Evolution of Communication – Animation Video Production

Animated video production Evolution of communication

Well this is our first post on our new Blog, so here goes;

We’ve just gone live with our new The Evolution of Communication video on our Home Page. We had decided on a basic theme and message. We knew that we wanted to demonstrate our animation video production skills to make the message stand out. The main focus of the video was to show the new way companies communicate with their clients has changed. Video is now king! A video communicates a message far quicker than pages of words.

Animated Typography

We also didn’t want it to be all about us, talented that we are 🙂 (Tom’s words not mine). We wanted the message to be key.

So we all sat down and threw ideas around to get our creative juices flowing, Glen’s were mainly football related as usual, but we humoured him for a while, like we do! After throwing ideas around we finally decided on a fully animated typography style piece. This was used to both showcase the complexity of the animation video production work we can produce, but we also felt it would get the message across easier.

Evolution of Communication Script

The next step was to try and get a basic feel for how the words and any drawings would sit within the animation. We wanted it to finish with a camera pan out to our logo, that’s initially all we knew. So we printed out a still of the Vivid logo, adjusted it slightly to allow for us to scribble (there’s no other word for it) a storyboard template to use as a base to create the animation.

The ‘Rough’ storyboard.

The Benefits of Animation Video Production

There are many benefits to using animation videos for video promotion, here are just a small selection:

  1. You can show anything you want, your imagination is not limited
  2. Animation video production can really complement a brand image and values
  3. Quickly demonstrates  the message
  4. Animation videos brings your story to life
  5. Easy to understand
  6. Easy and fun to share on social media
  7. An important part of your SEO strategy.

Voiceover is Important

Next we got ‘Emma’ who’s one of the professional voice over artists we regularly use to record the audio for us. She has such a wonderful voice, I even got her to record our voice mail messages! If only iPhones would allow us to upload them! But now I’m straying off topic. See if you can spot a few sound bites from yours truly towards the beginning. I should have been an actor you know!

Animation Video Production

It was important that was a flow throughout the video. Each scene needed to merge into the next. We also wanted to showcase different animation styles. Also the message of the video was to be fun and informative. Finally after approx 100 hours in After Effects, a few hundred cups of coffee ,we have a video that we’re very proud of and is generating business. That’s what it was for.

Final Thoughts

It was a really fun project for the team to work on. If you would like to find out more about our animation video production service, please click on the link. If you have an idea or you would like to speak to a member of the Vivid team please visit our contact page. We also have a selection of our other animation video blogs.