“Videos to help your customers!”

Presenter Video Production

thinkmoney is a leading personal bank account provider. Their service helps customers avoid unexpected charges whilst managing a well run account. thinkmoney really understand the power of video promotion. They actively embrace video solutions to boost their website’s presence and functionality. thinkmoney approached Vivid Photo Visual as they wanted to use a presenter video to help their customers. This would be to quickly help customers navigate their website, complete important steps and to understand their service offering.

thinkmoney's comprehensive web video offering on their YouTube channel

thinkmoney’s comprehensive web video offering on their YouTube channel

Assisting their Customers

They approached Vivid with the request to film and edit 14 presenter videos. Their objective was to aid their current and potential customer’s understanding of thinkmoney’s service. They wanted their customers to have as much assistance as possible. This would be through the use of text, images and videos.

Presenter with Brand Iconography - Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Presenter with Brand Iconography – Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Using Presenter Videos

The video would have a presenter to clearly explain the question/problem and would sit directly on the most pertinent page to aid the viewers. The videos would also be used as a step-by-step guide to help their customers complete important undertakings for their account. We had worked with their newly established brand iconography. We wanted to produce videos that informed the viewer in a simple but visually appealing manner.

Web Video used to help the registering process.

Web Video used to help the registering process.

Video promotion gives the viewer a different option to a simple text offering. The presenter video can be viewed at the users pace. You can always rewind the video to go over a key point, or pause the screen to jot down some valuable information. Some customers might just breeze through the processes safe in the knowledge that they have the videos to fall back on should they get stuck.

Video explaining where to enter information - Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Video explaining where to enter information – Web Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Brand Guidelines

Having worked on the original main animated video for thinkmoney, allowed Vivid to really work on developing the videos within the same design framework. The videos that we produced for thinkmoney all had different attributes that echoed the video message but all closely followed thinkmoney’s brand guidelines. Some were simple delivery to the camera, whilst other showed the viewer what information need to be entered where to help the viewer. The script dictated the requirements for the graphics and animated screens of the website and allowed them to be quick and to the point. We filmed them at our Manchester based video studio against a green screen background.

Benefits of Presenter Videos

There are so many benefits to having key question based videos on your website, here is a small selection:

  • Delivers key information quickly and effectively
  • Rewind or pause the videos at your own pace
  • The viewer can take their own time to understand the information
  • Reduces call centre queries and therefore cost
  • Brings a friendly face, reassurance and personality to the process
  • Makes a more dynamic and adaptable website
  • Gives customers the choice how they want to digest the information
  • Can break complex processes down to easily understandable chunks of information
  • Can be used on video hosting websites to bring customer to the website.


thinkmoney now have an ever-expanding series of videos that help their customers navigate their website. This not only helps the customers, but also reduces cost for thinkmoney. It is always a real pleasure to work with a company that truly understand the power of video promotion. Furthermore we look forward to any projects thinkmoney might have in the future and wish them well with their new website.

About Vivid

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