“Trapped in the vault!”

Interpretive Dance Music Video

We have been getting all creative here at Vivid. As part of our recent “Fun with Flour” shoot we decided we wanted to get Raphaella in for some additional images. With Raphaella being a trained dancer and having worked with her previously, we knew she would be perfect for the shoot. What turned up was an interpretive dance music video, a first for Vivid.

Shooting at our studio

As we had some additional time, our Graham wanted to take some extra shots around the studio. Our studio is quite a unique place and has some historic listed rooms and interesting features like a spiral staircase going up to the top office.  With the building being a bank in its past life, its main feature is the bank safe or in this instance the titled vault. We grabbed one of cameras and decided to do some filming.

Model posing in Wood panelled Room

Posing in the Wood Panelled room

Preparation is key

Lets just say the preparation for the shoot was limited and best described as organic. This was not the usual high standards of preparation that Vivid Photo Visual apply to our commercial clients. We will admit that the ‘story’ came out… ahem… in the edit.

The Ballerina - Raphaella

The Ballerina – Raphaella

The edit

However we did have some ideas beforehand and were working towards a darker and seductive edge to the video. This was undermined by our Graham playing ‘Karma Chameleon’ by Culture Club to set the mood for the video. Not sure Raphaella knew what to do. The music was quickly changed to fit the mood a bit better and Raphaella did what she does so well. The basic premise of the film was to film Raphaella over the differing locations of the Studio but to also link it to the Vault.

Model holding safe door key

In the edit we liked the contrast between the Vault and the interpretive dancing sections and to emphasise this we used the simple black and white effect to provide this contrast. The very simple story is a woman trapped in the Vault who yearns and daydreams that she is free but ultimately has to return to the reality of the Vault. Yes… some pretty deep stuff in comparison to the more vibrant and fun videos that Vivid normally produce.

Raphaella creating beautiful body lines.

Raphaella creating beautiful body lines.

Final thoughts on our Interpretive dance music Video

As always it was a joy to work with Raphaella and I am sure we will be working with her again soon. We would love to hear what you think of the video and if you like the video or blog, please feel free to share.

If you would like to find out more about our more normal commercial video production, please visit our video production page. Alternatively call Vivid on 0161 477 2404 and speak to a member of the Vivid team.