“A few snowy winter photographs!”

It’s at this time of year when the UK seems to come to a stand still as we’ve had a few inches of snow. So as I’m sat here looking out of the Vivid office window at the traffic building up outside it made me think of a few times I’ve been lucky enough to take some nature photographs in the snow.

So here’s a few of my favourites.

Firstly a rare bird for the British Isles a Crested Tit. Taken in the Scottish Highlands near Loch Garten where there is a good population.

Crested Tit on a Larch tree by Graham Ella/Vivid Photo Visual

Nearer to home and everyones garden favourite, the Robin. During the winter months they are easily attracted to even the smallest garden by putting out food and water.

Robin on snow covered pine by Graham Ella/Vivid Photo Visual

Next I’ve included a couple of snow covered landscapes, with the addition of animals tracks in the snow.

Derbyshire is well know for it gritstone landscape and here’s a photograph taken on a chilly morning at Curbar Edge. In the foreground there are tracks of either a Rabbit or Hare.

Wintery scene on Curbar Edge by Graham Ella/Vivid Photo Visual

Whilst up in the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands, after a quick stop off at Loch Insh for a sunset I noticed Otter tracks along the waters edge.

Otter track in the snow Loch Insh by Graham Ella/Vivid Photo Visual

Whilst up in the Cairngorms I was lucky enough to spent some time with Britain’s only herd of Reindeer, with about 50 roaming free upon the Cairngorm plateaux. The Reindeer were incredibly friendly, very inquisitive and very good subjects.

Reindeer on the Cairngorms Plateau by Graham Ella/Vivid Photo Visual

Finally one of my favourite snowy wildlife images. Whilst up in Scotland with the brilliant Scottish photographer Pete Cairnes of Northshots, we had the pleasure of photographing a Goshawk one of Britains rarest birds of prey, under controlled conditions. The snow was coming down hard, and to make the most of this I decided to photograph the Goshawk with a relatively long exposure to give some movement to the snow. Using a 500mm lens gives a very shallow depth of field and emphasises the weather conditions. I love the way the hawks eyes are piercing through the snow right down the lens.

Goshawk in snow storm by Graham Ella/Vivid Photo Visual

I hope you like a few of these wintery images. If you would like too see a few more of my wildlife images please have a look at Graham Ella – Images of Nature

With Vivid Photo Visual being a video production company I am hoping to start to add some Nature videos over the coming months, obviously I’l blog about it, so watch this space.