“Another Condor moment!”

Variety of our Video Production

One of the great aspects of being a video production company is that we have a wide variety of commissions coming our way. As readers of our blogs may know, we produce time-lapse videos for the Airline industries. We were contacted by the German airline Condor Flugdienst, they wanted Vivid to capture one of their Boeing 757’s being treated to their new livery. We had previously worked with Condor, producing a time-lapse when they had a retro-livery applied to one of their planes, it looked very cool.

A still image taken from a time-lapse video produced by Vivid Photo Visual for Condor Airlines. Showcasing their new Sunny Hearts livery.

Condor Airlines Boeing 757 with their new Sunny Hearts livery.

Sunny Heart

The new livery, which would feature the ‘Sunny Hearts’ logo on the fin was to be completed by Air Livery at their Norwich facility over a period of 12 days. Vivid have worked with Air Livery numerous times and it’s always good to work on projects where you are made to feel welcome. We shared our production office with Mel, the airlines engineer, who was great fun as well as filling us in with some technical aspects of the aircraft, which was really informative.

Condor Airlines stencil being applied to the fuselage on one of their Boeing 757's.

Condor lettering stencils being applied.

We used a series of DSLR’s as well as XDCAM for the project. This meant we could cover multiple angles and create a time-lapse that wasn’t you typical ‘one camera locked off’ video. The total frames for the project was in excess of 60,000 and over 300gb, huge considering the final edit was 90 seconds in length.

To get the elevated angle for the 757 we liaised with Air Livery and the scaffolding team to have a custom platform erected as high as possible to the front left side of the aircraft. This would give us an ideal angle for the wide angle shot, as well as a vantage point for other sections of the process.

Condor Airlines 757 being repainted with their new Sunny Hearts livery. Time-lapse video produced by Vivid Photo Visual

View of the Condor 757 from the elevated platform.

Other cameras were moved, clamped and positioned according to the stage of the project. This hands-on approach means no important stage is missed.

For the painting of the ‘Sunny Hearts’ on the fin, which is the new logo of the Thomas Cook brand they flew in an artist, Sascha to hand spray the logo. Most logos on aircraft fins are vinyl decals, by hand paining the ‘Sunny Hearts’ I suppose gives each one a sense of individuality.

Sunny Hearts logo being hand sprayed on the fin of a Condor Airlines Boeing 757.

Sasha hand sprays the Sunny Hearts logo on the fin.

It’s always amazing to see something the size of a plane, at close quarters, stripped down and re-sprayed.

We hope you like watching the video. If you want to see a few more aircraft time-lapse video, please check out the Vivid Photo Visual time-lapse page.