Well now for something a little different, but thought it was worth a mention. As some of you may know, I try, when time allows to do a spot of Wildlife Photography. Nothing too serious, but it’s something I enjoy. So from time to time I’ll post a few birds, insects or in this case mammals to keep you all entertained. This shoot involved our friend the badger.

A photographer friend of mine, Graham, to save confusion I’ll call him Old Graham (he’s used to that by now) has an abundance of wildlife in his garden, so with an invitation to see his Badgers, and possibly photograph them I jumped at the chance.

“You can set your watch by them” were Old Graham’s words……. well this night I think their watches must have stopped, as they didn’t arrive for a further 2 hours, but it was well worth the wait.

One hungry Badger

Special Badger food was put out on the patio, and I have to say Badgers are very noisy eaters! I thought Glen was bad enough, only joking! A lone male appeared first and made light work of most of the food. For those interested in how it was lit, I used 2 flashguns fired via Radio Controlled triggers. All set manually, the hardest part is focussing, because it’s dark!

More food please

Well it was getting a little late now, my eyes were getting tired trying to focus on the faintest of shapes through the viewfinder, the Badgers hadn’t been seen for about 15 minutes, then all of a sudden 2 of them came bounding up, ate some food and then were off into the darkness.

A pair of Badgers

Time for a hot brew and then off home after a great nights photography. Not the best photo’s in the world, but sometimes it’s the experience, the pictures are just a bonus. Watch this space hopefully I’ll get some more Badgers soon.