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DSCL Corporate Video

DS Colour Labs recently approached Vivid as they needed a corporate video. This video would be the centre piece of their stand at the forthcoming Focus On Imaging 2013 trade-show, held at Birmingham NEC. Vivid Photo Visual had previously provided DSCL with a range of product videos that currently help to promote their wide range of products and services.

Vivid were required to capture every aspect of their successful business. The video needed to show the scale the business and to provide an understanding of their business offering.

DSCL Reddish

DSCL Reception by Vivid Photo Visual

Trade Show Video Production

Vivid have extensive experience in producing trade-show videos. A trade show video should be clear and concise. It should have the ability to make the viewer understand your key business and how it can benefit them. All these objectives need to be achieved without any sound. This is because a trade show is a busy and noisy environment and most show organisers request that no sound is played. Vivid decided to keep the messages simple and let the visual image tell the story. We used eye-catching, bold and colourful graphics to provide additional detail to the scene and explain key information.

DSCL at Focus On Imaging 2013

DSCL at Focus On Imaging 2013

The After Party – Corporate Video

So what happens to the video once the short trade-show has ended? How can Vivid help make the investment in the video have even greater and prolonged benefits for your business? The trick is to re-edit the video into a corporate company profile video. Knowing that the video would eventually be used as a company profile it was initially shot with this in mind. So we changed the initial trade-show edit to a bespoke company profile video that sits on the DSCL website. The one video has multiple uses and shows the flexibility and power of video promotion.

DSCL processing services

A selection of services offered by DS Colour Labs by Vivid Photo Visual

Long Shelf Life

It’s clear to see that unlike many forms of promotion, video has a very long shelf life. It is an online sales tool for viewing 24/7 and 365 days a year. It can be viewed on a customers PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, basically whatever screen has access to the internet.

DS Colour Labs Manchester

DSCL Head Office in Reddish by Vivid Photo Visual


Working with a passionate business like DS Colour Labs, was a breeze. They have really embraced video promotion and are using this form of promotion across numerous platforms. Vivid look forward to working with their team again in the future.

About Vivid Photo Visual

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Stockport near Manchester and are a leading producer of corporate video production. We film and edit innovative and eye catching video production, all with a business backbone.

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