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Increase sales with a product video

A product video is an absolute necessity for any business wanting to showcase their products/services and increase sales conversion. Fundamentally it quickly provides a greater understanding of the product or service for any potential customer. As all businesses want to increase their sales conversions rates, there is no better promotional method than via a product video.

Video Improves Sales Conversation Rates

Crazyegg state that people are more than 85% more likely to purchase a product/service having watched a video. Which business owner would not want that sort of sales boost. Give your website the right tools to sell your products and services.

Sunjunkie Pigs product video

Sunjunkie Pigs product video

Sales Team

By utilising product videos, you will be equipping your sales team with the right tools to promote your your product. When they go to present, do you not think it would be better to have a tool that can visually showcase the product and its benefits? Imagine you have a very large product that is too impractical to present to the customer in their hands. Use a video and you can have in their hands on an tablet or even directly to their phone.

Cost Benefits

Every business owner has a budget that they can spend on promotion. Marketers are put off by their perceived cost of video production and promotion. Lets start with the production aspect of the videos. It is fair to say that viewers want a better produced video, but that is only one aspect of what a viewer wants. They want their question answered quickly. As long as the message is correct and delivered appropriately. There is no reason that a person just holding the product and talking through each aspect of them is not effective. Having said that you have to think about how you are treating your brand and you want to match the production levels to compliment your brand message. Check out this handsome * video production company to get the right answers. * Disclaimer – beauty is in the eye of the beholder or their mother. Regarding the video promotional aspect, there are so many on and off-line promotional channels, where a video can be placed (majority of the time with no cost). It literally opens up a world or possibilities to any business owner or marketer. Please view below to see a selection of a product video capabilities.


Sharing your product video with the world

The video can be uploaded to YouTube and other relevant video channels to make sure that is can be seen in as many promotional channels as possible. This will also aid and boost your overall Search Engine Optimisation strategy. If you do not have a YouTube account, we can create your own branded YouTube channel to accommodate all your video content.

Long-term exposure for your product

The amazing aspect about product videos, is that like the product demonstration videos, once the video has been created it will last as long as the product itself. Unlike adverting in a magazine, where you have to keep paying every time you want to advertise, you have one fee to be paid and that is it. The video will run and run 24 hours a day everyday of the year for as long as required.

Text can be added to showcase product specifications

Text can be added to showcase product specifications

SEO Optimised Web Video Production

Vivid can assist to make sure that all the videos are labelled and tagged correctly, ensuring that you are showing up in all of the searches relevant to your product. Google is now listing videos in their search results. So it is more important than ever to have an online product video presence to make sure that you stay ahead of competitors in the search listings. You are 20 times more likely to shown on the first page when you have a video than when you have not.

If you would like any ore information, please visit our product video production page or to read more blog, please visit our product video blog page or our video promotion page. We always welcome a chat, so to speak to a member of the Vivid team call 0161 477 2404.