Eurowings New A340 Time-lapse Video by Vivid

Eurowings Time-lapse Video

Eurowings GmbH is a German airline with headquarters in Düsseldorf. They provide both short and long haul routes across the world. Recently they had a very important addition to their ever expanding fleet. They had taken hold of an Airbus A340. As this was an extremely important event in their history they wanted a time-lapse video to document the livery application. Vivid have a long association having provided many time-lapse videos for Eurowings. The plane’s distinguishing feature is the four high-bypass turbofan engines and three-bogie main landing gear.

IAC – Rome

IAC staff working on the Eurowings Logo

The shoot was to take place at the IAC hanger in near Rome International Airport. IAC are a leading aircraft finisher who provide their services to the major airlines from their numerous finishing sites across the world.

Storm Eleanor

I had just come back from a Christmas holiday and went straight onto a plane to Italy. Even though storm Eleanor was effecting Manchester where I live, I did not give it much thought. My flight was from Manchester to Zurich and then onto Rome. I can honestly say this was the worst flight I have ever caught. All was well for the most part until we started to get close to Zurich. I like to think that I have a pretty strong constitution but I went through 1 hour of something close to a horrific rollercoaster. I spent this time channelling all my thoughts into not being sick. We were also hit by lightning, which is quite common and harmless but a extremely bright light emanated from very close to. Harmless but still very disconcerting. We eventually landed and after 4 attempts (yes 4 full attempts at landing), I had the joy of 6-7 hour queue as all flights were cancelled. A lovely day had by all.

Production Process

Revealing the tail branded livery

Vivid came on site when the plane was about to go white. We quickly set up the series of cameras, to capture the plane being painted. Vivid are used to the scaffolding system used on plane refinishing. At IAC, they employ automated platform system that is linked from the roof. From Vivid’s perspective it allows for a different type of time-lapse video. Close-up shots of the process are more difficult to capture, but not having scaffolding allows for a clearer/cleaner look to the video. The production process lasted 10 days. The livery was a continuation of the standard Eurowings corporate branded scheme.

Why use the time-lapse video technique

There are many reasons to use video for promotional technique, but below is some specific ones related to using the time-lapse technique.

  1. The best way to show a medium term process is by using time-lapse video. This technique is the only way to show the whole process but presented in a condensed easily digested format.
  2. People respond extremely well to time-lapse videos as it provides a unique visual perspective when compared to traditional filmed videos.
  3. Time-lapse videos provide the viewer a quick insight into the project and can be easily understood.

Using time-lapse videos on Social Media

Time-lapse video on social media
Using video as part of a social media campaign

For many years, Vivid have provided video content for Eurowings. We always extremely impressed with their use of video content for their social media campaigns. Video forms a major component of their campaigns. Utilising YouTube, the video is shared over to the major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They have over 650 thousand subscribers built up over the years. These are all potential viewers and even better, sharers. Using social media allows a direct link between Eurowings and their customers. As of writing this post, the video has been viewed over 140 thousand times on their Facebook page and over 40 thousand times on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

As always, it is a great experience providing time-lapse video content for Eurowings and it is a pleasure working with their team. The Vivid team are very happy with the final video and look forward to working with them in the future. If you would like to have a look inside their new A340, please find this video (not produced by Vivid) from Eurowings.

If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video offering, please view our time-lapse video service page.


Stunning Icelandair Video – Vatnajökull – Time-lapse video and Aerial Footage

Time-lapse Video

It was an honour to be invited back to work with Icelandair on their follow-up time-lapse video to their original Northern Lights video (please see below).  Icelandair is the main airline of Iceland offering it’s services to 39 cities over 16 countries. The Vatnajökull glacier video was to celebrate their 80 year aviation history.

The excitement comes from working with a company who really like to make a statement with their promotional materials and branding. They do not rest on their laurels and go to great lengths to produce memorable videos. These videos really show off the company, their brand and their home country. It is a privilege to work with such a proactive company.

The Concept


In a similar execution, the concept was to take a normal Icelandair 757 and to paint the Vatnajökull glacier on both sides of the plane. Their video would encompass the production process and the focus on the stunning aerial footage captured above the actual glacier. This concept would be inline with their promotional objectives of branding. More importantly the video would showcase the natural splendour of Iceland.

The Process

Icelandair Vatnajökull time-lapse video - Sanding

In terms of the livery production, this was a long process. The job started off like most of the airplane livery time-lapses we have produced in the past. The plane is inputted, scaffolded, sanded and stripped to base metal. The primer was applied and then the blue was applied across the plane. This stage of production is now the divergent point from the norm.

As Soon As Possible

A specialist company was then employed to create the glacier. ASAP Aviation are from Germany. Working with the biggest brands in aviation they provide a comprehensive service that includes design, layout and special paint jobs. This was certainly a special paint job. The team had 10 days to accurately recreate images from the glacier on both sides. This was from the nose of the plane stretching all the way to the underside of the fin. This is not an easy task, fortunately ASAP have a wealth of experience in this field and produced the Northern Lights for the previous Icelandair commission.

ASAP Icelandair Vatnajökull time-lapse video - Mapping glacier

They got straight to work, mapping out the dimensions and providing the blend from the sky to the main blue colour. Next the mountain skyline was applied and a complete white colour applied to this area. After this the team painstakingly added all the details to the mountain over a 4 day period. Referencing from very small sections of the main image, the team work together to create a perfect match. If you thought that sounded difficult, they then had to do the same process to create the more complex glacier itself.

ASAP Icelandair Vatnajökull time-lapse video - Spraying

Vivid’s role was to of course document process through the time-lapse technique and traditional filming. We set up 10 cameras over the whole period and used camcorders and DSLR cameras to record the footage. Once the plane was finished, it was sent over to Iceland to produce the stunning aerial shots you see in the final film.

The Result


Well it is there for everyone for to see. ASAP really brought the glacier to life on the plane and it looks stunning. This plane will now have so many practical and promotional uses. Apart from the main video that has gone live, there are news/print reports and photographs and video of the plane arriving at each destination. This promotion will continue for the life of the plane’s livery. The level of detail shown in the final paint is incredible and the likeness to the original source image is outstanding.

ASAP Icelandair Vatnajökull time-lapse video -Finished and outside hangar

Northern Lights #MyStopover

If you would like to see their previous video, please find it below.

Final Thoughts

It was a privilege for Vivid to work on such a commission. We have worked on numerous time-lapse video commissions and it was amazing to be part of a real effort to produce a stunning video. I think we can all agree they achieved their objectives.

Please click on the Icelandairair blog to find our more about the commission. Please click on the link, if you would like to find to find out more about Vivid Photo Visual’s time-lapse video service. Our time-lapse blog details more information about the time-lapse production process and the benefits of the time-lapse video promotion. If you have any ideas you would like to discuss, please call a member of the Vivid team 0n 0161 477 2404.

It’s another Condor moment

Condor, Thomas Cook and Sunny Heart Time-lapse

Variety of our Video Production

One of the great aspects of being a video production company is that we have a wide variety of commissions coming our way. As readers of our blogs may know, we produce time-lapse videos for the Airline industries. We were contacted by the German airline Condor Flugdienst, they wanted Vivid to capture one of their Boeing 757’s being treated to their new livery. We had previously worked with Condor, producing a time-lapse when they had a retro-livery applied to one of their planes, it looked very cool.

A still image taken from a time-lapse video produced by Vivid Photo Visual for Condor Airlines. Showcasing their new Sunny Hearts livery.
Condor Airlines Boeing 757 with their new Sunny Hearts livery.

Sunny Heart

The new livery, which would feature the ‘Sunny Hearts’ logo on the fin was to be completed by Air Livery at their Norwich facility over a period of 12 days. Vivid have worked with Air Livery numerous times and it’s always good to work on projects where you are made to feel welcome. We shared our production office with Mel, the airlines engineer, who was great fun as well as filling us in with some technical aspects of the aircraft, which was really informative.

Condor Airlines stencil being applied to the fuselage on one of their Boeing 757's.
Condor lettering stencils being applied.

We used a series of DSLR’s as well as XDCAM for the project. This meant we could cover multiple angles and create a time-lapse that wasn’t you typical ‘one camera locked off’ video. The total frames for the project was in excess of 60,000 and over 300gb, huge considering the final edit was 90 seconds in length.

To get the elevated angle for the 757 we liaised with Air Livery and the scaffolding team to have a custom platform erected as high as possible to the front left side of the aircraft. This would give us an ideal angle for the wide angle shot, as well as a vantage point for other sections of the process.

Condor Airlines 757 being repainted with their new Sunny Hearts livery. Time-lapse video produced by Vivid Photo Visual
View of the Condor 757 from the elevated platform.

Other cameras were moved, clamped and positioned according to the stage of the project. This hands-on approach means no important stage is missed.

For the painting of the ‘Sunny Hearts’ on the fin, which is the new logo of the Thomas Cook brand they flew in an artist, Sascha to hand spray the logo. Most logos on aircraft fins are vinyl decals, by hand paining the ‘Sunny Hearts’ I suppose gives each one a sense of individuality.

Sunny Hearts logo being hand sprayed on the fin of a Condor Airlines Boeing 757.
Sasha hand sprays the Sunny Hearts logo on the fin.

It’s always amazing to see something the size of a plane, at close quarters, stripped down and re-sprayed.

We hope you like watching the video. If you want to see a few more aircraft time-lapse video, please check out the Vivid Photo Visual time-lapse page.

Condor Airlines/Thomas Cook – 757 Plane “Sunny Heart” Time-Lapse

Global Branding Initiative

Thomas Cook has rebranded their logo replacing the ‘globe’ based logo with a ‘Sunny Heart’. This marketing initiative would link together all their brands under one common logo. When Thomas Cook and Condor were thinking about how to demonstrate this, they chose a time-lapse video and of course Vivid to produce it.

The Sunny Heart logo being sprayed
The Sunny Heart logo being sprayed

This is what Condor said about the Sunny Heart initiative… “To express our mutual identity and establish closer ties with other like-minded companies, we are uniting under a common symbol: a sunny heart. We live by the values expressed by the heart – trusted, personal and innovative. The heart will follow our customers throughout their journey – from initial enquiry, aboard of our aircrafts, during their stay and all the way home. It will simplify their choices by offering flexibility, give assurance and provide a visual reminder that they are well looked after.”

As one of their leading brands, Condor Airlines wanted to commemorate their rebranding of a plane with a time-lapse video to document the change. Having worked with Vivid Photo Visual before, and being a leading UK time-lapse expert, they called upon Vivid to produce this innovative video.

Benefits of Time-lapse Videos

Time-Lapse videos have many benefits to them. Here is a small selection:

  1. Show long and complex processes quickly
  2. Provide interesting and innovative videos
  3. Captivate the viewer
  4. Can incorporate standard footage
  5. Work well with social media promotion.

The Time-lapse Process

Once we had received the job request, Vivid worked closely with Condor and Air Livery to coordinate all aspects of the plane re-spray video. The video was hot at Air Livery’s Norwich based Head Quarters. The job was set over a 12-day period with obviously a focus on the rebranding of the Sunny Heart logo on the tail. Vivid always have at least two fixed camera covering the entirety of the shoot. We then supplement this by have multiple cameras covering every aspect of the process. This is so we do not miss a shot. A typical job can capture between 3 to 4GB of data.

The wing of the plane being painted white.
The wing of the plane being painted white.
Sun flare hitting the camera as the scaffolding is taken apart.
Sun flare hitting the camera as the scaffolding is taken apart.

Embracing Video Promotion

One of the benefits of working with a company and brand like Condor Airlines is how they embrace Video promotion. They fully understand the benefit of showing the company inside and out. This entails showing all aspects of how the company is run and the increased social media interaction that is associated with their effort. Their videos are from the construction of their engines, to new cabin interior refits. They also include fun videos around festive periods for example, or more serious videos showing their important charitable efforts.

Image showing how Condor Airlines is embracing Video Promotion and Social Media
Image showing how Condor Airlines is embracing Video Promotion and Social Media

From a commercial aspect this has lead to over 3 quarters of a million YouTube watches. They have over 2000 subscribers and on the social media side, nearly 8,000 twitter followers and 172,000 people who like the Facebook page. These are impressive numbers and only likely to increase in the future with more people who believe in the brand. What this does is help push the brand forward in what is a very competitive industry. All these number are people who will continue to receive high quality video content from Condor Airlines. This all builds up the brand presence and image of Condor Airlines as they look to the future.

The Condor 757 just about to leave with it's gleaming new livery and paint respray
The Condor 757 just about to leave with it’s gleaming new livery and paint respray

Our Final Thoughts

At Vivid, we are extremely proud to have worked on such a prestigious project as this one and are extremely pleased with our output. This was all aided by the teams at Air Livery and Condor Airlines. We look forward to hopefully further work these companies in the future. We will of course keep our eye on further videos appearing on the Condor Airlines YouTube channel. If you would like to find out more about our Time-lapse service, please click on Vivid’s time-lapse production page.

The reveal shot of the New Livery and Sunny Heart Logo
The reveal shot of the New Livery and Sunny Heart Logo

6 Stunning Time-Lapse Videos

The Vivid team always loved watching time-lapse videos, due to our commercial interest in the style. We also love the fascinating imagery it can produce. Over the last 12 months there have been a few time-lapse films that have broken the mould in terms of visual production values. We wanted to show what can be achieved with time-lapse video production. We hope you enjoy.


First up is a superb time-lapse by Rob Whitworth titled ‘Barcelona’. Rob has produced many amazing time-lapses but personally I think this is his best to date. Some of the scene transitions are mind blowing, literally how does he do it?


There are some truly creative time-lapse videos out there. I always love a time-lapse that shows the beauty of Mother Earth. This one does that amazingly well. It’s simply titles ‘Ancients’ and by Nicholas Buer. Check out some of the night sky scenes, incredible!


The next time-lapse that I came across recently, dates back to 2011 but certainly isn’t in anyway dated. In fact it’s safe to say it’s out of this world, as the image were taken from the ISS International Space Station. The photographs taken over a 3 month period captures some stunning natural phenomenas, Aurora Borealis and Australis from various passes of the Earth. The whole time-lapse was skill-fully edited together by Michael König and is simply called ‘Earth’.

Virgin Atlantic

Next up is actually one of our own time-lapses, well you’ve got to like one of your own haven’t you? It turns out that other people must had liked it as well, as it was given a Vimeo Staff Pick award, which is cool.

Vivid Photo Visual’s Vimeo Staff Pick Award

It’s a time-lapse of a VAA Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint, that was filmed at Air Livery in Manchester. It was initially put on Vimeo by the design company that was involved with the rebranding, and has now had over 325K views on their page. Maybe a little naughty on their part as it is our video, but they have now given us a credit in the description. I’ll link to our version as it’s the HD version.

The Lion City

The last time-lapse that I have for your perusal is from a guy that personally I think produces some of the most creative time-lapses I’ve ever seen. Keith Loutit was the first to create the ‘miniature’ look time-lapses using tilt shift lenses and other techniques. He’s now taken this a step further by allowing the viewers to experience focus and distance. Check out Lion City and be amazed.

Miniature Manchester

As an added bonus video here’s is our video ‘Miniature Manchester’ which was inspired by Keith Loutit’s series. It was filmed from a few rooftop locations around the city centre, as well as an apartment on Deansgate and Victoria Station.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick blog and watching a few of the time-lapses.

Who we are

If you think your company or business could benefit from their own time-lapse video or any other type of Web Video speak to Vivid Photo Visual, we’re based in sunny Stockport near Manchester and specialise in commercial video production.







Guten Time-lapse Video – Celebrating the partnership of airberlin & Etihad

Etihad and airberlin Time-lapse Video

Vivid have produced numerous time-lapse videos for many different industries. What we are most well known for is providing time-lapse web videos for the airplane industry.

airberlin and Etihad Partnership Logo
airberlin and Etihad Logo #Movingforward – Time-Lapse by Vivid Photo Visual

Airline Partners

Recently Etihad Airlines and airberlin have become premium airline partners. They have been partners since 2011 but this is a new phase in their partnership. This partnership means airberlin has been granted a new connection to Abu Dhabi. This new connection is a gateway to the Arab countries, Asia and Australia for airberlin customers. On the other hand the reciprocal airberlin connection, provides the gateway to North America for Etihad customers.

Launch Event Video

To celebrate this historic new phase of the partnership, they decided to have a launch event and unveiling in Germany. The best way to show this new stage was to have time-lapse video showing the new joint livery being applied to one of their Airbus A320’s.

Vivid Photo Visual carried on their long term working relationship with Air Livery, and were asked to document the 10-day process at their Norwich facility over the Christmas period.

Time-Laspe by Vivid Photo Visual
Scaffolding coming together – Time-Lapse Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Time-lapse Video Set-up

We produced the time-lapse with a 6 camera set-up. The main camera (with back-up) was aimed to capture the whole aircraft, these cameras were positioned as high as would allow on a platform that was built for us by Air Livery. We positioned a 3rd camera to concentrate on the view above the wing on both the new liveries.  We then had 3 roving cameras that could pick up footage when required. Intervals between each frame varied from 90 seconds down to as little as 1 second for the quick procedures. We also took footage with our camcorders and spliced this into the main edit. Over the whole process took over 1TB of stills and videos to be used for the main video.

Tight Schedule

We had a very tight window for post production due to airberlin requiring the videos for their unveiling on the 12th of January. Lets just say, the first week back was a very busy week for the Vivid team. As always Vivid hit the required deadline and the video was used at their unveiling event.

Time-Lapse Video by Vivid Photo Visual
The Finishing Stage – Shining both the logos for Delivery – Time-lapse by Vivid Photo Visual


It was a real pleasure to work on such a prestigious commission and Vivid wish airberlin and Etihad all the best on their historic partnership.

About Vivid

Vivid Photo Visual are based is Stockport near Manchester and are a leading supplier of time-lapse video production, providing informative and visually interesting video production with a business backbone.

If you would like to found out more about what Vivid produce, please visit our homepage or contact us on 0161 477 2404. For more information about time-lapse video production, you can visit our our time-lapse video page .

Time-Lapse video for Thomson Airways – Vivid Photo Visual

Thomson Airway Time-lapse Video

It was great to be contacted by a new client Thomson Airways, to produce a time-lapse of an aircraft repaint. Thomson Airway is the world’s largest charter airline and a very prestigious brand. Thomson Airways wanted a video that would showcase and launch their exciting new livery paint scheme. Vivid like a good challenge.

Challenge Accepted

So the challenge began, organise multiple camera’s, clamps, cards, timers, controllers and power. Then to arrange clearance at the airport and to allow much preparation detail as possible from the production team at Air Livery. We have worked with Air Livery for some time, so we are very familiar with the respray process.

Thomson Airways old livery – Day 01

This was the first Thomson aircraft to be repainted in their new livery scheme was a Boeing 767-300. This is a sizeable aircraft and the repaint schedule was 12 days, so the Manchester based production team got to it.

The Process

It always amazes me, the speed at which these huge planes can be stripped down and repainted, yet this is a very complex procedure with extremely strict guidelines. In 12 days time this aircraft has got to fly as well as look great, so was another aspect of the challenge.

The process includes the following:

  • Plane input
  • Scaffolding dock
  • Paint stripper
  • Sanding
  • Prep for painting
  • Primer
  • Paint scheme application
  • De-mask
  • Prep for output
  • Scaffolding de-dock
  • Plane output.

The production process was as smooth as clock work. After 12 days, I am sure you will agree, it looks fantastic. It reminds me a bit of a Dolphin, with the curves and the shades of blue over the fuselage.

Thomson Airways G-OBYG prior to unveiling

Spot of Tilt-shift anyone?

Even though we were in the midst of producing the time-lapse video, there’s always time for a bit of creativity. I must admit I am a bit of fan of tilt-shift photography. So here’s a ‘creative’ view of the finished aircraft.

Can’t resist a bit of tilt-shift.

Beautiful Manchester Weather

As she was towed out of the hangar, seeing daylight for the first time, we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sun was shining and the clouds were fluffy. The day before was torrential rain! Well I suppose that’s Manchester weather for you.

Thomson Airways 767-300 G-OBYG in stunning new livery

If you would like to read Thomson’s own blog, please visit Thomson’s Airlines blog. If you would like to find out more about Vivid’s time-lapse video production service, please visit our time-lapse production page.

Time for a Time-lapse

Resprayed plane leaving hangar - Time-lapse video production by Vivid Photo Visual
Plane exiting the hangar

Air Livery call on Vivid

Vivid have recently been commissioned by Air Livery, who are one of the leading companies in aircraft refinishing, to produce a Company Profile video to showcase their refinishing service. As well as filming and producing their 5 minute video we also produced 2 time-lapse videos of the whole event.

Preparation of a time-lapse commission

Producing a Time-Lapse is all about the planning and preparation. These are the factors that need to be considered;

  • Total length of time he subject needs to be filmed.
  • How long the final movie should be.
  • How many frames would be needed to achieve this.
  • Memory capacity required.
  • Power to the cameras.

So after calculating that we’d take a image every 90 seconds and the project may last 9 days, that’s a total of 8640 frames from each camera!

Time-lapse in a sticky environment

The other concern was the environment that the cameras would be left in, however clean an aircraft re-painting facility can be, there’s no avoiding the stripping, sanding and numerous paint applications. And don’t forget in the quantities required to cover 2 large planes at the same time!

So after weatherproofing all the rigs we were ready to roll.

So who was going to set-up the Time-Lapse cameras, in the roof of the hangers? Well there’s no room to be scared of heights in this game. That is unless your name’s Glen and you beg, plead and finally agree to buy the chocolate in the office for a fortnight.

So Glen was out of the running, too busy stocking up on Graham’s Boost bars. So it was decided that I was the action man of the team (mainly by me)

Where’s wally?

After setting the cameras in place using Arri Superclamps and adding an extra safety harness to each, just in case. I set the cameras going.

Daily visits were required to back-up the images from the previous day, as well as to change power supplies. All this had to be done without moving the camera’s, and when you’re 100ft up on a tiny gangway, that’s a challenge in itself.

Anyway enough of my super hero antics, below is one of the time-lapse videos, check it out.

We hope you enjoyed this short blog. If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video production, please visit our time-lapse video page.