“Letting a bit of sunshine in!”

Solar Choice are a leading supplier of solar panels to both the domestic and commercial markets. Vivid had previously produced a video for their domestic market installation service and now they needed a corporate video for their biggest project in their history. After the success of last video that we had produced for Solar Choice, they commissioned Vivid to produce a series of videos based around their biggest project at the The Yearsley Group’s Head Office. The project was part of a £3.5m investment into solar panels by the Yearsley group and this section of the overall project would be the largest installation of solar panels in the UK.

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One of the main benefits of video promotion is the flexibility of producing content from one job. From the one commission we produced a case study video, a “how to” video, individual interview and testimonial videos and of course a company promotional video.

Solar Choice Corporate Video

Solar Choice laying the bars

Case Study Video Overview

Solar Choice are experts within their chosen field have an enormous amount of passion for their service and their customers. Vivid’s objective was to capture this on video. Working in conjunction with their marketing team, Vivid decided that the video should be more about the practical application of their service, rather than any visual graphical hooks. At the end of the day a well-shot video is just that and because of this approach it has a timeless feel to it.

Solar Choice Corporate Video

Solar Panels

The video not only showed the scale of the project, the installation process, the size of the teams working and their attention to detail. Interviews with key members of staff detailed the project in great depth so that current and potential clients could get a real understanding of Solar Choice’s capabilities and how they operated. This was not only from a production aspect, but also explored many other functions like customer service, for example. To make the video really stand out we incorporated time-lapse elements into the film to produce some stunning sequences of the clouds rolling over the site. Yearsley also provided key interviews for Solar Choice which provided a powerful client testimonial of the whole project.

Solar Choice Corporate Video

Solar Choice team at work

The benefits to the client

  • Showed them as experts
  • Provided an in-depth understanding of the project
  • Well shot video of their biggest project
  • Complements their branding
  • Really demonstrates their capabilities
  • Created powerful client testimonials
  • Works on many promotional platforms.

The client was really happy with all the videos that we produced and are still using them years after completion, which Vivid feel is testament to both Vivid’s and Solar Choice’s dedication to using video promotion. It was great to work with Solar Choice and provide a key promotional tool. If you would like to find out more about our corporate video service, please visit our our corporate video production page or to view more blogs about the subject, please click here to visit our corporate video blog page. You can of course speak directly to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.