“The low-down!”

Animation video production is an amazing way to bring your business message to your customers. This style of video opens up a world of potential that is simply not possible with any other type of video technique. The possibilities for Animation video production are endless, really the only limitation being your imagination. Showcase a product from any angle, under any light and against any background. Provide a video that people are going to not only watch but share to the world. Give personality to your brand by adding character or a novel aspect to the video.

Showcase Your Product From The Inside

One of the other main advantages of using 3D Animation in your video, is that products with complex internal mechanisms can be broken down and shown in a way that a real product video couldn’t. Traditional product videos are a great way to get your product benefits across, but sometimes it not possible to show this using traditional techniques. Take for example our  BiSN  animation video commission. We can not go under water to view the drill in action and something as innovative as this product, can be difficult to explain to people. For BiSN we produced an animation video that broke down all the elements of the product and then showed how it exactly worked in it’s environment. You can not do this any other way then by animated videos.

Now instead of having to explain the product, BiSN just take the video to their prospective clients and show them or point the customiser to the video on their website. Anyone enquiring about the product and comes across their YouTube channel or website will be directed to the product page where the video sits. If you increase their understanding of something, it becomes a softer sell.

Showing BiSN video on their product page - Animated Video

Showing BiSN video on their product page.

Mixing Video Production Styles

Sometimes you can film the product in question, but if you want that extra element of gloss to increase production value and at the same time add the ability to view the product from any angle. This is where 3D animation comes into it own. 3D animation can show the product from any angle, stripping back the layers of the product to reveal different aspects that are not apparent on normal video.

Showcase your service

We have demonstrated the benefits of Animation videos for practical product videos, but they are as effective when you want to show your business or service. Using the right visual hooks can entice a customer to explore more about your business. They do this by adding personality to the brand through characters used or by a fun story or visual clue. as mentioned animation is unlimited so you can move from scene to scene with ease. For reference please look at our video we did for Rezoomothey are an online recruitment company helping people find jobs.

Vivid produced a video that clearly demonstrates the service, its benefits to the viewer in a fun and informative way. Whilst it is not impossible to do this using film, it is much more impactful and cheaper to do this with an animated video.

Animation Video Benefits

There are so may benefits of either creating a full animation video, or incorporating a section of animation for specific aspects of your film. Below is a selection of the benefits:

  • Unlimited creative possibilities
  • Showcase your product in any situation
  • Bring your technical CAD designs to life
  • Provided a unique video to draw people to our website
  • Products can be viewed from any angle
  • Internal mechanisms of an item can be demonstrated
  • High quality animation adds impact to your video

Let’s discuss your animation ideas

There are so many aspects to animation video production, we are more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have. We can liaise with you design agency and incorporate your existing CAD drawings to help model the graphics or we can 3D model them from scratch, as you can see Vivid are more than just an animated video production company.

If you would like some more information, please visit our animation production page or view some of our blogs on our animation video blog page. Alternatively visit our contact us page to speak to a member of the Manchester based Vivid team.