Resprayed plane leaving hangar - Time-lapse video production by Vivid Photo Visual

Plane exiting the hangar

Air Livery call on Vivid

Vivid have recently been commissioned by Air Livery, who are one of the leading companies in aircraft refinishing, to produce a Company Profile video to showcase their refinishing service. As well as filming and producing their 5 minute video we also produced 2 time-lapse videos of the whole event.

Preparation of a time-lapse commission

Producing a Time-Lapse is all about the planning and preparation. These are the factors that need to be considered;

  • Total length of time he subject needs to be filmed.
  • How long the final movie should be.
  • How many frames would be needed to achieve this.
  • Memory capacity required.
  • Power to the cameras.

So after calculating that we’d take a image every 90 seconds and the project may last 9 days, that’s a total of 8640 frames from each camera!

Time-lapse in a sticky environment

The other concern was the environment that the cameras would be left in, however clean an aircraft re-painting facility can be, there’s no avoiding the stripping, sanding and numerous paint applications. And don’t forget in the quantities required to cover 2 large planes at the same time!

So after weatherproofing all the rigs we were ready to roll.

So who was going to set-up the Time-Lapse cameras,┬áin the roof of the hangers? Well there’s no room to be scared of heights in this game. That is unless your name’s Glen and you beg, plead and finally agree to buy the chocolate in the office for a fortnight.

So Glen was out of the running, too busy stocking up on Graham’s Boost bars. So it was decided that I was the action man of the team (mainly by me)

Where’s wally?

After setting the cameras in place using Arri Superclamps and adding an extra safety harness to each, just in case. I set the cameras going.

Daily visits were required to back-up the images from the previous day, as well as to change power supplies. All this had to be done without moving the camera’s, and when you’re 100ft up on a tiny gangway, that’s a challenge in itself.

Anyway enough of my super hero antics, below is one of the time-lapse videos, check it out.

We hope you enjoyed this short blog. If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video production, please visit our time-lapse video page.