Hook your customers with a product video.

Durahook Product Video

Vivid were contacted recently by Lockers & Benches. They are a Lancashire based company that manufacture and supply a wide range of changing room furniture and accessories. They wanted us to produce a product video for one of their most popular products, the Durahook (TM).

Durahook (TM) unbreakable plastic coat hook,
Durahook (TM) unbreakable plastic coat hook.


The Durahook (TM) is a coat hook that is designed to overcome the problem of vandalised and broken hooks. There is an obvious cost to replace and they  can be sharp and unsightly. This hook is unbreakable and Lockers & Benches wanted a video that would show the benefits of the hook. Vivid worked closely with the client and produced a storyboard that would show all the features and benefits of the Durahook (TM). We believed that a hands on demonstration of the product with standing direct hits from a hammer really brought this message home.

Durahook Product Video_01

Animated Graphics

The video was a shot on location at the Lockers & Benched factory. We also filmed product shots against a white background at our video studio in Manchester. Additional animated graphics were used throughout the video to highlight specific features.

Durahook (TM) product video.
Durahook (TM) product video.

Product Video on YouTube

The Durahook (TM) product demonstration video is now an integral part of the newly updated Lockers & Benches website. The video has already had 15,000 of views on YouTube which in turn will be helping to generate website traffic and therefore sales.


We were really happy with the product video. We feel it clearly demonstrates the unique capabilities of the hook. The functional aspect of the hook is complement by the clear and concise graphical elements. It was a great project to work on and I’m sure Vivid and the L&B team will be working together on promoting future products.

About Vivid

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Stockport and are a leading supplier of product video production, providing innovative and informative videos with a business backbone.

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Use an animation video to your business to drive recruitment

Rezoomo Animation Video

Here at Vivid Photo Visual, we produce a wide variety of web videos for differing promotional purposes. One of the styles of video where we can really flex our creative juices is through an animation video. The beauty of animated videos, is that the scope can be limitless. An animated video can really match the company’s brand values whilst at the same time quickly demonstrating the benefits of the product or service.

Who are Rezoomo?

Rezoomo is a new start-up business providing a unique service in the online recruitment business sector. The service mixes traditional online recruitment, advanced CV creation, website creation and a multitude of social media aspects. All these features means the user has numerous promotional tools at their disposal. The service allows the user to promote their skills directly to employers and vice versa.

The Animated Requirements

Rezoomo came to Vivid after having seen our “Evolution of Communication” homepage video. They wanted Vivid to produce a unique video that would highlight the many USP’s of the service. As previously mentioned there are a lot of aspects of the service to describe. We knew we would have a lot of information to display within a two minute total running time. Coupled with this was the requirement from the client to hit a tight deadline as the video needed to be ready for the launch of the service.

Animation of World Map by Vivid Photo Visual
Animation of World Map

Client Consultation

Speaking in-depth with the client we started to formulate the look, feel and the style of animation that would be used. They wanted the video to obviously fit in and complement the look and feel of the new website. Also because of the type of service that was being offered, it would have to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The video would have to resonate with many different social and economic groups.

Animation Video by Vivid Photo Visual
Animation Main Character

Animation Video Style

Rezoomo and Vivid wanted to make the video professional but with a fun vibe.  There are so many features to the service so we thought it was best to use a simplified almost cartoon look. This would allow the more fun aspects of the animation to shine through. We wanted the video to flow quickly due to the number of features. This meant that each scene would morph into the next. To complement the style we used a 2D/3D animation mix to provide an interesting aspect to the video.  Working through the process, we produced a story board and an animatic. We then honed these elements so it could be fleshed out to the video itself. It was key to get across that this was a worldwide service, so we animated a number of world maps to get this point over.

The animated web video sitting on the homepage - Vivid Photo Visual

The animated web video sitting on the homepage – Vivid Photo Visual

Video Promotion

As you can see from the image above, Rezoomo really embraced our integration ideas for the video being placed on their website and put it at the heart of the website’s design. As this was the opening promotional aspect of the website, it was important that the video quickly explained to the viewer who Rezoomo was and why they should use the service.

Animation of Video Conference Call by Vivid Photo Visual
Animation of Video Conference Call by Vivid Photo Visual


We are really pleased with how the video has turned out and we enjoyed working with the team at Rezoomo. Above all, I think we portrayed the important aspect of providing the recruitment link between the user and the employee. We wish them all the best for their new endeavour, which we are sure will be a major success.

Client’s Testimonial

Cathal Doorley, Managing Director of Rezoomo said “Glen and the team at Vivid far exceeded my expectations and created a video that captures our product and service in in a visually engaging and informative way. I would highly recommend them and very much look forward to working with them in the future”

About Vivid

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Stockport near Manchester and is a leading supplier of corporate video production. We provide visually innovative video production all with a business backbone.

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Corporate Video helps to develop your business

DSCL Corporate Video

DS Colour Labs recently approached Vivid as they needed a corporate video. This video would be the centre piece of their stand at the forthcoming Focus On Imaging 2013 trade-show, held at Birmingham NEC. Vivid Photo Visual had previously provided DSCL with a range of product videos that currently help to promote their wide range of products and services.

Vivid were required to capture every aspect of their successful business. The video needed to show the scale the business and to provide an understanding of their business offering.

DSCL Reddish
DSCL Reception by Vivid Photo Visual

Trade Show Video Production

Vivid have extensive experience in producing trade-show videos. A trade show video should be clear and concise. It should have the ability to make the viewer understand your key business and how it can benefit them. All these objectives need to be achieved without any sound. This is because a trade show is a busy and noisy environment and most show organisers request that no sound is played. Vivid decided to keep the messages simple and let the visual image tell the story. We used eye-catching, bold and colourful graphics to provide additional detail to the scene and explain key information.

DSCL at Focus On Imaging 2013
DSCL at Focus On Imaging 2013

The After Party – Corporate Video

So what happens to the video once the short trade-show has ended? How can Vivid help make the investment in the video have even greater and prolonged benefits for your business? The trick is to re-edit the video into a corporate company profile video. Knowing that the video would eventually be used as a company profile it was initially shot with this in mind. So we changed the initial trade-show edit to a bespoke company profile video that sits on the DSCL website. The one video has multiple uses and shows the flexibility and power of video promotion.

DSCL processing services
A selection of services offered by DS Colour Labs by Vivid Photo Visual

Long Shelf Life

It’s clear to see that unlike many forms of promotion, video has a very long shelf life. It is an online sales tool for viewing 24/7 and 365 days a year. It can be viewed on a customers PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, basically whatever screen has access to the internet.

DS Colour Labs Manchester
DSCL Head Office in Reddish by Vivid Photo Visual


Working with a passionate business like DS Colour Labs, was a breeze. They have really embraced video promotion and are using this form of promotion across numerous platforms. Vivid look forward to working with their team again in the future.

About Vivid Photo Visual

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Stockport near Manchester and are a leading producer of corporate video production. We film and edit innovative and eye catching video production, all with a business backbone.

If you would like to found out more about what Vivid produce, please contact a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404. You can also visit our our corporate video page or read some more of our blogs about corporate videos.

The Beekeeper Play by Michael Ashton – Interview Video

Interview Video

The great thing about video production, is the wide variety of subjects that we get to film. We were asked to produce an interview video and trailer for an exciting new play. I was very excited to have the chance to work with one of my oldest and best friends. Old as in how long we’ve known each other, rather than actual age, we are both still young…aren’t we?

My good pal Simon doing a sound check for us.

KS Productions

Simon, is a one of the directors at KS Productions Ltd. They are a UK based film and television production company specialising in providing the whole package. From writing, sourcing, funding to final production, this is the aspect Vivid were helping with.

KS Productions founders are writer Michael Ashton and his wife Kim. Kim is an award winning artist herself, but is was one of Michael’s books, The Beekeeper that Vivid would be working on.

Kim & Michael Ashton – The Beekeeper Play
Back Row -Eliot Giuralarocca, Robert Harding, Spencer Cummins and Chris Westgate. Front Row- Michael Ashton and Adrian McDougall

The Beekeeper tells the moving story of the relationship between a German Kommandant and a Jewish prisoner at Auschwitz. The Beekeeper, is now getting superb reviews as a play. It was the opening night of the Blackeyed Theatre’s production of the play at The Waterloo East Theatre that we went to film.

The Beekeeper Play by Michael Ashton – Vivid Photo Visual
The Beekeeper Play opening night at The Waterloo East Theatre
The Beekeeper Play by Michael Ashton

Trailer Video

As mentioned the play is getting rave reviews, in and around the London theatre scene. We wanted to produce a short ‘trailer’ for the current play but also for KS Productions. The book is going to be made into a feature film. Filming will commence this summer, with a star studded cast. The more excitement and web talk created the better, so the video will hopefully draw attention to Michael, KS Productions and The Beekeeper and direct traffic to their website.

Before the main video was produced, we outputted a trailer to give an insight in the production.

It was a very different project for Vivid and we relished the change of scenery and the environment. If you would like to find out more about our video production service, please click on our what we do page.

A smile fit for the camera – Same Day Smiles Promotional Video

Company Promotional Video

Recently Vivid were contacted by the nationwide dental implant specialists same day smiles™. SDS wanted a bespoke corporate video that would showcase the quality of their Dental implants. It would also highlight the service provided and the actual practices that people would attend. After a consultation, with the same day smiles™ team, Vivid saw a great opportunity to add to their overall promotional mix.

same day smiles™ Dental Surgeon by Vivid Photo Visual

Understanding the Process

Visitors to their current website could see the quality of the service. The process that the customer would go through to achieve their smile was not being expressed as clearly. Vivid devised a corporate video that took the viewer through the stages of the process. This would educate them of what to expect and to provide a platform of knowledge that they would expand on with consultations. It also reassured them that SDS offered a complete and premium service.

Using a combination of graphical animations and live video footage captured by Vivid, their business came to life. We visited many same day smile™ locations across the country, to show the numerous high quality practices that their clients would visit. Working closely with our Manchester based graphics team, we forged a vision that closely tied into their overall corporate image.

Final Thoughts

We are very happy with the final commercial video product and we know it is a very successful promotional tool for same days smiles™.

The following is from Kerry Hardy (Patient Coordinator at same day smiles™)

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Vivid Photo Visual to any business in need of a promotional video. Both Glen and Graham are utter professionals and have crafted some beautiful videos for us here at same day smiles™ to showcase our dental implant treatments to prospective new patients. We are delighted with the finished product, thanks to close communication with Vivid and their exceptional talents. Many thanks.”

If you would like some more information about or corporate video service, please visit our corporate video page or our corporate video blog.


GMP are ‘On The B-eat’ – Charity Event Video

Charity Event Video

Vivid were asked if we would like to get involved and produce a charity event video for eating disorder charity B-eat. The event was organised by Greater Manchester Police. It was in honour of Emma Egerton, who’s father John is a Chief Inspector for GMP.

Tragically Emma died of a combination of a nut allergy and Bulimia, in November 2010. Since her death John and Emma’s family and friends have raised both funds and awareness for B-eat.

A few eating disorder facts.

A night with the Stars

So it was time for the GMP staff to swap their uniforms for high fashion. They were even joined by stars from Coronation Street and cricketers from Lancashire Cricket Club.

Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent and Ellie-Louise Leach

The event itself was a great success raising £1000’s, through ticket sales, raffle and donations. Many companies got involved, providing a host of resources for the event. The event was hosted by BBC Radio Manchester presenter Becky Want. Local clothing retailers large & small gave their time and clothes for the fashion show.

Emma’s friends modelling on the night.

Final Thoughts

It was a great pleasure for Vivid to be involved in the ‘On The BEAT’ event, and we would encourage everyone to please visit the BEAT website to find out more about the wonderful work they do.

We had great fun making the film, and we met some great people. We wanted to produce a video that captured both the atmosphere of the event, but also remembered why the event took place. It important to remember this charity is doing amazing work helping people up and down the country. It must of been a difficult night for Emma’s family and friends. They all showed how important Emma was to them.

If you would like to find out more about our video production service, please visit our overall video production page.


Product Video Series for Turnkey Instruments

Turnkey Instruments are a Cheshire based company that specialise in the design and manufacture of specialist industrial and scientific instruments. They wanted to know how Vivid could help their business by utilising video promotion.

Turnkey Instruments Cheshire
Turnkey Instruments Cheshire by Vivid Photo Visual

Creating a Video Portfolio

After discussing in depth with the Turnkey team their requirements, Vivid created a proposal. This would deliver a comprehensive video portfolio that could be used through multiple promotional channels. This package included a company profile video, as well as location and studio product videos for each of the Turnkey instruments.

Simret f2 product video by Vivid Photo Visual
Simret F2 product video by Vivid Photo Visual

Product Video vs Product Demonstration Video

You might think that product video is the same as a product demonstration video, we think differently at Vivid. A product video is something that shows the product and then will detail all the key features. A product demo video is a video that will actually demonstrate the product in action. Try to imagine the difference similar to a normal advert on TV and one placed on a shopping channel.

Advantages of Product Videos

The massive advantage to Turnkey of having videos produced, is the videos would be used to promote their company, products and services in so many different ways. All their sales reps now have each product in video form to show to clients, either face to face or via email. Each video is also viewable online, with appropriate keywords and tags to further add to Turnkey’s SEO strategy.

Graphic demonstrating the multiple channels that a video can be used for.
So many ways to utilise video promotion.

Corporate Profile Video

We also produced a company profile video, as this gives Turnkey maximum exposure on the internet. Potential customers can find them either by searching for specific products or by looking for manufacturers of certain services. The company profile video will also be used at trade shows and exhibitions, as well as on the Turnkey website.

Kind Words

After the delivery of all the videos, we received an excellent testimonial from Dave Brooks, Turnkey’s General Manager, who we had liaised with throughout the project.

“We engaged Vivid to supply us with company and product videos that our existing and potential new customers could relate too.

The finished product surpassed all expectations. The staff were polite and worked to achieve the perfect shot in each instance. They kept us well informed with their ideas while listening to our own comments.

We feel that the Vivid crew have become a part of us and we will be using them again as we develop new instruments. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vivid to anyone.

Dave Brooks
General Manager
Turnkey Group”

Final Thoughts

Vivid had a great time working with Turnkey Instruments and we look forward to working on future products with them. To understand more about our product demonstration video service, please visit our product demonstration video page.

Vivid produce innovative animated time-lapse video for Tecmark

Eye Catching Time-lapse Video

A few months ago whilst scouting locations for our Miniature Manchester time-lapse video we were fortunate enough to cross paths with Tecmark. Tecmark is a UK based Digital Marketing Agency. They specialise in mobile app development and marketing, as well as Search Engine Optimisation. They have offices in Manchester and London. Tecmark had seen some of our time-lapse video output including our ‘miniature Manchester’ video and wanted a similar style video.

Time-lapse video with Animated graphics by Vivid Photo Visual
Who are Tecmark?

Website Homepage Video

Tecmark were due to update their website and wanted an eye-catching video on the Home Page. They wanted a video that portrayed how technology has made our lives easier. How Mobile Apps mean we can have information instantly, wherever we are. We worked very closely with Richard, Kevin and Scott from Tecmark to come up with a Storyboard.

Video Storyboard

Time-lapse video with Animated graphics by Vivid Photo Visual
Working on the storyboard

The basic idea would be to show a young man at work. There would be a repeated scene doing the same task but in the years 1991, 2001 and now 2011. As the years have progressed, that task has become simpler. We wanted the film to have a movie trailer feel, that grows in pace. It would build up to a final scene with bespoke animated graphics. This would show how people use mobiles for so many things in our modern world.

Prop Search

Once the final Storyboard had been agreed, we had to source props. We wanted the same feel to each decade with subtle changes. For example with the computers used, going from an old PC up to a iMac to an iPad. As we’re all football fans we used the nearest football tournament mug to the year. So we had Italy 1990, Euro 2000 and Africa 2010. There’s also a few other props on the desks, cassette walkman for 1991, Sony mobile phone for 2001 and an iPad for 2011.

Filming and Editing

Time-lapse video with Animated graphics by Vivid Photo Visual
Danny outside Manchester Library

We filmed it over 2 days in Manchester and used local actor Danny Jackson, who we’d worked with before. To make the video stand out we created and animated bespoke graphics to really show how consumers are using smart phones and tablets to access the world around them. This all cumulates in the final scene. Danny is seen walking through Manchester’s iconic St Peters Square. He is using his smart phone and information just pops out of the screen. Then the scene opens to a wider shot and everyone is using their phone for information.

Adding Graphical Animation

It was really important to make the video standout. We obviously used the time-lapse technique but we wanted to complement this look with something that elevated the promotional video. With the theme being about the changing nature and impact of technology on our world. For this we implemented bespoke graphical elements that showed the person’s mobile information being displayed above them as they moved through the scene. This was also used on objects like the local transport networks.

Animated time-lapse by Vivid Photo Visual showing Manchester's St Peter Square
Manchester’s St Peter Square

Final Thoughts

We are really happy with the final film and it fits perfectly on Tecmark’s new website. We received great feedback from Tecmark, who have already used the corporate video at trade shows as well as on their website.

We’re looking forward to working with Tecmark again in the future on video production jobs. If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video production service, please visit our time-lapse video page. Please click on the following links, if you would like to found out more about our animation video production service or contact a member of the Vivid team.


Check out our new Home Page video

Evolution of Communication – Animation Video Production

Animated video production Evolution of communication

Well this is our first post on our new Blog, so here goes;

We’ve just gone live with our new The Evolution of Communication video on our Home Page. We had decided on a basic theme and message. We knew that we wanted to demonstrate our animation video production skills to make the message stand out. The main focus of the video was to show the new way companies communicate with their clients has changed. Video is now king! A video communicates a message far quicker than pages of words.

Animated Typography

We also didn’t want it to be all about us, talented that we are 🙂 (Tom’s words not mine). We wanted the message to be key.

So we all sat down and threw ideas around to get our creative juices flowing, Glen’s were mainly football related as usual, but we humoured him for a while, like we do! After throwing ideas around we finally decided on a fully animated typography style piece. This was used to both showcase the complexity of the animation video production work we can produce, but we also felt it would get the message across easier.

Evolution of Communication Script

The next step was to try and get a basic feel for how the words and any drawings would sit within the animation. We wanted it to finish with a camera pan out to our logo, that’s initially all we knew. So we printed out a still of the Vivid logo, adjusted it slightly to allow for us to scribble (there’s no other word for it) a storyboard template to use as a base to create the animation.

The ‘Rough’ storyboard.

The Benefits of Animation Video Production

There are many benefits to using animation videos for video promotion, here are just a small selection:

  1. You can show anything you want, your imagination is not limited
  2. Animation video production can really complement a brand image and values
  3. Quickly demonstrates  the message
  4. Animation videos brings your story to life
  5. Easy to understand
  6. Easy and fun to share on social media
  7. An important part of your SEO strategy.

Voiceover is Important

Next we got ‘Emma’ who’s one of the professional voice over artists we regularly use to record the audio for us. She has such a wonderful voice, I even got her to record our voice mail messages! If only iPhones would allow us to upload them! But now I’m straying off topic. See if you can spot a few sound bites from yours truly towards the beginning. I should have been an actor you know!

Animation Video Production

It was important that was a flow throughout the video. Each scene needed to merge into the next. We also wanted to showcase different animation styles. Also the message of the video was to be fun and informative. Finally after approx 100 hours in After Effects, a few hundred cups of coffee ,we have a video that we’re very proud of and is generating business. That’s what it was for.

Final Thoughts

It was a really fun project for the team to work on. If you would like to find out more about our animation video production service, please click on the link. If you have an idea or you would like to speak to a member of the Vivid team please visit our contact page. We also have a selection of our other animation video blogs.