Product Demo Video Production

Don’t remonstrate, demonstrate your product using video.

Product demonstration videos are a very powerful sales tool, which has a great return on investment. Let Vivid produce a simple video that can explain what the product is, actually show it working and the stages of the application. Therefore the potential client will have an a greater understanding of the product and it’s benefits and this will directly lead to an increase in sales. The product demonstration video would then sit on your website and act as a 24/7 sales tool, sitting directly next to the purchase button.

Product Demonstration Video Benefits

  • Quickly and effectively demonstrates the product in action
  • Greater customer understanding of product application, will lead to an increase in sales
  • Showcases feature and benefits
  • Can be sent across the world and can be easily converted into the host country language
  • Used on YouTube, a product demo can push clients to the website and makes it easier to share.

Our Product Demostration Videos

Product Demonstration Video Example - 1st Choice Spares - Vivid Photo Visual
Product Demonstration Video Example - Spaans Babcock - Vivid Photo Visual
Product Demonstration Video Example - Durahook - Vivid Photo Visual
Product Demonstration Video Example - Turnkey Instruments - Vivid Photo Visual

Case Study

Sunjunkie Spraytan Demonstration


Sunjunkie is a leading supplier of tanning products. The objective was to provide a high quality product demonstration video of their products and to demonstrate the actual professional spray tan process.

Product Demonstration Video Case Study - Sunjunkie - Vivid Photo Visual


With the client mapping out the process, it was up to Vivid to work out how to shoot the video. Shot in our old video studio over a 2-day period, we hired a model and an actual beauty therapist to provide an authentic feel. We took delivery of the Sunjunkie booth and we were set for filming. We used a 3-camera set-up to make sure that we had all the angles covered. Once the editing was complete, we advised Sunjunkie how to get the best out of their online promotion, whilst providing them instruction on how to use the video at trade shows.


o Wildly successful video with over 500k views
o Great for sharing online
o Starts the conversation with potential customers
o Builds the Sunjunkie brand
o Still a powerful promotional tool, 5 years on.

What Sunjunkie have to say...

"Wow!! Great job guys! It's fantastic."

Marie Hills - Sunjunkie