“Time-lapse video with a purpose!”

Every Christmas the Vivid team produce a Christmas video and usually it is about how great we are. This Christmas we wanted to move away from the Vivid line and produce a video with an important message.

Each year, there are over 170,000 children born with a cleft lip or palette and the majority of these can not afford the surgery.

There are so many charities out there, please find a selection below.

Now we are not stating that no one gives any gifts this year (hears collective sigh of relief from children across the globe) but how about just giving a small donation to a worthwhile charity. As people we have all these fancy items that “enrich” our lives but imagine the benefit to a persons life that a small donation can make. It doesn’t have to be a large donation but whatever you can spare, so instead of buying that novelty dancing man that begrudgingly sits on the shelf and is then discarded, how about making a child smile instead. This video reflects on a child with a cleft lip but is intended to be about all charity in general.

The video was shot in our studio and was drawn by the talented artist Antonio Subirats. Using the time-lapse technique allows Vivid to show a long process quickly and produces an interesting visual for the video.

So give what you can and make Christmas a better time for everyone. Much love….