“Time-lapse of their new A340!”

Eurowings GmbH is a German airline with headquarters in Düsseldorf. They provide both short and long haul routes across the world. Recently they had a very important addition to their ever expanding fleet. They had taken hold of an Airbus A340. As this was an extremely important event in their history they wanted a time-lapse video to document the livery application. Vivid have a long association having provided many time-lapse videos for Eurowings. The plane’s distinguishing feature is the four high-bypass turbofan engines and three-bogie main landing gear.

IAC – Rome

IAC staff working on the Eurowings Logo

The shoot was to take place at the IAC hanger in near Rome International Airport. IAC are a leading aircraft finisher who provide their services to the major airlines from their numerous finishing sites across the world.

Storm Eleanor

I had just come back from a Christmas holiday and went straight onto a plane to Italy. Even though storm Eleanor was effecting Manchester where I live, I did not give it much thought. My flight was from Manchester to Zurich and then onto Rome. I can honestly say this was the worst flight I have ever caught. All was well for the most part until we started to get close to Zurich. I like to think that I have a pretty strong constitution but I went through 1 hour of something close to a horrific rollercoaster. I spent this time channelling all my thoughts into not being sick. We were also hit by lightning, which is quite common and harmless but a extremely bright light emanated from very close to. Harmless but still very disconcerting. We eventually landed and after 4 attempts (yes 4 full attempts at landing), I had the joy of 6-7 hour queue as all flights were cancelled. A lovely day had by all.

Production Process

Revealing the tail branded livery

Vivid came on site when the plane was about to go white. We quickly set up the series of cameras, to capture the plane being painted. Vivid are used to the scaffolding system used on plane refinishing. At IAC, they employ automated platform system that is linked from the roof. From Vivid’s perspective it allows for a different type of time-lapse video. Close-up shots of the process are more difficult to capture, but not having scaffolding allows for a clearer/cleaner look to the video. The production process lasted 10 days. The livery was a continuation of the standard Eurowings corporate branded scheme.

Why use the time-lapse video technique

There are many reasons to use video for promotional technique, but below is some specific ones related to using the time-lapse technique.

  1. The best way to show a medium term process is by using time-lapse video. This technique is the only way to show the whole process but presented in a condensed easily digested format.
  2. People respond extremely well to time-lapse videos as it provides a unique visual perspective when compared to traditional filmed videos.
  3. Time-lapse videos provide the viewer a quick insight into the project and can be easily understood.

Using time-lapse videos on Social Media

Time-lapse video on social media

Using video as part of a social media campaign

For many years, Vivid have provided video content for Eurowings. We always extremely impressed with their use of video content for their social media campaigns. Video forms a major component of their campaigns. Utilising YouTube, the video is shared over to the major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They have over 650 thousand subscribers built up over the years. These are all potential viewers and even better, sharers. Using social media allows a direct link between Eurowings and their customers. As of writing this post, the video has been viewed over 140 thousand times on their Facebook page and over 40 thousand times on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

As always, it is a great experience providing time-lapse video content for Eurowings and it is a pleasure working with their team. The Vivid team are very happy with the final video and look forward to working with them in the future. If you would like to have a look inside their new A340, please find this video (not produced by Vivid) from Eurowings.

If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video offering, please view our time-lapse video service page.