“Sunjunkie spray tanning demo video!”

Product Videos – Essential

Product videos should be considered an essential component of any marketing mix. It has been a number of years since we produced the video. This certainly doesn’t mean that the video isn’t still an important part of Sunjunkie’s promotion. This highlights the longevity of the product video that we produced. We are always analysing our client’s videos and as of writing, the video count currently sits at over 350,000 views. This has provided a prolonged promotional tool for Sunjunkie.

Presenter holding Sunjunkie branded exfoliating wipes for spray tan application

Presenter holding Sunjunkie branded exfoliating wipes for spray tan application

Benefits of Product Videos

The key benefits of this video to Sunjunkie are:

  1. Provides an expert view for their clients
  2. Over 250,000 sets of eyes watching them
  3. Enhances brand image
  4. Showcases products in action
  5. Is a massive step up from similar videos out there from their competitors
  6. Excellent video to share/embed
  7. Long-term promotional tool
  8. Works both on-line and off.
The 'on' switch with the Sunjunkie logo.

The ‘on’ switch with the Sunjunkie logo.

Commission Background

Lets rewind a few years. Sunjunkie is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spray-tan products to the UK and European market. More importantly, to Vivid, a long-term client of ours.

Having had already commissioned Vivid to produce videos and photography for their products for their online promotional strategy. With the new video, Sunjunkie wanted something that showed their products in action. At the same time they also showed an expert/authoritative view of their business. Sunjunkie are extremely keen to help their salons get the best out of the products. With this in mind Vivid working closely with their Marketing team, we came up with the concept of a spray-tan demonstration. Sunjunkie had seen quite a few already on YouTube, but many were of a poor quality in terms of production values. They wanted a video that complemented their brand values, promoted the brand and products. More importantly needed to give actual assistance to their customers. This would hopefully at the same time convert potential customers to the brand.

Image of spray tan application taken from Vivid Photo Visual's product demonstration video for Sunjunkie

Image of spray tan application taken from Vivid Photo Visual’s product demonstration video for Sunjunkie

Comparing against Rivals

Vivid wanted to elevate the production values of the video. We wanted to differentiate from the usual American in shower set-up. Vivid proposed that the video would be shot against a white background in our studio. This would allow for a clean and clinical look. We hired two models; one of them was a fully trained beautician, which certainly helped in the practicality of the shoot. Sunjunkie provided the majority of the direction on the script, with Vivid offering assistance.

What was produced was a concise overview of the whole process. The video looked the part and gave the viewer a valuable insight into equipment and techniques used. This would be the catalyst for correctly finished spray tans. This would then cement Sunjunkie as a leading expert in within the fake tan industry.

Client’s thoughts

Marie Hills, the Business Development Manger for Sunjunkie had the following to say… “The video Vivid produced has and still is proving a huge success for us. Being in the beauty industry, training and demonstrations are so much simpler using the video. It also breaks through any language barrier for our international clients as the video pretty much explains the technique in a nut shell! I must add that the team at Vivid are a joy to work with always going that extra mile and producing great results without any fuss.”

The reveal shot...

The reveal shot…


In summary, this type of product video has had numerous benefits to Sunjunkie and we are really pleased to see the success it has achieved. It goes to show that a simple video that does not cost the earth can produce such excellent and on-going exposure for the company.

If you would like to find out more about our product demonstration video service please click on our product video demonstration page.