“Sunjunkie addicted to product videos!”

Product Videos Retrospective

For this blog we’ve decided to focus on one of our clients, tanning specialists Sunjunkie. Sunjunkie are a fellow Stockport based company. Over the last few years Vivid have built an extremely good working relationship Sunjunkie. This relationship has produced a series of successful product videos.

We invited Marie Hills, their Business Development Manager into the Vivid studio to produce a short video. This video would highlight her experiences with both product video promotion and Vivid Photo Visual.

Sunjunkie are always looking for the best way to promote their brand and increase sales. Their product videos have proved to be a great success and a powerful additional platform. This has lead to an increase in brand awareness and sales.

Benefits of Product Videos

Product videos have many advantages, including:

  • Viewable online 24/7
  • Clearly showcase your products USP’s
  • 1 video can be broadcast through multiple channels
  • Video has great SEO benefits
  • Able to be sent directly to potential customers or stockists.

Sunjunkie’s Video Promotion Strategy

If we take a look at a couple of the Sunjunkie videos we can instantly see by the amount of views these videos have had, that it’s a great way to generate business.

The Sunjunkie spraytan application product demonstration video has currently had over 300,000 views and counting. Sunjunkie has suppliers across Europe and the video is a great way to help in the sales and understanding of the practical application of their products. A version of the video is also included on a DVD when purchasing certain products.

Sunjunkie Black Overspray Booth by Vivid Photo Visual

The first product video we did for Sunjunkie was a product video that would showcase their range of Pigs, their portable hand held spraytan machines.

Vivid Photo Visual’s product video placement on the Sunjunkie website

The video sits on the relevant product page and offers the viewer a greater understanding of the product and to visual see the pigs. This video has directly increased sales for Sunjunkie. Another vital benefit of hosting the video on YouTube is that it enables their products to be found from potential customers searching Google for relevant items. This video has had over 4000 views though a range of YouTube Channels.

Utilising Video Promotion

We think it’s clear to see that Sunjunkie are reaping the rewards from embracing the use of product videos in their promotion. The series of videos has now exceeded 400,000 views through various channels and Social Media sites. Each of these videos provide a brand building platform. They foster a positive overview of the company and at the same time educate the viewers about the product and the range. Add to this the additional Search Engine Optimisation benefits of video promotion, and you can see why product videos are one of the most effective forms of media promotion.

Sunjunkie Fashion Product Photograph by Vivid Photo Visual


We always enjoy working with the team at Sunjunkie as they truly embrace video promotion. Furthermore Vivid are looking forward to working with them on further commercial web videos for their exciting new products in the near future.

About Vivid Photo Visual

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