“Celebrating the partnership!”

Etihad and airberlin Time-lapse Video

Vivid have produced numerous time-lapse videos for many different industries. What we are most well known for is providing time-lapse web videos for the airplane industry.

airberlin and Etihad Partnership Logo

airberlin and Etihad Logo #Movingforward – Time-Lapse by Vivid Photo Visual

Airline Partners

Recently Etihad Airlines and airberlin have become premium airline partners. They have been partners since 2011 but this is a new phase in their partnership. This partnership means airberlin has been granted a new connection to Abu Dhabi. This new connection is a gateway to the Arab countries, Asia and Australia for airberlin customers. On the other hand the reciprocal airberlin connection, provides the gateway to North America for Etihad customers.

Launch Event Video

To celebrate this historic new phase of the partnership, they decided to have a launch event and unveiling in Germany. The best way to show this new stage was to have time-lapse video showing the new joint livery being applied to one of their Airbus A320’s.

Vivid Photo Visual carried on their long term working relationship with Air Livery, and were asked to document the 10-day process at their Norwich facility over the Christmas period.

Time-Laspe by Vivid Photo Visual

Scaffolding coming together – Time-Lapse Video by Vivid Photo Visual

Time-lapse Video Set-up

We produced the time-lapse with a 6 camera set-up. The main camera (with back-up) was aimed to capture the whole aircraft, these cameras were positioned as high as would allow on a platform that was built for us by Air Livery. We positioned a 3rd camera to concentrate on the view above the wing on both the new liveries.  We then had 3 roving cameras that could pick up footage when required. Intervals between each frame varied from 90 seconds down to as little as 1 second for the quick procedures. We also took footage with our camcorders and spliced this into the main edit. Over the whole process took over 1TB of stills and videos to be used for the main video.

Tight Schedule

We had a very tight window for post production due to airberlin requiring the videos for their unveiling on the 12th of January. Lets just say, the first week back was a very busy week for the Vivid team. As always Vivid hit the required deadline and the video was used at their unveiling event.

Time-Lapse Video by Vivid Photo Visual

The Finishing Stage – Shining both the logos for Delivery – Time-lapse by Vivid Photo Visual


It was a real pleasure to work on such a prestigious commission and Vivid wish airberlin and Etihad all the best on their historic partnership.

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