Photographic Studio Session

A quick post this week, and to follow on from last weeks post. Strangely enough it’s another of my attempts at getting a little creative. I had a photographic studio shoot arranged with another local model, Natalie. Who again, I have to say was brilliant, we had a good laugh during the shoot and we captured lots of great images.


Natalie, another great model to work with.


Using Natalie’s Dancing Skills

We¬†captured a selection of different fashion and lifestyle images and having a good chat during the process. We eventually got onto the subject of dancing! Natalie is a professional dancer and dances with her sister, obviously this gave us some common ground as I am a self trained ‘drunken dancer’. Can I also add at this point for the record that Natalie “could not believe that I was 38!!” Anyway it was her dance training that gave me my ‘creative flashback. I remember once seeing an image of a girl arched on a mans hand, and wondered if we could create something along those lines. I just operated the camera and because Natalie would be super flexible we got an amazing image.

So after a bit of Photoshop retouching, here it is, I wanted a Classic Fine Art feel but with a modern twist.


A Bird In The Hand


Putting aside the fact that Natalie added the looks and has produced the perfect pose. I feel I have to give a special mention to the ‘hand model’. I think the curve in the wrist is just perfect. Who was this hand model I here you ask…… you’re right it was the one and only 38 year old drunken dancer himself!

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