“Tilt shift time-lapse technique!”

Manchester Tilt-shift Time-lapse

Well it’s nearly Christmas and the Vivid team decided that as part of our Christmas email campaign we should create a film that was a little different. Inspired by Australian filmmaker Keith Loutit, we decided to produce a short film tilt-shift time-lapse based around our home town of Manchester.

We used a technique called tilt shift time-lapse. For those not familiar with this, basically specialist lenses are used that enable the plane of focus to be tilted at an angle. When this is combined with an elevated view point it gives an almost “Toy Town” effect.

Looking down over St Peter’s Square in Manchester

Challenging Shoot on the rooftops of Manchester

First we needed to obtain access to some rooftops in and around Manchester. We were fortunate enough to have a few clients in Manchester that were very obliging. Coupled with some friends, and friends of friends who we managed to sweet talk. We filmed it over a few days and from 4 or 5 locations to give some variety.

One of the challenges when filming from rooftops is wind. You’re at the mercy of the Great British weather, and the wind is obviously not blocked by other building when you’re on the top of them.

Smile for the camera but don’t look down.

Safety is paramount

Obviously the main concern is Safety; of ourselves, the public and our equipment. All cameras & tripods are secured individually using climbing clips and webbing, so there is no chance of anything falling. As for us, we were clipped into literally the building, so there was no chance of any accidents.

Vivid would like to thank all the people and companies that gave us access. As we mentioned at the time Miniature Manchester is an on-going project. We hope to add further locations in the coming months. So watch this space…

Vivid Photo Visual are really proud of our tilt-shift time-lapse of Manchester. It was a wonderful experience to really produce a creative video and to try and emulate a hero of ours. All that’s left to say, is have a wonderful Christmas and fun packed New Year, oh and enjoy the video.

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