the process and provide expert guidance to the viewer to give them a complete guide. At the same time, it was important to show subtle branding, to reinforce the promotional aspects of the video.

The best Spray Tan video on the web?

In the short time since the Sunjunkie spray-tan video has been online, it has had over 350,000 views, that’s potentially 350,000 new customers being exposed to the Sunjunkie brand. Some of those viewers will be interested in how to apply a spray tan, others will want to buy spray tan products, and know where they can buy these products.

Front of the body being sprayed
Front of the body being sprayed

The key benefits for Sunjunkie

  • 350,000 view of their core products
  • Complemented their branding
  • Delivered on the core objectives
  • Used to great success at trade-shows
  • Versatile video to be used on numerous promotional platforms
Back of legs being spray tanned
Back of legs being spray tanned

As mentioned previously, these types of video are a great way to interact with potential customers and to reinforce your company’s message to existing customers. With the viewers ability to share and comment, it has allowed Sunjunkie to interact with their customer base in ways that were not possible before.

Sunjunkie  have really embraced video promotion and have continued to add videos to their website. They have now, through their bank of videos had in excess of 400,000 views. Each view is a potential new customer.

If you would like to find out more about product demonstration videos then please visit our product demonstration page or call a member of the team on 0161 477 2404.