“We love our time-lapse videos at Vivid!”

The Vivid team always loved watching time-lapse videos, due to our commercial interest in the style. We also love the fascinating imagery it can produce. Over the last 12 months there have been a few time-lapse films that have broken the mould in terms of visual production values. We wanted to show what can be achieved with time-lapse video production. We hope you enjoy.


First up is a superb time-lapse by Rob Whitworth titled ‘Barcelona’. Rob has produced many amazing time-lapses but personally I think this is his best to date. Some of the scene transitions are mind blowing, literally how does he do it?


There are some truly creative time-lapse videos out there. I always love a time-lapse that shows the beauty of Mother Earth. This one does that amazingly well. It’s simply titles ‘Ancients’ and by Nicholas Buer. Check out some of the night sky scenes, incredible!


The next time-lapse that I came across recently, dates back to 2011 but certainly isn’t in anyway dated. In fact it’s safe to say it’s out of this world, as the image were taken from the ISS International Space Station. The photographs taken over a 3 month period captures some stunning natural phenomenas, Aurora Borealis and Australis from various passes of the Earth. The whole time-lapse was skill-fully edited together by Michael König and is simply called ‘Earth’.

Virgin Atlantic

Next up is actually one of our own time-lapses, well you’ve got to like one of your own haven’t you? It turns out that other people must had liked it as well, as it was given a Vimeo Staff Pick award, which is cool.

Vivid Photo Visual’s Vimeo Staff Pick Award

It’s a time-lapse of a VAA Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 repaint, that was filmed at Air Livery in Manchester. It was initially put on Vimeo by the design company that was involved with the rebranding, and has now had over 325K views on their page. Maybe a little naughty on their part as it is our video, but they have now given us a credit in the description. I’ll link to our version as it’s the HD version.

The Lion City

The last time-lapse that I have for your perusal is from a guy that personally I think produces some of the most creative time-lapses I’ve ever seen. Keith Loutit was the first to create the ‘miniature’ look time-lapses using tilt shift lenses and other techniques. He’s now taken this a step further by allowing the viewers to experience focus and distance. Check out Lion City and be amazed.

Miniature Manchester

As an added bonus video here’s is our video ‘Miniature Manchester’ which was inspired by Keith Loutit’s series. It was filmed from a few rooftop locations around the city centre, as well as an apartment on Deansgate and Victoria Station.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick blog and watching a few of the time-lapses.

Who we are

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