We were approached by The Big Life Group, the company behind The Big Issue in the North, to donate a prize for their fund-raising event. This would be held at the Deaf Institute on Saturday the 17th of July 2010 – Photo Marathon. Vivid thought it would be good to offer our video production services. We proposed to create a charity video that could be used to promote the charities and future events.

Working for the Homeless

Vivid have always admired and respected the work they do within the homeless community. Therefore we were more than happy to help. As we are a video production company, we decided to create a short film of the days events. This would be both a lasting record and as a future marketing tool for The Big Life Company. We showed them how their video would have many promotional uses and applications. They could use it in on their YouTube channel, internal presentations, trades-shows and email campaigns. The goal would be to increase brand awareness, therefore generating funding.

The Competition

The basic premise is that contestants had to take 8 pictures over 8 hours on 8 given topics/themes. After the event, all the pictures were printed. A panel of judges would then decide the winners. After this they went on show in a public exhibition.

The Famous Manchester Weather

We had been checking the weather all week and were eagerly anticipating a beautiful day, oh how wrong we were! As we stood on a street corner near Oxford Road, at 8 in the morning of the Saturday, trying to shelter our camera from the ever present Manchester rain, we decided that the best way to judge a weather forecast is with a pinch of salt. We had to prepare for the opposite forecast! In spite of the heavy rain, there was a fantastic turnout. The group of photographers were eager to get their first assignment.

Following Photographers

We decided to follow a group of budding photographers round and were absolutely delighted when they decided to take photos inside! I think deep down Glen, would of liked to entered the competition himself, as he kept on making suggestions to the group. I think most of them went over their heads.

A Great Day

We hope the event is on again next year as it was a wonderful day (despite the weather). We produced a charity video that really gives the viewer a great understanding the day. Also it showed the work that The Big Issue undertakes to help the homeless of Manchester.
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