“The Beekeeper play by Michael Ashton!”

Interview Video

The great thing about video production, is the wide variety of subjects that we get to film. We were asked to produce an interview video and trailer for an exciting new play. I was very excited to have the chance to work with one of my oldest and best friends. Old as in how long we’ve known each other, rather than actual age, we are both still young…aren’t we?

My good pal Simon doing a sound check for us.

KS Productions

Simon, is a one of the directors at KS Productions Ltd. They are a UK based film and television production company specialising in providing the whole package. From writing, sourcing, funding to final production, this is the aspect Vivid were helping with.

KS Productions founders are writer Michael Ashton and his wife Kim. Kim is an award winning artist herself, but is was one of Michael’s books, The Beekeeper that Vivid would be working on.

Kim & Michael Ashton – The Beekeeper Play

Back Row -Eliot Giuralarocca, Robert Harding, Spencer Cummins and Chris Westgate. Front Row- Michael Ashton and Adrian McDougall

The Beekeeper tells the moving story of the relationship between a German Kommandant and a Jewish prisoner at Auschwitz. The Beekeeper, is now getting superb reviews as a play. It was the opening night of the Blackeyed Theatre’s production of the play at The Waterloo East Theatre that we went to film.

The Beekeeper Play by Michael Ashton – Vivid Photo Visual

The Beekeeper Play opening night at The Waterloo East Theatre

The Beekeeper Play by Michael Ashton

Trailer Video

As mentioned the play is getting rave reviews, in and around the London theatre scene. We wanted to produce a short ‘trailer’ for the current play but also for KS Productions. The book is going to be made into a feature film. Filming will commence this summer, with a star studded cast. The more excitement and web talk created the better, so the video will hopefully draw attention to Michael, KS Productions and The Beekeeper and direct traffic to their website.

Before the main video was produced, we outputted a trailer to give an insight in the production.

It was a very different project for Vivid and we relished the change of scenery and the environment. If you would like to find out more about our video production service, please click on our what we do page.