“Use an animation video to drive recruitment!”

Rezoomo Animation Video

Here at Vivid Photo Visual, we produce a wide variety of web videos for differing promotional purposes. One of the styles of video where we can really flex our creative juices is through an animation video. The beauty of animated videos, is that the scope can be limitless. An animated video can really match the company’s brand values whilst at the same time quickly demonstrating the benefits of the product or service.

Who are Rezoomo?

Rezoomo is a new start-up business providing a unique service in the online recruitment business sector. The service mixes traditional online recruitment, advanced CV creation, website creation and a multitude of social media aspects. All these features means the user has numerous promotional tools at their disposal. The service allows the user to promote their skills directly to employers and vice versa.

The Animated Requirements

Rezoomo came to Vivid after having seen our “Evolution of Communication” homepage video. They wanted Vivid to produce a unique video that would highlight the many USP’s of the service. As previously mentioned there are a lot of aspects of the service to describe. We knew we would have a lot of information to display within a two minute total running time. Coupled with this was the requirement from the client to hit a tight deadline as the video needed to be ready for the launch of the service.

Animation of World Map by Vivid Photo Visual

Animation of World Map

Client Consultation

Speaking in-depth with the client we started to formulate the look, feel and the style of animation that would be used. They wanted the video to obviously fit in and complement the look and feel of the new website. Also because of the type of service that was being offered, it would have to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The video would have to resonate with many different social and economic groups.

Animation Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Animation Main Character

Animation Video Style

Rezoomo and Vivid wanted to make the video professional but with a fun vibe.  There are so many features to the service so we thought it was best to use a simplified almost cartoon look. This would allow the more fun aspects of the animation to shine through. We wanted the video to flow quickly due to the number of features. This meant that each scene would morph into the next. To complement the style we used a 2D/3D animation mix to provide an interesting aspect to the video.  Working through the process, we produced a story board and an animatic. We then honed these elements so it could be fleshed out to the video itself. It was key to get across that this was a worldwide service, so we animated a number of world maps to get this point over.

The animated web video sitting on the homepage - Vivid Photo Visual

The animated web video sitting on the homepage – Vivid Photo Visual

Video Promotion

As you can see from the image above, Rezoomo really embraced our integration ideas for the video being placed on their website and put it at the heart of the website’s design. As this was the opening promotional aspect of the website, it was important that the video quickly explained to the viewer who Rezoomo was and why they should use the service.

Animation of Video Conference Call by Vivid Photo Visual

Animation of Video Conference Call by Vivid Photo Visual


We are really pleased with how the video has turned out and we enjoyed working with the team at Rezoomo. Above all, I think we portrayed the important aspect of providing the recruitment link between the user and the employee. We wish them all the best for their new endeavour, which we are sure will be a major success.

Client’s Testimonial

Cathal Doorley, Managing Director of Rezoomo said “Glen and the team at Vivid far exceeded my expectations and created a video that captures our product and service in in a visually engaging and informative way. I would highly recommend them and very much look forward to working with them in the future”

About Vivid

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Stockport near Manchester and is a leading supplier of corporate video production. We provide visually innovative video production all with a business backbone.

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