“I will believe, when pigs fly!”

Sunjunkie is the Designer, Manufacturer and Developer of the high profile Sunjunkie brand of spray tanning solutions, equipment and retail range. They supply both the commercial and domestic spray tan industries. They wanted to showcase their coloured ‘Pigs’ spray tan machines and wanted to use a product video to show their customers the range on offer. Due to their product/brand and the market they aiming for, they required a sophisticated and quick video. This would be used to demonstrate the aesthetics of the product and the differing range of colours.

Sunjunkie Pigs product video

Sunjunkie Pigs various colours

Sunjunkie have an exclusive brand image and they wanted a new, glamorous and fun look at their Spray Pig HVLP range. They needed the video to be used on their website, at trade-shows and to accompany the product at point of sale. Sunjunkie have really embraced video within their marketing strategy to their benefit and this is just one of a series of videos.

We understand the power of a brand

To create the cool and glamorous look to the video, we went for a black background to emphasis the shape of the ‘pig’. With the spray tan machine being a shiny curved object, it would prove to be a very difficult object to film. This was because you could see the reflections of the whole room including the camcorder and the cameramen. This is a problem that would not deter the Vivid team and using our construction skills, built a fully closed off black enclosure that incorporated a complex lighting system.

The videos were more of a brand ‘mood’ video to promote the product but, more importantly the overall brand. They were purposely filmed to be a visual hook to entice people at a trade show or online. They concentrated less on the product functions and capabilities.

The benefits for Sunjunkie

  • Created stylish imagery for the product launch
  • Thousands of views for their product
  • More interactive website
  • Can be used at tradeshows
  • Versatile promotional tool
  • Show the full range of Pigs
  • Showed the material used and finish of the product.

Don’t just take our word on the benefits of product videos, visit Kissmetrics blog for a 2nd opinion.

We have a long-term working relationship with Sunjunkie and have worked on numerous video commissions for them. If you would like to find out more, please visit our product video production page or access more product video blogs. We more than welcome a call to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.