“Manage your promotion properly, use an animation video!”

thinkmoney Animation Video

Vivid produce a variety of different types of web videos. One of the most creative types of web videos is using animation to tell a story. An animation video is only limited by a clients and Vivid’s imagination. You can have what you want in your video, one minute you can be in Manchester City Centre and the next morph to the other side of the World. You can show complex machinery working in action from any angle. Like our previous animation blog states you can really bring your brand’s personality to the fore.

thinkmoney Homepage Animated Video

thinkmoney personal account page with animated video by Vivid Photo Visual

Personal account page with animated video

After seeing our previous work, thinkmoney approached Vivid Photo Visual with the prospect of an animation video. This video would form the first element new customers would view. They were in the process of updating their brand an website with a new look. They wanted Vivid to produce a video that complemented their new style.

Flowing Animation Style

Working closely with their Marketing team, we formulated a storyboard and a script. We based the imagery on their icons designed for their new website. This led to Vivid creating a concept that would flow seamlessly between elements. We wanted the look to mimic something being written on the page and the icons to morph and flow from one to the next. Fine-tuning this process really shaped the video and allowed Vivid to hit the required 1 minute 30 mark. The video had to be visually interesting but provide genuine important information. Once we had shown the thinkmoney team some examples/concept and they had provided their feedback. Next was taking all these elements and combining them into our original concept. The video has been a massive success and has had nearly 40,000 views.

Animated Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Animated Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Summary – Some Kind Words

It was an absolute joy to work closely with their marketing team. We are really pleased that with all Vivid’s and thinkmoney’s hard work and creativity, we have produced a fun and informative animation video that clearly explains what thinkmoney offers and complements their new brand image.

thinkmoney have kindly said the following words…

“Vivid have produced an imaginative, creative video which is both helpful to customers and enjoyable to watch. They worked hard to meet our company requirements and delivered a video we are proud to associate with the new thinkmoney brand.”

We wish them well for the future and look forward to continuing our strong working relationship.

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Vivid Photo Visual is based in Manchester in the North West of England are a leading animation video production company. We produce visually exciting video production all with a strong business backbone.

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