“Explaining your service in a fun way!”

Thinkmoney is a leading personal account specialist based near Manchester. They offer managed bank accounts for their customers.

Think video – Marketing better managed

Animation videos have become a key part of most video marketers promotional plan. They allow a freedom to express a core message in a way that can not be done using traditional filming techniques. With animated videos, you have no restrictions, you are free to storyboard anything. Aside from actually telling the core message, there is the ability with animation to tell this story in a fun and informative way.


Thinkmoney were very keen to have a enjoyable and explanatory video that would quickly explain the unique account that they offer. We deducted that best way to achieve their objectives, was to use an animation video that would complement their brand guidelines and their new website.

thinkmoney animation

thinkmoney animation


It was great to work with a client like thinkmoney, as they have a really great understanding of their brand and the message they want to send out to their clients. Working very closely with their designers and marketing team, and using their newly created icons for their newly launched website revamp, we focussed on their updated brand image and we formulated a cohesive message to the proposed vision. This would be tied together with a cool morphing animation that flowed between the icons. It was important that we got the key messages over in the video but at the same time provided the viewer with a visually appealing video to capture their concentration.

thinkmoney jar

thinkmoney jar

Important element to their website

The video was used at the top of the accounts page on their website. It is one of the starting points for any new customer to understand the account. Thinkmoney have used the video on other promotional platforms as well as their website, including advertising on YouTube.

thinkmoney personal account

thinkmoney personal account

What thinkmoney received

The Benefits of this Animation Video:

  • Delivers key business messages.
  • Engaging for new and existing clients.
  • Great looking video with an innovative art style.
  • Can be used on many different promotional platforms
  • 1,000s of views and counting.
thinkmoney bank animation

thinkmoney bank animation

If you would like to look at how thinkmoney use presenter videos to aid customer’s navigation and understanding of services, please click on this blog about presenter videos.

Vivid are really happy with how the video has turned out and this is testament to the thinkmoney team. If you would like to find out more about our animated videos please go to our main animation website page or for other animation based blogs click here. Alternatively you can speak to a member of the Vivid team by clicking on the contact us page.