Talk Talk Corporate Event Video

Talk Talk Corporate Event Video

Juice Live Communications is of the UK’s leading event management companies. Talk Talk is one of the largest providers of communications and media in the UK.

Talk Talk were taking over Event City in Manchester to showcase their company’s services including the exciting new service “YouView” to their staff. The corporate videos would show the setting up stage running through to show the event in full flow.

Talk Talk Event Video Production
Talk Talk event video main arena

Working closely with the client we formulated a filming schedule that would allow for all aspects of the process to be captured. Filming took 6 Days from the initial production process and the actual 1-day of the event. Due to the numerous disciplines involved (filming/Time-lapse) the days were long, but the filming crew captured every aspect, even interviewing numerous of the key members of staff. Due to this being a clearly defined process we had to make sure that we liaised with the management team so that we completed the production schedule to their specification.

Talk Talk Event Video Screen opening
Talk Talk Event Video

Our Solution

Vivid’s solution was to provide a series of videos that could be used within different promotional channels. As well as producing a time-lapse video of the whole process, Vivid produced 2 corporate videos, a quick promotional video and finally a longer video that delved into the event in more detail. Vivid Photo Visual thinks that this type of the event, in terms of scale and also from a visual aspect, have allowed Vivid to really go to town on the filming aspect of production and produce a stunning commercial video.

Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman

Benefits of Corporate Video

Benefits to the client

  • High quality video showcasing; the company, their capabilities and their working process
  • Comprehensive visual approach to their website
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation
  • Numerous Promotional tool
  • An online presence
  • Great for Trade shows.
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman Johnny Vaughan
Talk Talk Event Video Production Cameraman Johnny Vaughan

It was great to work with such prestigious days and we are really happy to have produced a great series of corporate event videos that are still being used for promotion.

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Juice Live Communications – Talk Talk Live – Event Video

Event Video

For those who have never been to Event City in Manchester, it’s absolutely huge. It was chosen as the venue for telecommunications company TalkTalk as the venue for their new event. They required an event video to showcase the event itself and the effort that went into creating such an important corporate occasion.

Britain’s Better Off With Talk Talk

A Big Challenge

As you can imagine this is by no means an easy challenge. Very few companies would have the qualities, man power and proven track record in this field. Talk Talk chose the London based Juice Live Communications (acquired and bought into The 4th wave agency), to complete this undertaking.

Video Promotion

Juice contacted Vivid to produce a series of videos to showcase the production of the event, to be used for marketing and promotion. One video would be a time-lapse of the event build up. A further 2 event profile videos of different lengths including client feedback. This would provide both Juice and Talk Talk a full online and offline video marketing package.

Talk Talk Live coverage

I want to ride your Bicycle

The build up of the event itself was over a 4 day period. We positioned a series of time-lapse cameras around the halls to capture this. Event City, as mentioned is so large that they provided bicycles to get around the inside!  When it came to show day, we wanted to film a range of footage that when combined with build up footage, would capture the essence of the event. The vibe and feedback from the Talk Talk employees was great. They loved the individual ‘Lunch and Learn’ zones, and the fact they could put faces to names, as well as listening to their management team’s presentations.

The Light Sabre moment was amazing to watch.

Big Name and Close Friend

The event was hosted by Johnny Vaughan, a close friend of Sir Charles Dunstone, Chairman of the Talk Talk Group, and with his quick whit and laid back delivery he made sure all the 3000 attendees were laughing and learning.

The very funny host Johnny Vaughan

Production Time-lapse

Here is the production time-lapse video for the event;


It was a pleasure to work with 2 such illustrious companies, and to produce a series of impactful promotional videos. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

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