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Who are New College Manchester?

New College Manchester is one of the leading language Colleges that specialise in teaching English to overseas students. They knew that they needed a corporate video to get their message over to any oversea students interested in learning English.

A study into your business

They wanted to demonstrate their capabilities/services and knew that video promotion was the best way to do this. Having discussed the project with the client, Vivid ascertained that it was just as important to sell the college as much as it was important to sell the City it was based in. They had seen our successful Beautiful and Miniature Manchester videos on YouTube and they wanted to use this as a basis for their video.

Happy students at NCM

Happy students at NCM

Mixing footage and graphics

There were several elements to the College that were extremely important to get across in the video. These were:

  • Courses
  • Manchester City Centre Living
  • College building
  • College services
  • Social & community aspects
  • Accommodation provision
Piccadilly Gardens near New College Mancheter

Piccadilly Gardens near New College Mancheter

On top of that it was imperative that the video worked within the strong brand identity of NCM. Working on a few concepts, Vivid came to the conclusion to implement the square design that ran though all their branding. We constructed a 12 by 12 grid and populated some of the squares with the coloured square designs and the other empty squares would be used as place markers to run the videos that we had produced for NCM. Each square would have its own section/function and this would run on a elongated loop, so that when the animation pulled out of the current video and then moved from one square to another, the grid would be a hive of activity with several video streams working at once. Due to the number of high definition videos running in the background, this is like the proverbial swan, looking serene on the surface, but thrashing below the water.

Students receive their certificates at New College Manchester

Students receive their certificates at New College Manchester

The benefits to the client

  • Lively and educational video
  • Highlighted each important element of the College
  • Gave viewers an understanding of the College and the services provided
  • Complemented the brand
  • Long lifespan.
New College Manchester montage screen

New College Manchester montage screen

Vivid are delighted with how the video turned out for our client and feel we have produced a dynamic and interesting video. It was a joy to work with such an important institution like NCM and we believe that we got the right blend between informative and visually interesting. They have a really good grasp on the importance of video promotion and this can be shown on the New College Manchester YouTube channel.

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