“The perfect finish with video production!”

Who are Air Livery?

Air Livery is an aircraft refinishing company with extensive experience in aircraft repainting, interior repair and refurbishment. They wanted to show customers the stages that an aircraft goes through during a full repaint process. Vivid recommended producing a company profile video incorporating a Time-lapse video of a 10-day paint spray process. This was because of the ability of a time-lapse to capture long and complex processes and to provide a more interesting video. Vivid produced a video that incorporated graphics and high quality filming showing the facility and the different stages of production.

Air Livery Corporate Video

Air Livery Corporate Video

Planning is Key

Working closely with the client, Vivid spent a long time in the planning and preparation stage, as this was a continuous one-time shoot and we did not want to miss anything important. Once we had both the storyboard and script finalised, our filming plan was created which showed Vivid and our client where and what we would be filming. As this was a defined process we had to make sure that we liaised with the management team so that we completed the production schedule.

Air Livery Corporate Video

Air Livery paint team at work

Versatile Video Production

Vivid produced two separate videos for Air Livery, which could be if needed, combined into one video. The Company profile video showed the benefits of using Air Livery’s facilities and included general information about the company. A step-by-step guide was also produced demonstrating how Air Livery re-sprays a plane to show the care and attention they provide to each client.

The benefits for Air Livery

High quality video showcasing:

  • The company
  • The facilities
  • The process
Air Livery Corporate Video - Man spraying aircraft

Air Livery spraying a Boeing 757

Additional benefits of their video;

  • Leverage YouTube
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation
  • Promotional tool to be used in numerous promotional platforms
  • An online presence
  • Great for Trade-shows and client presentations.

We have now forged a very strong working relationship with Air Livery and they are a great company to work with. They truly get the power of video promotion and have made it a key component of their website promotion.

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