“The Low-down!”

The music video is more powerful than ever

Since the 1950’s music videos have been part of the music scene. Michael Jackson gave more credence to music videos and used them as a powerful promotional tool for the actual music itself. Since the rise of YouTube in 2006/2007, aspiring artists now have a medium to be found and some of the biggest stars of the modern age were found just on the basis of their YouTube and MySpace online presence.

Why not get your band noticed by providing your sound with an original and innovative music video. Step up to the next level with Vivid, a professional music video production company. What would a record company rather see, a band with a great sound or a band with a great sound and look? It is not just for bands or artists but any live act wanting to book more shows or show agents/musicals what they can do.

We bring experience and imagination to every project

We love nothing more than a good music video to get our teeth into. Drawing on our many years of video production experience, we have the creativity and the technical know how to produce your video from concept to completion. We can combine storylines, live action filming and highly advanced animation to allow any creative ideas to be visualised on the screen and to be seen by your fans. Let Vivid show you what we can do….

The Vault Music video feat Raphaella

The Vault Music video feat Raphaella

Get yourself noticed

As everyone and their dog know, to get exposure within the music world, you have to have the right sound (although that is not always the case) and the right image. This is where Vivid come in, Vivid can provide the concept/storyboard, the filming and the editing for any type of music video. We also have the expertise to instruct any band how to get the right exposure for their video and how to integrate it into their overall promotional strategy.


To get a music video produced does not have to be expensive. People wrongly think that to get a music video produced has to cost the earth. We have produced videos from simple band led performances to fully fleshed out storylines. Why not have a chat and I am sure we can fit into your budget.

Benefits of a Music video

  • Professional music video production elevates bands position
  • Captures your live performance
  • Be as creative as you want
  • Can be used across numerous promotional platforms
  • Can be sent directly to fans, agency and promoters

Why not found out more about Vivid’s music video production page or to view more blogs go to our music blogs page. Vivid would very much welcome a chat over the phone (0161 477 2404) or face to face so give Vivid a call on 0161 477 2404.