Losing one stone in a week – My experience of the diet

My weight loss experience of the losing a stone in a week diet

Losing a stone in a week - Vivid Photo Visual
Losing a stone in a week.

My Background

Hello, my name is Glen Mackintosh and I work at Vivid Photo VisualPreviously, Graham had undertaken the ‘Lose a stone in a week’ diet and lost just under the stone in one week. I think it is useful to provide you with a very brief synopsis of my weight and background.

I am 6ft1 (and I’m tons of fun and I dress to a tee). At the start of the last year, I weighed my heaviest ever at 14.7 stone. Through exercise, cutting out cheese sandwiches and aggressive betting with Graham, I got down to 13 stone. This has over time crept back up to my current weight of 13.7 stone.

The reason why I want to do this diet is because even though I play football 2/3 times a week, I can not lose this weight. My friend also did this diet recently and lost 9 pounds, so if I lose something like that, I would be very happy.

I just wanted to provide a daily update on my experience of the this diet. This is not my diet so if you die then it is on you or your family.

Losing 1 stone in 1 week - Vivid Photo Visual
Losing 1 stone in 1 week

Day 1 – Starting weight 13st 6Lb.8


1 slice of dry toast with 1 grilled tomato or tinned tomato.Was not looking forward to this but I just put some tomatoes onto the toast and it was surprisingly nice. The milk/sugar-less coffee was not easy to take, I can not remember the last time that I did not have milk. This was not going to be an easy week but it is only a week.


Fresh fruit any amount. This is where I messed up, the 2 bananas, 1 apple and half a punnet of Raspberries was no way near enough to suffice my increasingly hungry state. I should of doubled the amount taken and by the middle of the afternoon, I was starting to feel a bit sick and despondent. The black coffee was getting harder to take by each cup.


2 Hard boiled eggs, salad and grapefruit. Unsurprisingly I came home early (I was starving). After repeated requests to my wife to go nuts with the salad (of certain meals it is not about the quantity), my wife came through for me. Even before the Grapefruit, I felt satisfied and feeling much better, the grapefruit was the bitter icing on the non-existent cake. That night I felt pretty good although it was hard(ish) as we had friends over and my wife cracked open a new bottle of red wine we had just received.

This was one of the harder days because of the content and because it was a shock to the system. My lesson from today is go mad on the fruit option. Will update tomorrow.

1st Days Loss – 3.2lbs

Day 2 – 13st 3Lb.6


Grapefruit and 1 boiled egg. I am starting to like the pink grapefruits and I love boiled eggs, so the meal was not too bad. The only problem was my little girl requesting some of my egg and as she had said please I could not resist. I was not full but certainly was not hungry.


Grilled chicken and tomatoes and toast. On the diet sheet it did not stipulate the quality of toast as it normally would, so I took advantage of this and got my local sandwich shop to produce the thickest sandwich of chicken and tomatoes you have ever seen. Not exactly sure if the chicken was grilled (it looked it) but not too bothered as I was starving at this point.

Lose a stone in a week diet - Steak
Lovely Steak


Grilled steak and salad. My wife had visited the local market and bought some good quality but modestly sized steaks (even though I said several times to go large on the steaks). This was with some salad, which I made sure I finished all of it. The problem I was facing was this was football night, where I was expected to run around for well over an hour. I will say that my energy levels were certainly reduced, but that could be as much to do with the lack of food as much as the humidity.

When I got back home, there was nothing all night, no snacks, no cheese blocks, just isolation from all food. Sadly I have found myself getting excited about fruit tea. How the mighty have fallen.

I woke up this morning at 13.12st, not too shabby. You can start to see the weight-loss around my face but still the belly remains, hopefully diminished but still there. Onwards and inwards… See you tomorrow.

2nd Days Loss – 2.4lbs

Day 3 – 13st 1Lb.2

This diet has started to be miserable, I was in the park the other day and saw kids playing football. I wanted to kick the ball the other end of the pitch, so that they felt the misery that I am feeling at the moment.

I am listless, quick to cause an argument, always and I repeat (for emphasis), always thinking about food. You do forget that you are on the diet and think “ooh I will have a bowl of cereal” and then quickly remember that this is not allowed, no snacking folks. I think my little girl is my worried about my unnerving stare as she drinks her nightly milk. I miss milk.

To be fair I am being dramatic, it is not that bad at all and weirdly I am find evening time (normally our usual shared bag of chocolate with my wife, she has the majority) a lot easier than I thought I would.


Grapefruit and 1 boiled egg. Same as the day before and again my little girl using the key trigger of “please”, requested some of my egg, I duly obliged, although it was more of a slither of white coloured air than actual egg. Desperate times call for desperate measure people. Getting used to the grapefruit as I try to imagine them as bitter oranges.


Fresh fruit any amount. I have learnt my lessons from the previous day of fruit for lunch and to excuse my calculated pun, went bananas for the quantity of fruit.  To be precise I consumed 2 bananas, 1 apple, a punnet of cherries, half a punnet of raspberries and 2 kiwis. Yes I felt a bit ill after this quantity but at least I was not hungry (my key goal). As the afternoon progressed, I did feel a bit lethargic, but that also could be due to the hot weather. But I have learnt my lesson…. eat a lot of fruit.


2 grilled Lamb chops and salad (I forgot to have the grapefruit allowed). On my drive home, even though I had told my mum I was dieting, my mum then described in great detail, what she cooked for my brothers meal. This only made me place the car accelerator closer to the floor.

When I got home I must admit, my sole purpose was not to find out about my child’s picnic in the park, (more food talk), but to harass my wife to finish the food. Again I love Salad and the chops were lovely, so overall a good and enjoyable meal.

I woke up this morning at 13.02st, so while the weight-loss has slowed down, it is still going down. My wife commented this morning on my weight-loss around my face and torso. I have football tonight, so we will see how the energy levels are. Onwards and inwards… See you tomorrow.

Day 4 – 13st 0Lb.2

I feel I must start with a semi apology, a good friend of mine pointed out that I has misplaced a few words in my previous update. This might be true but whilst it looks like I dedicate half the morning to this, in reality it is about 5 minutes.

My daily food lust has spilt over into the night. I long to have a normal cup of tea. Soon… Although she is thinking that she is quiet, I can hear my wife eating biscuits and chocolate in the kitchen. It nice for her to hide her gluttony, but it only exacerbates my pangs of hunger. The chinese banquet I am having on Monday is invading my dreams and becoming the main focus of my life.


1 slice of dried toast. 1 slice of dried toast….. I will let that sink in for a moment. 1 slice of dried toast, it is as unexciting and tasteless as it sounds. I have had to call in my new best friend, introducing Mr lemon juice. Whilst I m not the biggest fan of lemon juice in general, it has over the duration of this diet being called into action numerous times, just to make the food a bit less dry. This time my little girl was not pestering daddy for any of my food.

Lemon juice the best thing for this diet
This will help you through the difficult times


Fresh fruit any amount. Having learnt my lesson, I again went overboard on fruit quantity. I had 1 apple, 1 banana, half a punnet of raspberries, half a punnet of strawberries and 2 kiwis. I love fruit but having this amount of fruit in one go is not the nicest situation. To be fair, this surely has to be the first time that I have ever had my 5-a-day recommended daily allowance (I await some clever bod to point that statement out as incorrect “actually 2 kiwis would only constitute half a portion”).


2 Hard boiled eggs and salad (I did not have the grapefruit allowed). Whilst it is getting monotonous, I am still partial to a salad and I love eggs anytime, so it was not too bad. Not that I am becoming obsessed with weighing myself (I am lying to myself) but I weighed myself before and after football. 13.1st before and 12.12st after my 75 minutes of football.

I do not know whether it was the lack of energy, the hot temperatures or me throwing myself around the pitch, but it was hard and I could feel it afterwards, I even woke up with stiff legs this morning. Having said all that, I had lost 3 pounds in the process, so it was a good step in the right direction. This was the first time since my early 30s that I have been under 13st, so I did feel somewhat elated.

I woke up this morning at 12.11st, so it was a big jump in weight-loss from the previous day, although I attribute some of this to the diet, the main thrust came from the football. Onwards and inwards… See you tomorrow….

Day 5 – 12st 11Lb

It is on the home front now as I can see an end to this week. I felt good to have lost 10 pounds so far and also that on Monday I do not have to have just fruit for Lunch.

My wife has done a diet-lite but still has some chocolate biscuits at nighttime. As mentioned she eats them in the kitchen away from my eyes and over the sink which cuts down on crumbs around the house.

I do find myself wistfully thinking and talking with family and friends about food as if I was some elderly person recollecting on what used to be.


1 slice of dried toast. 1 slice of dried toast….. it does not get any better. What more can I say.


Fresh fruit any amount. This is getting hard,  I love fruit but as a main meal it is becoming painful. Again went mad and had 1 banana, 1 apple, a punnet of strawberries and 2 kiwis. It is becoming a marathon.


Salad, get used to it.
Salad, get used to it.

Fresh Fish and Salad. My wife prepared a lovely Sea bass, which was joined by,  yes you have guessed it…. salad. Unlike fruit, I am still enjoying salad so not too much of a problem. What was a problem, was I then attended a good friend’s family barbecue. It looked a lovely spread and was not easy to watch people drinking alcohol and tucking into sausages. This social situation was made worse, when they offered my daughter a sausage and it had to brush past my mouth to make sure it was not too hot for her. Anyway 2 more days.

I woke up this morning at 12.11st, so no drop at all. Maybe today’s breakfast of Grapefruit juice will aid the weight-loss. Onwards and inwards… See you tomorrow….

Day 6 – 12st 11Lb

Weekend update as I did not have the time to do this yesterday.


I hope you like grapefruit juice

1 glass of grapefruit juice. What more can I say.


Fresh fruit any amount. This diet has pushed me to the edge with the quantity of fruit I have eaten. Thankfully this has been the last lunch of fruit.


Grilled Chicken Carrots and Grapefruit. Not a fan of cooked carrots but they were steamed just right by my wife, so not too bad. Used some juice from the grapefruit, to make the chicken tastier and less dry. Seemed to work.

My wife forced me to go and get some chocolate for her, on the proviso that I needed a large amount of eggs for the final day (I could of got the eggs in the morning). Even had to fetch (not whipped she was holding the baby) the bag of sweets from the kitchen for her. Liberties..

I woke up this morning at 12.11st, so no drop at all.

Day 7 – 12st 11Lb

This is the final day and to be fair not a bad day to finish on. There is a lot of eggs and a steak meal at the end.


Scrambled eggs and Grilled or tinned tomatoes. This is more like, 4 eggs scrambled (quantity not important) and some tinned tomatoes. Great breakfast, felt full up.


2 Poached eggs. Since my 7 am breakfast, I had not had anything to eat. After meeting friends, by 2.30pm my stomach was eating itself. Thankfully my wife and mum produced two lovely poached eggs on a bed of spinach and I was full for now.


Grilled Steak and Salad. I bought 2 medium steaks from the market and made a nice meal with some salad. Again Mr Lemon came out for seasoning.

This was my last night of in-effect fasting, so I drank my fruit teas and watched the F1 and tried not to think about my wife sitting next to me scoffing on gummy sweets and chocolate bars, drinking her milky beverages.

The diet for me had slowed down by this point as I think I had reached a plateau of weight. Now I was ready for my final weigh in tomorrow morning.

My final thoughts…losing a stone in a week diet

I woke up this morning at 12st 1oLb, so overall I had lost close to 11lb. Before I started the diet I did not believe I would achieve the full stone weight loss. This was because I did not think I had a stone to lose. A friend of mine had done the same diet but only lost 9lb (he had cheated with tomato soup).

So an 11lb lost is a really great result for me. I started the diet as I was not quite happy with my weight. I was struggling to lose weight through exercise or my relatively (too much cheese) good eating.

So I used this diet as a get rich scheme to lose the weight. This would be a catalyst to turn my lifestyle around somewhat. I do think I have somewhat changed my outlook to food. This week has taught me that I don’t need the bowl of cereal at 10pm, chocolate should be a treat not a prerequisite of my daily diet. Also no more crisps, they are the devils food.

At the end of the day, it was not an easy week, I missed milk and cheese the most. I missed having the ability to have what I want when I want, but the flip side of that is I got to a weight I have not seen in years and I can use this as springboard for a slightly healthier lifestyle and to be a bit trimmer.

I believe you can easily lose weight with just a bit of discipline and pretty much any decent diet plan. This diet is a drastic measure and a quick fix that I hope I can continue into a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for reading and I am going to get off my high horse as I look forward to putting all the weight back on. This food binge will start with my Chinese banquet tonight.

I hope you found my ramblings useful and I wish you well in your own journey.

Just remember, until next time, take care of yourselves and each other! Much love.

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32 thoughts on “Losing one stone in a week – My experience of the diet

    1. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the question. I used lettuce, spinach, cucumber and tomatoes. Fruit and herbal tea is fine, just no dairy or sugar. I hope you found my experience helpful. Much love.

  1. Your starting weight was 13.6 and you finishes on 12.10 – that’s only 9lb lost in my book. So how did you lose 11lb as your blog says and a full stone in your vlog? Just trying to make sense of this…..

    1. My weight started at 13.7 and finished at 12.10. As there are 14 pounds in a stone, the 7 pounds down to 13 stone and the 4 pounds from 13 stone to 12.10 equals 11 pounds. I hope you found my experience useful. Much love.

  2. Hi!

    Well done and amazing results! I’m thinking of trying this diet so your posts have been very informative-thank you! Just a quick question- can you use any sort of seasoning?
    Many Thanks

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, much appreciated. To do the diet as is stipulated does not mentioning seasoning. So I suppose i would not add any seasoning, esp Salt. Just my thoughts. Take care

  3. Finally someone who has posted a day by day account – many thanks very interesting and amusing (well done on the BBQ senario – I doff my hat to you). I have done this diet several times to great effect and the weight does stay off if you continue with healthy eating . I did not which is why I am visiting the one slice of dry slice saloon….

    I look forward to my fruit mountain at lunchtime.

  4. Hi.

    Can you use tinned tomatoes as part of the salad rather than regular tomatoes?

    Also if you don’t eat some stuff in the salad is that a problem? E.g. tomatoes and celery but no lettuce?


    1. Phoebe, thanks for your question and sorry for the late reply. I would suggest to use regular tomatoes but can not see a major problem using tinned, as long as it does not come with any sauce. No problem with not eating certain bits of the salad, just make sure you have enough of the replacement salad to compensate. Please let me know how you went on with the diet. Good luck.

  5. I’m now on day five of this diet as is my wife. My weight Is fluctuating wildly, on the Tuesday I’d lost an amazing 9Ibs but by Wednesday I’d gained 3Ibs, yesterday was another loss of 3Ibs but today I’d gained 4Ibs.

    Now I’ve religiously stood by the diet plan not cutting corners and have been drinking lots of water, my wife has lost 6Ibs but hasn’t had these wild swings in weight?

    1. I suppose everyone is different, my personal experience was I lost a lot of weight at the start and then the weight-loss slowed down but still dropped off. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I’m on day 2 of this diet now and I laughed so much reading your post ! So many of the thoughts I’m already having !

    The comment about talking about food like an elderly person recollecting 😂 and about wanting the kids to be miserable too! I feel you haha.

    I can’t believe how much I’m struggling when it’s only day 2. I love love love steak and usually look forward to it but the idea of it with just salad is not appetising.

    ALSO. comment about the Chinese banquet on Monday! 😂 I am going for pizza and chocolate cake on Monday and it’s all I can think of !

  7. Hi Glen.
    Are you able to use vibrant colour peppers in salad and spring onion?

    Also can the boiled eggs be poached? I luuuurve poached eggs.

    Your blog has spurred me on to attempt this.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Peppers and spring onions are perfectly acceptable and i think only eggs types are applicable when stated. How has it gone for you?

  8. Hi
    Love this day by day account and well done to sticking to it.
    As you can eat all the fruit you want, could you not use a banana with the dry toast?

    1. Thanks for your comment. You have to stick to exactly what the diet states. So if it says just toast, then it is just toast.

  9. Really enjoyed your write up of the diet. I have just finished day 3 and so far have only lost 3 lbs. I’ve followed the diet religiously and hoping that more will drop off near the the end of the week!

  10. Started this on Monday tea time (silly time I know but it allowed me one last choc ice). By this morning I had already lost 3lbs ……. so chuffed. Glad I found your day by day account. It’s so funny and has really spurred me on. I’ll post again soon xx

  11. Hi, an interesting blog and it is great to see someone who is keen to lose weight. However, as a professional dietitian I feel obliged to offer some support. To start off, it is important to understand that weight loss and fat loss can be completely different (particularly in this case). Losing a stone of fat in a week is scientifically impossible; sorry to disappoint anyone.

    One kilogram of human body fat has an energy content of about 9000 calories (this is very easy to measure in a lab). Therefore, to lose 1kg of body fat requires a deficit in your diet of 9000 calories. You could, for example, eat 1000 calories less than your body needs per day for 9 days and you would lose 1kg of fat. Let’s find out how much energy there is in 1 stone of fat. Well, one stone is 6.35kg and if 1kg is 9000 calories then we do 9000 x 6.35 is about 57,000 calories. The average man requires 2500 calories per day so we will soon see why losing a stone of fat in a week is just impossible. Let’s suppose we take the most drastic route possible (only for illustration – never do this) and go on a fast for a week. If we ate nothing for a week then our energy deficit would be 2500 x 7 = 17,500 calories. So even if someone ate nothing for a week then wouldn’t get anywhere near losing a stone of fat.

    Ok, so why have some people lost a stone in a week then? The diet laid out in this blog is pretty much an Atkin’s diet. This drastically lowers the carbohydrate food group in your diet. Such a diet causes an initial diuresis in the body which is a fancy word meaning that you lose a lot of water. Even a non-Atkin’s diet has an initial diuresis phase. This diuresis in the early phases of a new diet such as the one in this blog can have water loses of up to 12 pounds in a week! That is nearly a stone! The response is different for different people and it explains why some people are finding little weight loss following this diet whereas others are finding they are losing a stone.

    I want to stress that I do not wish to discourage and dishearten people but likewise I don’t want people to think there is some magical cure. The diet outlined in this blog is not bad to follow for a short time – although I would increase the carbohydrate content as this is a very important food group. Furthermore, heavily cutting down on carbohydrates can cause a build up of ketones in your body which can have drastic consequences. As a quick back of the envelope calculation I would say that this diet is about 1000 calories per day which equates to a deficit of 1500 calories per day for an average man. This means a total loss after a week of about 10,000 calories (7 x 1500). This would result in a loss of 1kg of body fat. So following this diet will give you a maximum fat loss of 1kg after a week. Although it must be stressed that individuals who are heavily overweight have a much higher calorie requirement compared to 2500 so will be at a larger deficit and will lose more fat than 1kg. For most people trying to trim down, you categorically will not lose much more than 1kg of FAT per week following this diet. I myself would advise not to engage in a diet with such a drastic calorie restriction. I would recommend between 500 to a maximum of 1000 calories restriction per day.

    Another thing to caution against is using body weight as a tool for gauging weight loss. Numerous studies have shown that body weight can fluctuate as much as 2.5% in a day. To show you how big this is let me give an example. Suppose you are 100kg, then 2.5% of this would be 2.5kg or 5.5 pounds if you prefer. So a 100kg person would weigh themselves and be 100kg at one point during the day and then could be 98kg later or 102kg! Just drinking a pint of water will instantly increase your weight by half a kg or 1.1 pounds – try it! If you have decent scales then weigh yourself, note it down and then drink a pint of water (which is 500g roughly) and your body weight should increase instantly by about 0.5kg/1 pound. So your scales could say you have lost nothing after a week whereas you may be behydrated and actually have lost a few pounds. However, you may be overhydrated or maybe a heavy meal the night before and in fact have put on weight.

    The best tool for gauging weight loss is waist circumference – use centimeters. Once a week when you get up in the morning (before you eat breakfast) measure your waist circumference. You want to measure it about a thumbs width above the belly button. Don’t suck your stomach in as this will give varying results but don’t force it out either. Just relax your belly and take the measurement. Your waist has much smaller fluctuations i.e. it never lies to you.

    Regarding weight loss, it needs to be a small (but significant) daily reduction. Losing weight is difficult because body fat has such a high energy content (9000 calories per kg) so losing a lot of it is a slow road I’m afraid – this is why a smaller reduction in calories is better because it can be sustained for much longer. Redistricting yourself by 1500 calories per day will not last unless you are super super dedicated but even then it is not safe and above all else it is not going to be enjoyable. It is most likely that it will be given up after a few weeks.

    Anyway, sorry to rant on but I wanted to help out. It is really great to see people sharing ideas about weight loss and my goal was to use my professional skills to offer some guidance. Good luck to all and feel free to reply if you need some advice,


  12. I understand what the dietician Freddie says above and there does seem to be some science to back that up. Fair enough.
    However, I’ve given this diet a go and am currently on day 5 having gone from 13st8lb to 12st12lb already.
    I have to watch my blood pressure as it usually teeters a bit on the high side and this has also seen it drop to a very health level.
    My plan is to stick it out for the week as it does seem to be getting easier and I’m enjoying the fruit and tomatoes a lot more than I expected. My plan after day 7 is to stick to the slimming world plan which I have previously found worked well as it is mainly based around healthy eating but my weight had crept up due to my love of biscuits.
    As a short term boost I have found this diet really helpful and it has taught me a lot of self discipline.
    One thing which I have found extremely useful is peppermint tea. It tastes quite sweet anyway so you feel like you’re not giving up some of the nicer things too much.
    I’m looking forward to getting to the end and the loss of whatever it was if not fat has hugely helped my blood pressure readings. Thanks and good luck. Also thanks to Freddie the dietician as it is dangerous to just jump into any diet without some good advice.

    1. Steve

      Thanks for the comment, very much appreciated. As you mentioned it is extremely important to take on the advice of a dietician. Having said that, like yourself, I also found it useful for self discipline and to use it as a starting point to a healthier lifestyle. If it is not too much trouble, please keep us all informed on your progress.


      The Vivid team.

  13. Im glad i found this blog, been looking into the diet for a few weeks now, will start on monday,
    Great blog btw, Im sure it will help me

    1. Charlie, thanks for the comment, i think you will be fine with garlic, although I am no expert. There is no mention of “no garlic” in the linked menu/blog. Please keep me updated on how the diet works out for you.

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