“Quality washrooms demand a quality product video!”

Venesta Product Video

Venesta are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of toilet cubicles and toilet cubicle systems. Venesta incorporate cutting edge washroom design and use high quality materials for their product ranges. The quality of product supplied is coupled with an excellent customer service. They approached Vivid Photo Visual to produce a series of product videos. These video would showcase two of their ranges and could be used to attract potential customers to their systems.

Venesta branded door handle from the Unity range

Venesta branded door handle from the Unity range

Product Videos and Time-lapse

Vivid have extensive experience producing innovative product videos. We feel it is important that the product video showcases all the details/features required. The video also has to provide the customer with a visually interesting video to keep their retention. Working closely with their marketing department, we planned to produce 4 videos based around the installation process. This video series would entail the two range videos and an accompanying time-lapse video for each of the installation processes.

Venesta's Factory Image by Vivid Photo Visual

Interview based Product Video

The videos were based around interviews with their charismatic Chairman Martin Rees. Martin would be interviewed regarding each key stage of the design, key features and installation process. He would also provide important general information about Venesta. We then filmed shots within the office and the factory. One of the main elements to the videos would be the use of the time-lapse photography technique to capture the whole installation process for each product range.

Venesta's Brand image demonstrated by their website

Venesta’s Brand image demonstrated by their website

The key to getting a powerful and cohesive promotional video, was to work within the brand values of Venesta. These brand values have been carefully nurtured over the years to provide a classically understated look. We then produced a simple but concise graphical overlays to mirror these values whilst explaining the key features and benefits.

The key to getting the video right, was to work within the brand values of Venesta which has been carefully nurtured over the years to provide a classically understated look. We then produced a simple but concise graphical overlays to mirror these values whilst explaining the key features and benefits.

Venesta Product Video by Vivid Photo Visual

The video shoot was held over 3 days at their head office. The videos incorporated interviewing Martin, setting-up and maintaining the time-lapse of the current installation, filming the finished installation and also factory and office shots. The main concern was the time taken for installation and having to use a continuous light source that wouldn’t overheat. We decided to use Kino Flows as they are designed to run for hours at a time without overheating and they did a great job providing a uniformed light source for the filming and time-lapse photography.

Benefits of Product Videos

Product videos are one of the most powerful promotional and sales tools available to business and marketers. Below is a small selection of their benefits:

  • Sales – Hubspot has shown that after watching a video, people are 64% more likely to buy a product
  • Conversion rates – Crazyegg state that potential customers are more than 85% more likely to purchase a product/service having watched a video.
  • Retention –  Single Grain states that a 1 minute product videos are shown to have an 80% retention rate
  • Authority –  A product video can position the seller as an authority
  • Flexible – The video can be used on and offline across numerous promotional platforms
  • Lasting – A product video will last the length of the product and can be easily updated if the product changes
  • Speed – A customer can get a complete overview of the product within 1-2 minutes
  • S.E.O – Product videos compliment and enhance the overall SEO strategy and can provide important links from around the web
  • Sharing – A product video can be easily shared with the world directly to a potential customer.

If you would like more information about the benefits of product videos, please visit our product video overview blog.


It was a real pleasure to work with such a prestigious company and the people behind the brand. Interviewing Martin was a real joy to work with because he has such an infectious personality. Furthermore we are really please with how the videos have turned out and look forward to their success and hopefully working with Venesta on other projects.

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